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    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a simple script that takes a selection of points and arranges them into a circle. Also works in edge and polygon mode. Make sure you only select the outer elements i.e. select a ring of points. if you don't do this, the plugin won't work. Copy the script into your scripts folder which you access via the Script menu on the toolbar. Restart C4D and you'll find the script in the Script menu. Do your selection then run the script. Resize the circle of points, edges or polygons using the scale tool. You can change the default size of the circle by editing the script.
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    Hello Everybody Here is my fan art version of Tyrion Lannister Game Of Thrones. Iv been working on him on and off over last two weeks mainly at night. Iv done tons of iterations, and still am tweaking stuff, but need to let it go. All feedback and questions welcome. He was totally modelled in C4D including some sculpting along with Zbrush for the very higher frequency work. Minor Photoshop Post, Rendered with Vray4C4D 3.5. Images are much larger, click one each image 3 times to view full size. Time lapse Video Sessions. Modeling: Dan
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    just finished my latest short, rendered with redshift. i hope you'll enjoy :)
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    CINEMA 4Ds SDK (Software Development Kit) is changing constantly. This has to be done to reflect new functionality and changes under the hood. While we try to keep the SDK as stable as possible, from time to time, we have to introduce bigger changes. Sometimes, even smaller things can cause bigger changes for the 3rd Party Developers. With R12 we switched from single to double precision. This isn't a huge change by itself, just adding some digits to make numerical calculations more precise. But this also meant, that no old Plugin would run anymore and each Developer had to adapt and recompile his plugins. So changes in the SDK are happening all the time, sometimes they are bigger or can have a bigger impact. We've announced some time ago, that we are working on new foundations for CINEMA 4Ds future. A project, which we have been working before this announcement and which we are constantly working on. As you can imagine, such internal changes will also influence plugin developers. In fact, they already did. The changes developers will have to face (our developers, as well as external developers) will have sometimes more impact, sometimes they won't have that much impact. Thus you can expect Releases with a huge impact for Developers and Releases, with just a minor impact. We will try to balance our development in such a way, that we don't hurt 3rd Party Developers too often and too much, but to proceed, we will need to put an end to old functionalities and introduce new functions and behaviors. So there is a high probability that future releases will have a bigger impact on our SDK, as more and more of the core functionality will get replaced in a way that we can't make a very smooth transition for developers. I won't give any information about R20 here, so please don't start asking. We will announce news, when it is time to announce them.
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    Inspired by that masterful Eric Smit landscaping lecture I re-posted the other day I have been playing around with mountains and terrain masking to see if I can get a vaguely convincing result in the terrain department. I'm going to do a few images in this series, but here's the first. Physical sky (fog, atmosphere, sky, sun channels, no GI) is doing the lighting, but sky later swapped out for photo. 20 minute render. You can tell me if I'm winning or not - happy to hear all suggestions for improvements in the next round... CBR
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    Found time to pick my creature sculpts back up: Some people asked me to do a screen-cap previously, so for this one I did. 2x 35 min videos at 20x speed for anyone with the patience. Modelling/ Painting, Render & Post:
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    Hey Cafe I've been on some pretty epic modelling adventures recently for an upcoming film project. My producer has kindly allowed me to post some WiP shots of the base model for our close up hot air balloon. This is the first round model, enough to begin simulations on the envelope, so there are still details and additional ropework to add / refine, but we are most of the way there. *Vital Stats* Objects: 940 Polys: 80,218 (100% quads) Subdivided Polys: 6.75 million Modelling Hours so far: 32 The wicker work was certainly an interesting one, as were the tie lines, and various bits of rope style business, and the burner shrouds. All in all a very rewarding thing to model ! Here's some wires and clays... CBR
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    Here's Part 2, in which we make the base using a nice easy lathe... If this post gets more than 5 likes I will make Part 3 - the difficult scroll top ! ;) CBR
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    Time for another one I think. This time let's make a diamond-cut whiskey glass in just 23 easy steps :) CBR
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    big fan of her work, so i was extra stoked when i was asked to do the character rigging for this piece... :)
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    I will be uploading the plugin here shortly. Here's already the "documentation" how to use it. No fancy interface, as it just gets the job done. Here's the plugin: Ringloop v02.zip
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    I'll chuck in a couple from my interceptor wip
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    Hey folks, just wanted to say Happy New 2018 to all members, I really wish you all nice and steady new year!! We are now a community of 50000 members which is really unexpected and great if we take into consideration that we had 2y ago just approx. 14000 members. I would like to thanks all the members who are helping run this community...to name few, @Cerbera, @Rectro, @VECTOR, @ABMotion, @everfresh, @bezo @westbam and all others which I didn't mention here, I am really sorry if I didn't include someone that deserves to be here (Cerbera, Vector...please feel free to add anyone who I might forgot). Unfortunately, I am not able to spend much time here as my health isnt the best in past 3 months so its hard to follow what going on all the time. Lets hope 2018 will be better. For the next year we are planning to add some more new stuff, but we will discuss later about that. For now, enjoy your time here if you can and stay well my fellow artists!
