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    • chumsosang  »  Beefdoctor

      Hi all member here, i want to ask for some advise about creating c4d plugin, if i don't have code knowledge and i want to create a simple plugin for Cinema 4d, so how should i do?
      Thank in advance!
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    • imashination

      New blog started today, go have a look at the latest blog entries to check out my new free Cinema 4D tutorials :)
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    • Mitzmitz  »  teknow

      Hi Teknow, I really need the files from this discussion (but they are unavailable):
      Can you please please help me? I will be so grateful...
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    • Mitzmitz  »  SeanB

      Hi, I found your post because I was trying to create something like this:
      and saw you were trying to do the same - did you find a way? can you maybe help me?
      Thanks a lot!
      Have a great day (:
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    • Anthony Owen  »  digitvisions

      What should I use for the Dropbox Share?
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