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    • munna  »  frazer

      Hi Craig,
      It is done.... got logo from google but hi-res but for preview its ok.

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    • Twizzle

      My Vimeo stuff
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    • Gabbaixo

      Mammuthus Primigenius (Work in Progress

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    • MarkMiko  »  teknow

      Hi there teknow,
      I recently have been assigned to finish a task, unfortunately I am not able to talk about it much, however the best solution I found is to drive a cloth simulation with animated vertex maps, and then would love to drive thinking particles with the same vertex map to emit particles and then later simulate smoke with TurbulenceFD. However, I can't seem to understand XPresso as well as you, and came across your post but your files have been deleted unfortunately. Is there anyway you could send me the files via email (mikosfilms@gmail.com). Also if you would have time and patience to maybe explain to me the whole set up in XPresso, that would be the best thing ever! (I did see your respond to one of the other member in your post, explaining the set up for XPresso, however I still couldn't replicate.)
      Thank you so much,
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    • imdcstar  »  Robville

      I checked your post regarding 'Incorrect File Structure'!!!
      I was working on a project all day! I went to eat something and little brother was playing. He turned off PC accidentally. Everything was saved but project was running in c4d. I turned on computer and now getting this error 'Incorrect File Structure'.
      My project was all done and just about to render. Now i am F------p. I have no backup, increments or backup reports.
      Please please help!
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