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    • Nicholas Larsen  »  C4DS

      Do you know where I can find the PolyGnome  plugin? Everywhere I've looked it appears like it fell off the face of the earth
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    • MiguelJudas

      Now all my plugins are fully compatible with Cinema4D R20!
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    • iline  »  Whithers

      Your Python script to read file sequences looks perfect - Realflow is messing me about and I want to read an Alembic sequence and reexport it as an animated single Alembic Ogawa file - just wondering how to get it to print the current filename to the Alembic container object...
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    • khraddy

      I see my community reputation is 3 poor, I do hope I haven't upset anyone. If I have sorry, it was unintentional.
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    • Jaee

      hey guys, I have to reset my password every time to log into C4D forum. Is there anyway to fix the issue? Thanks,
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