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  1. Very discouraging for two reasons: 1) I will never have this much talent in modeling, texturing, composition and lighting (the lighting is as delicious as the chocolate). Just amazing overall and in every way. 2) I am on a diet. Thank you for ruining my weekend.
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  2. Thanks! Took the amount of my own gags as a gauge for how disgusting it is. Seems like it worked
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  3. I hope that's a cancer cell or a coronavirus or something, because I want it to DIE! Nice work making it look super creepy and gross!
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  5. Love this! ... The spacefarer threw a fish towards a black hole and got hit by this black ball in return?
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  6. What render engine did you use?
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  7. hahaha thanks man! Well i didnt do modelling at all if that is any comfort and i have high cholesterol
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  8. This is seriously outstanding work! I would love to know more about how it was made: renderer, what was custom modeled vs. what was imported (like the people), GI settings, post processing (DOF?), render times, how long did it take you create this from concept to finished render. Honestly, it belongs in 3D World. Just amazing.
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  9. I've really enjoyed looking at these - a top quality job from both of you! PS: It would also be interesting to see the wireframe (mesh) for one or two.
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