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    Hello, guys! This is my first project in c4d. I try to transition from 3ds max to c4d. Its not commercial therefore we had time to experiment with various stuff and techniques. We did this at YELL (www.yellimages.com) where i am participating as a 3d generalist/motion designer. My role on the specific project was 3d animation/shading/lighting/texturing/simulations. We used Octane renderer, TFD for the smokes/dust, Realflow for c4d for the liquid. Clouds in the back were done in Houdini and imported as VDB sequences. I d love ur feedback. Cheers and happy new year.
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    A 5 minute cartoon commissioned by the Zurich based FREITAG company. Freitag makes bags and accessories from used truck tarps (in europe most truck trailers are enclosed by a PVC tarp) and they asked me to make a film about their process. There was no briefing or guidelines. 100% artistic freedom to do whatever I wanted.
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    I found this comment quite offending when it was posted. And I still do. Something might have been lost in translation, but as I had made clear I was working on this plugin I would have expected cheering ... instead of bitching. People seem to expect things to be done for them immediately these days. Not appreciating all the time and effort it takes ... ehm! Well, for those who do appreciate ... here's a short video demonstrating the first beta. While basic features are implemented I would prefer to polish quite some things before release. After finalizing the script concept, I contacted William Vaughan (author of the original Polystein Kit for MODO) in order to obtain authorization for making this plugin based on his idea. While there was legally no need to obtain his permission, I found it only logical to at least let the man know about my intentions. However, my implementation of the plugin is only inspired from the idea, and hence might not provide the same features available in his or others version of the plugin.
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    Linked above, but make sure to check out our full New in Cinema 4D Release 19 playlist on Cineversity.
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    That was the original intent of the first post on this thread. Can anyone point out where the core is in action on past releases up to and including R18. I was hoping Fritz would be able to elaborate more on that because you are right: the tendency is to talk up new capabilities and tools rather than performance improvements to existing tools (other than rendering), so we hear very little. You would have to read them to be bothered by them....which I don't as I know where they are going. Kind of like watching Fox News or CNN....you know where their biases are and therefore you have a tendency not to watch them unless you tend to agree with those biases. Same with reading Cutman's posts. His bias is very evident. Personally, I don't know what made him hold a grudge for so long against MAXON (its been like 3 years since he last upgraded), but I think it is time to move on. Even Nigel has nice things to say about MAXON from time to time. One thing which we fail to recognize is that some companies can implode when they start to work on a new core. Here is the worst case scenario: There is a drop in new sales once the word gets out that a new core is coming...why buy the old core...wait for the new core. Of course, nothing goes according to schedule and things take longer than expected. As the delays mount, no updates are being released because all the focus is on the new core - so again, the revenue stream tightens further. The market continues to move forward and users are leaving the platform because their patience has run out. To compensate, there is a constant feature creep to what goes into the new core...which in-turn delays the release of the new core. What should have taken 2 years now takes 5. With a hit to revenue, the company is subsisting longer than expected on current cash reserves. They take out a loan which on paper looks good if they release the new core per the latest revision to the timeline. Of course that doesn't happen so now cash is really tight as they have to pay off the loan. No pay raises, no perks. Developers get tired of working for a company that is living on a tight budget and seek greater fortunes elsewhere. With a loss of developers, the new core takes longer than anyone every anticipated. Everything just spirals out of control. If you look at Lightwave and a number of smaller players that have since closed shop you may realize that there is some