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    • drbocca  »  esmall

      Dear mr. Esmall,
      first of all I have to thank you for all the support you are giving to the community and to say how much I am impressed with all your work.
      I am a surgeon with highly developed interest in medical visualization, trying it with C4d.
      I have read your post about stent modeling 
      Unfortunately the screen grab links do not exist anymore...
      I wanted to ask you if you have the time and are willing to share something regarding this topic which could help me to understand your process better.  
      Thank you very much in advance! 
      Bets regards from an enthusiastic thoracic surgeon :))
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    • Nicholas Larsen  »  C4DS

      Do you know where I can find the PolyGnome  plugin? Everywhere I've looked it appears like it fell off the face of the earth
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    • MiguelJudas

      Now all my plugins are fully compatible with Cinema4D R20!
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    • iline  »  Whithers

      Your Python script to read file sequences looks perfect - Realflow is messing me about and I want to read an Alembic sequence and reexport it as an animated single Alembic Ogawa file - just wondering how to get it to print the current filename to the Alembic container object...
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    • khraddy

      I see my community reputation is 3 poor, I do hope I haven't upset anyone. If I have sorry, it was unintentional.
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