truth to this worst case scenario.. This is what can happen if you don't manage the shift to a new core effectively. But MAXON has actually navigated these waters quite well (if anything, they are awesome business managers). Yes, we were all unhappy with R17, but the "Takes" system really does not get the credit it deserves. Are things going as fast as we would like....well....they never do. But the company has not imploded. You are still getting regular updates every year without fail and MAXON is still generating cash and using that cash to grow their software development team. This is a good sign folks. I have put a ton on money into C4D and its eco-system of tutorial developers, scripts and plugin developers, texture/shader developers and modelers. I want them around for the long haul and I am pretty confident that they will be there well into R100...which as Cerbera has accurately predicted will involve a fiber to the brain interface and the realization of the "do what I am thinking" button next to the "make great art" button! Dave
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    I remember people complaining before R18, saying it would bring minor updates.. and we got an enhanced knife tool plus fracture and some other goodies. The "handful of random updates" I got every year, I use them on an every day basis (except for the material updates like thin film because I use Arnold). Now, because Arnold followed the Autodesk subscription only route, AMD is looking very atractive to me. Also, im not sure why unified dynamics are a must, outside of Houdini, every major company that are supported end up using third party plugins (fluids, hair, etc) so having something as nucleous is nullified by that. Anyway, if you need what is available right now in Houdini, go for it. Dont wait for MAXON to step up, because right now Houdini is unreachable, why do you think Maya is aiming towards Mograph market instead of FX? I use Cinema because I use almost all its tools in an everyday basis. Also, the majority of their plugins are aimed towards my specific needs (dem earth, xparticles). If I wouldnt find it useful I would have stopped waiting and moved on if I were you. Waiting for something is the worst thing you can do. Three years ago, Modo promised Mograph and Animations tools (as in animation clips), yet they never delivered, they also promised a happy transition to Softimage users (meaning implementing XSI tools in Modo.. still waiting). Maybe I would have been forever waiting for Project Excalibur -Maya/Max merge that never happened- or the "future of modeling" that Maya also never delivered (zbrush like handling of polygons, inside Maya). Lucky me, Autodesk promised to never stop working on Softimage, right?...err.... also... didnt happen. Roadmaps are just smoke and mirrors. Dont ask for them, they dont go anywhere.
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    A while ago the Polystein Kit for MODO (see https://www.c4dcafe.com/ipb/forums/topic/98647-polystein-kit-for-cinema-4d/ ) was introduced to me. From that moment the idea kept growing in the back of my head to provide something similar for the Cinema 4D community. Once other priorities were out of the way, I started working on some scripts to test out the feasibility of my interpretation of the idea. Once a working concept was obtained using several scripts, I contacted William Vaughan, the original creator of the Polystein Kit, in order to obtain approval to take his idea and turn it into a Cinema 4D plugin. Working from the scripts made earlier, I started implementing this new plugin, which I named "PolyGnome". Explaining the choice of the name would be a story too long to tell here, so I 'll prefer to leave that for long, cold and dark winter nights ... The current state of the plugin does use it's own library implementation, instead of using the Content Browser. There is more than one reason for this, but since quite technical, I'll omit to explain these as well. As mentioned in the video demonstration, the current beta version requires a two step preparation of assets. I have some ideas to automate these steps, but more important features need to get implemented first. The plugin will be available for Windows and MacOS, R17 and above (hopefully R19 won't break anything SDK related ... fingers crossed). Possibly R16, if there is enough interest. Depending the feedback from beta testers the plugin will be available sooner or later. Release date and price to be announced. Here's already a teaser, explaining the different steps: As for my other plugin(s), which all have their dedicated threads, I'd like this specific one to be the home for discussing anything PolyGnome related.
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    Hey peeps! This is an environment I've made for a short film / pilot episode I'm working on. It was made entirely in Cinema 4D (using the Physical render engine, alongside some simple After Effects compositing and colour correction). Take a look here! This has taken me 17 months to make! Admittedly I was also doing freelance jobs in that time. The total render time clocked in at 360 hours (and no, that wasn't distributed on a farm, it LITERALLY was all rendered on my one PC !... That was a long wait lol) I've NEVER made a 3D scene so immense in my entire time as a 3D artist before :D. But if you're interested in what this is about. I'm working on a BIG passion project in the form of a pilot episode. Fully 3D animated in Cinema 4D. The dream is to make a sincere push towards getting this thing picked up for syndication on some sort of TV network once I've finished the pilot. All my social media deets are in the vid description if you're interested in more about that. Otherwise, let me know your thoughts!
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    Hey guys. I was asked by 3DArtist to write them a tutorial/break down for their Magazine. The tutorial is from my Tyrion Lannister portrait, and covers quite a bit over a 16 step break down. I had made some additions to it since its been posted publicly, that being the clothes where textured using Substance Painter. The core focus of the tutorial is Cinema 4D in which was used for Modelling, base sculpting and hair, although I talk about the full process. Anyways, check it out, should be out by Tuesday 10th April. Sampler here Latest version of the image, Original rendered at 5550 x 3700 Artstation limited to 1920 x 1080 : Click here Dan
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    Hi folks Here are some news which may be interesting to you: I would like to announce that first incarnation of new C4D Cafe training line is done. In few days we plan to release "Introduction to R19 Fracturing". As a way of saying thank you to our former TD Master section subscribers (which is now available as standalone training in the store) we will offer a permanent discount on new training line. Fracturing training is the first in line and with R20 release you can expect massive increase in training content. New tutorials will be download only and available via Cafe store. Additionally, we will also offer an ability to purchase in cryptocurrencies but that will not be an automated process, so for that option please contact us. Prior to R20 release we will undergo a big logistics upgrade and increase bandwidth and storage capacities, so there is a possibility of downtime during August (most likely). We will ensure that you have nice and smooth Cafe experience as usual Cheers
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    Finished a new video! Tried to make the most cinematic ragdoll video on YouTube! Let me know what you all think. I'd love to hear it!
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    Here's one of hopefully many. Thanks to @ABMotion who suggested this sort of thing might be worth doing... well now we're doing it :) This time we're looking at the oft-overlooked Spin Edge. Redirect your polyflow at will ! CBR
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    Oh is it my turn already ? OK, here's my half way stage on full-body DV. No arms yet ! :) CBR
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    Weh hey :) OK then - I'll start off with some embarrassingly lo-res renders of my Tie Fighter from the original trilogy. Not a patch on @VECTOR's impending Tie Interceptor, but we all had to start somewhere :) Here's bit of wing detail on those.. CBR
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    Congratulations to the Cafe for continuing to be a great resource to the C4D community. This place owes its reputation to those selfless individuals who supported it in the past (3D-Kiwi, 3D-Crew..remember him?) and the present (Igor, HSrdelic, Cerbera, Vector, Rectro, ABMotion, bezo, everfresh, westbam, et. al). My hopes for 2018? 1) That Igor overcomes whatever health issues he is facing. Very sorry to hear that you are hitting a rough patch right now and I hope you come through it with flying colors. Until then, my prayers are with you and your family (especially that cute daughter of yours in your avatar. I grew up while my mother was fighting cancer, so I have some idea of what she may be going through). 2) Long lost friends return to the forum and/or C4D. Yes....Nigel...I hope you come back to C4D as your tutorials were always appreciated. Also would like to see Srek return as I always appreciated his frank and honest insights into MAXON. 3) R20 hits better than 50% of our expectations over what we feel is going to be "the big one". While you may think 50% is a bit low, I personally think our expectations are too high for a company that places stability, brilliant implementation and software quality as a top priority. Slow and steady wins the race for me at least. 4) 3D Quakers releases the next version of Forester. They had made some statements 9 months ago about the new release late in 2017, so lets hope we hear something soon. If you look at their home page gallery, they have this terrain with the hills spelling out "Merry Christmas with Forestor" so this could give you some idea of what is cooking for V2. 5) MAXON Labs gets some love. Great start but would love to see more of what MAXON plays around with in their spare time (assuming that they have some spare time). 6) I find more time to learn and grow with C4D. Unfortunately, C4D is a hobby and I have family, friends, dog, house, and a day job which always takes priority. My goal for this year is to focus back on modeling (I started with modeling but have since focused on lighting, texturing, and animation and in the interim the modeling tools kept growing past my capabilities). My hope is to get back to "stream of conscious modeling" where you think more about "what" you want to do rather than "how" to do it. In short, the polygons just flow from your mouse almost unconsciously. I wonder if I can get there with booleans and triangles? NOT! My New Years Resolutions for 2018? Write shorter posts. Happy New Year everyone! Dave
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    I think this is known as an 'Easter Egg'.
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    Hey Cafe I guess there'll be a few trek-heads here, and I'm definitely one of them. Whilst I'm not a great fan of what they're doing in Star Trek Discovery at the moment, I am enjoying Seth Macfarlane's rival space saga 'The Orville' on Fox considerably more. It was only a matter of time before I felt the need to model that ship, but apparently I am one of the first to do so, because there is real lack of decent reference images and blueprints, so I have been furiously screencapping the episodes until I had enough to work with. So here we are, near the end of stage one, when I am less fussed about immaculate topology than I am finding the basic shape, although I am at least all-quads. There's still a lot of tweaking to be done to get even the main shape perfect, but I thought I'd post a fairly early stage so I can share how it changes as it develops. There's some pretty challenging panelling to be cut in everywhere, so that'll be next, after I've built the main center section and major armour plating panels. I'm trying to do alot of it with OpenSubDiv, but it remains disappointing that I still have to limit this to sections I can texture with standard projection, because it still doesn't work with UV's in R19. Hopefully I'll be taking this all the way to photo-real render, but as I'm fitting it in around other work it may take a little while... CBR
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    Hey Cafe It seems that MAXON, whose Quick Tips videos used to be about the limit of what they did tutorial-wise (apart from Cineversity of course) have upped their game recently, and have just dropped the first 2 parts of what will be a massive 16 hour multi-part tutorial on building a space colony environment by Adam Benton. It's very thorough, and covers everything from initial sketches and planning through to render settings and post work. This will be most helpful for beginners and intermediate users to show them a complete project process I'd imagine, but also worth the more advanced of us giving it a look as it's quite an interesting project aside from any skills development. So just linking that for whoever hasn't seen it yet. Here's the first part - the 2nd part links on from that. Hopefully they'll be some more of these - and thanks MAXON for doing this one ! CBR
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    Started a fat character a while back, never finished it as it wasn't going in the direction i wanted so i shelved it. today i decided to scrap all of it apart from the head and start over, starting with modifying the head. The model is Combination of poly by poly modelling and sculpting tools. pretty pleased so far C&C welcome.
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    Avid Star wars fans @Cerbera and i decided to create a thread where we can dump all our Star wars related artwork, (there's gonna be a lot of it) including wip's and completed pieces, ranging from the original trilogy right up through the prequels to the latest outings, ranging from Storm troopers, to Battle droids to Darth Vader :D Talking of which i'll kick this off with my Revenge of the sith version Darth Vader helmet, freshly rendered, i decided to be quite subtle with the wear and tear on this, opting for a little dirt on the eye pieces and elsewhere on the helmet to break up the surface a little, i've included a 3k version to show it off a little bigger, just click it a few times to get full size :D
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    Hey Cafe Last night @VECTOR told me what he had been up to these last few weeks, and that him and @everfresh been secretly organizing a donation fund for me and my mum while we're getting through some difficult bits. What can I say - I am absolutely blown away by the kindness and support of people here in this amazing community. There are simply no words that could convey how grateful we are to everyone that helped or left a message. Thank you so much. We will be making a donation to the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Foundation who are desperately starved of resources but still do incredible work and make a massive difference to the lives of people dealing with terminal illness and their families. Love and light, J
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    OK, these are the first few stages... 1. Poly pen, outline window, side view... 2. Move this plane out from center, establish symmetry, and curve top edge loop in on X slightly. Continue making polygons (poly pen), redistributing them to keep them regular, and adjusting flow to match the lines of the craft... 3. Adjust those points in other views to match a mainly cylindrical profile. No reference, so you have to guess. Here I have just added a loop out front to try and define the end section. 4. Refine and smooth the points, again focusing on evenness of distribution and smooth curves on every line. Put Symmetry under SDS L2 and refine base mesh points. 5. Now we're just patching holes, and refining forms. The back end starts to take shape... 6. Quad patch the back end solving any tris as you go. 7. Now the front end - same principles apply - plan your topology, distribution and edge flow, and patch accordingly... 8. Further tweaking of points and refining the mesh, and we are now ready for Stage 2 - applying 1 level of subdivision, then re-hardening key edge loops, then splitting off the window section and doing panelling, which our edge flow will now effortlessly support. But now I'm off to do other stuff, so will pick this up if you need more help when you've got to this stage... If you are suitably eagle-eyed you will notice some ngons in that last one, which are a temporary anomaly and will be removed :) Hope that helps CBR
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    FINALLY had some time to make something fun again! =D Added some screenshots whlie making this. hope you like it!
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    This was just a Python exercise, but it might amuse someone. Basically, it's a hidden sphere bouncing around inside a circle and triggering notes. The notes and timing are random, so if you watch it long enough, it should play Coltrane's Giant Steps a la monkeys and typewriters. Possibly . . .
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    eva fresh - your friendly stoner from the neighborhood. a little more detailed character than i usually do.. had a lot of fun creating her. big up to @VECTOR for helping me out with the sneakers, i could have never modelled them as clean as he did. rendered with redshift.
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    Back on the characters now, and picking up from where i left off last year, i made a new female head but ended up never using it, so the last few days i've been reworking the head, changing some proportions things like that im super happy with how she's looking now, i've also just finished building a base mesh body, of which i'm now gonna enjoy stylising , so pics of that should be up soon :D
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    I'm on a roll tonight, so let's have a look at that timeless mystery classic, the SDS Helical Screw thread... 'n', in case you're wondering, can be any number you like. CBR
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    due to ongoing requests i bit the bullet and recorded a tutorial on toon shading yesterday. sorry for the bad audio, while the speakers of my macbook are awesome, the microphone apparently kinda sucks. i need to get an audio interface. and a couple of adapters probably ;)
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    Hey guys, here is an overview of new Cinema 4D R19 :) https://www.maxon.net/en/products/new-in-release-19/overview/ Exchange Alembic R19 Alembic module is now based on Alembic 1.6.1 SDK Alembic now supports subframe interpolation Other Attributes option enables the import of additional point attributes Export now supports the LOD Object Alembic Generator Other Attributes option enables the import of additional point attributes Several workflow improvements Alembic Morph Tag FBX R19 FBX module is now based on FBX SDK 2017.1 Support for FBX LOD Groups added (import/export) Selection Only option added to export the selected objects only Global Coordinates option added to save objects with global instead of local coordinates New Media handling DDS exporter added RPF can now save Material IDs OBJ New option Groups (combine name collisions) Houdini Engine Integration Updated to Houdini Engine 16.0.633 The integration now also supports particle rotation. Workflow / UI New Feature Highlighting Highlights new features in the current and previous version Highlights fade when used Custom highlight sets can be created New Media Handling Core Better media support in Cinema 4D Data gets loaded more efficiently Layerset chooser now supports multi-page/stream images (e.g., in multi-page TIFF files) Layerset chooser now allows access to and selection of streams in a movie Support for an arbitrary number of alpha channels Format presets for all image/movie formats Option to adapt the Movie Data Rate if the resolution changes Textures can have their own color profiles Embedded color profiles for textures can be loaded Anamorphic formats can be recalculated in the Picture Viewer TIFF files can be compressed Pixel aspect ratio can be saved/loaded Better support for CMYK and YUV images 3D texture view supports the greyscale color profile New Load Substances from Folder command in the Substance Asset Manager Various new behaviors when inserting an object with multiple objects selected Image/movie options of loaded files are remembered, images and movies can be saved with the same settings The Content Browser now marks Substance assets with an overlay The Vertex Color tag has a new option with which the vertext colors can be constantly shown The save dialog window in the Picture Viewer can now handle anamorph videos Animation Weighting Improvements Improved weight mirroring Joint matching algorithms (hierarchy-based, coordinates-based, name-based) Improved point matching algorithm (improved nearest point, normalized closest point) Mirror tool integration /w 1-click functionality Weight Manager integration Weight Manager improvements Several workflow improvements in the Weight Manager WM refactoring: Separated Weight Manager from the Weight tool, Weight Manager per scene Multiple Weight Manager windows Improved joint list workflows (more consistent, custom list order with new Weight tag sort including folder support, list supports hiding joints) Improved spreadsheet workflow (more consistent filtering, new filters) Expose functions to the scripting API Weight Tool improvements Tool refactoring and performance improvement Normalization fixes Select joint influences in the Viewport Improved smooth workflow Improved Picker workflow New rigging specific layout Improved commands (bind multiple objects) Character Morphs PSD (Pose Space Deformation) added Undeformed version of an object can now be used for rigid body simulations MoGraph Improved Voronoi Fracture Auto Connector" to automatically create a setup of Connectors between pieces. Geometry Gluing to merge pieces together Detailing to give pieces a more realistic look Sorting has been moved to a new tab New sorting mode Object New Piece Scaling functionality, to scale voronoi cells The effect of Offset Fragments can now be inverted, this will create one object consisting of the gaps Hull Only can now have a thickness The fracturing results can now be saved in the .c4d file format Vertex maps can now be created for inside face selections, outside face selections and edge selections Much better performance when fracturing high-polygon-count objects. New Noise Falloff New Sound Effector New user interface New, interactive Frequency graph Sampling the sound with several probes. Sampling modes: Peak/Average/Step Different modes to map probes to clones (Iterate/Distribute/Blend) Different ways to colorize the clones Improved precision for source falloff for effectors Improved speed of the volume effector Materials New UV Tile Offset mode for the Variation shader Variation shader now also work in Hair materials Rendering ProRender, a new GPU-Based Render Engine Based on OpenCL 1.2, works on NVIDIA and AMD cards on Windows and AMD cards on macOS Multi-GPU support with very effective scaling Interactive preview render in Viewport Support for native materials and lights New PBR-based light and material type Firefly filter Bucket rendering for large resolutions Viewport Enhancements Faster and better-looking reflectance channel preview by physically-based shading Reflectance channel roughness map support Reflectance channel per-layer bump map support Fast and accurate illumination from rectangular area lights Depth of field effect with Bokeh (support for Diaphragm shape), closely matching the depth of field in Physical Render Screen space reflections Area lights can be now shown as solid in the Viewport Spherical Camera New Camera option to create 360° and dome renderings New Field of View helper in the Viewport Supports different mapping formats (lat-long, cubic-cross, cubic 3x2, cubic string) Supports stereoscopic rendering TeamRender Improvements Support for Frame Steps Changed reordering strategy Clients continue rendering, even if the server is not reachable Support for encrypted web connections New automatic service discovery New Tone Mapping post effect Speedups for Standard Renderer Speedups for simple transparencies in Physical and Standard Renderers Supersampling setting for the Hardware OpenGL Renderer Shadowmap filtering improvement for the Hardware OpenGL Renderers Instant material updates Modeling New Modeling Kernel First incarnation of the new, modern modeling kernel Currently used by Plane Primitive generator Reverse Normals command Align Normals command Polygon Reduction generator New command option dialog with Reverse User Normals option for Reverse Normals and Align Normals commands. Level of Detail Object Switching level of details levels on different criteria (user-defined level, user-defined-value, screen size horizontal/vertical/surface, camera distance, project LoD) Different modes Children mode Simplify mode Manual Group node Polygon Reduction Generator Polygon Reduction is now a Generator New reduction algorithm Reduction can be set as a percentage or as number of remaining polygons, edges or vertices Better UV handling Can handle multiple objects either as one object or each one separately Displacer has new Options Process Normal tag Type (RGB (XYZ Tangent) Motion Tracking Scene Reconstruction Reconstruction of the recorded scene, based on the Motion Tracking 3D Solve data Creates a Point Cloud or a mesh Motion Tracker Enhancements Manual Tracking now can work on R,G,B or custom channels Footage can now displayed as "Tracker View", e.g. Red Channel only. The Tracker can now work with a circular tracking pattern UV Editing User Interface modifications Improved UV Selections including Grow/Shrink Selections, Select Connected and double click to select Islands for UV Polygons and Points Convert Selection now supports UVs Coordinate Manager now supports UVs New Numerical Editor for UV points BodyPaint 3D BodyPaint is now based on OpenGL New BodyPaint save options Demo Version Rendering Resolution Limitation has been removed, The Rendering will have a Watermark instead ------------------------------------------------------- https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/new_in_cinema_4d_r19
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    This one is the Kirin - 'Japanese Unicorn'. As usual, modelling & sculpting in Cinema 4D, plants with Forester plugin, texture painting in Mudbox, render in Octane, a little post-work in Photoshop.
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    Hey here's a little animation I made a couple of weeks ago for for a local animation competition. I used C4D and Octane. I'd really appreciate if anyone could take a second to vote for mine here!: http://www.nodefest.com.au/node_ident/intergalactic-mushrooms/ (you don't have to sign up or anything, you just have to type in an email address to vote. You don't get spam or anything from it). Also, here's a making-of video if anyone's interested in the process:
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    Today I received Cinema 4D rel 19. This is the time, when I would contact Cactus Dan to request a new license for his IK Tools. This year I'll spend a some time thinking about him and his willingness to help, and hope he is having a good ride wherever he is now. Dan, we are not going to forget ya!
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    While beta testing Cinema 4D R19 I decided to make a little short out of my fracturing testing. I imagine the earth is tired of waiting for humans to get their act together and it must cleanse itself the only way it knows how. All 3D completed in C4D with a little help from SpeedTree and rendering in Redshift (minus the tree fracture shot which was Physical Renderer). Comped in NUKE. Breakdown
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    It's a combination of a few factors - We do actually do a bit of editing, cleaning up the live edit by patching in ISO recordings and demo reels (to avoid double-compression) We add section markers to make it easier to navigate and find content We don't have dedicated staff to the task - it happens twice a year and we run lean and mean. We publish in batches because 21 videos all at once is a bit overwhelming for folks, and smaller batches helps each presenter to get more attention We should have the first batch of presentations up later this week. Thanks for your patience.
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    I actually think when the new core and super fast object handling comes, then there will be some crazy stuff / massive changes. Xpresso as we know it will likely be replaced by a complete node system or Xpresso 2 for everything including materials. I'm looking forward to it. I may even do one of my epic reviews.
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    I am really amazed to see how easily you make such statements, as though you actually know anything about R20, which most certainly you don't. People could easily get an impression that you have certain insight in development, where you don't. All you are doing is pure speculation flavored with negativity due to your personal dissatisfaction. I am sure that many members consider you as troll, which, if you are looking to be in 3D industry in long run is very negative badge to carry. Well, then all companies would do that, right? In reality, especially in software, that doesn't work since such approach leads to extinction. That is relative to the task at hand, not an universal principle. You can have 100's of developers but maybe not a single one who can do a specific job that is needed. On the other hand, you can have a task that is nicely scalable by adding more people. If the point of your posting is simply to confront, label, badmouth and bash Cinema, MAXON, features or even members that use and love C4D then maybe it is time to move on elsewhere? You are perfectly entitled to decide that C4D is not meeting your criteria and job requirements, nothing wrong with that. Let's do a thought experiment. So, let's say R20 is out and it is monster release with everything you hoped for and you decide to stick with C4D since it ticks all your boxes. If you are a freelancer or you will be on market at certain point, members will recall all this negativity and bashing. You would be surprised how many talented people failed to find decent work simply because their social skills were not up to certain criteria...