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    • Abdallh  »  bentraje

      C4D Studio R20
      If you are interested, we can discuss the price
      I can't PM you.
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    • munkittrick  »  Gatis

      Hi there! I just found your post relating to the "Cinema 4D Tag cleaner plugin", which looks like it might save me a few hours of deleting obsolete and unused texture tags in Cinema4D. Is it still available and, if so, where may I find it?
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    • vanderleden  »  Janine Pauke

      fascinating projects
      keep up the good work
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    • HorstDubiel  »  Fastbee

      Hello Fastbee
      Sorry for the late response. I couldn't quite figure out how to post wips regarding my chess picture  which I had uploaded earlier. 
      So I just send some screenshots to you. These show some meshes from different angles.
      For modelling I mostly used splines in connection with Loft and Lathe Nurbs  and I adjusted some poses using deformers. Very simple.
      The 3 "haircut lines" in the knight's (horses) neck are done by a Boolean operation.
      The background is just a blurred picture.
      Best regards
      Horst Dubiel
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    • drbocca  »  esmall

      Dear mr. Esmall,
      first of all I have to thank you for all the support you are giving to the community and to say how much I am impressed with all your work.
      I am a surgeon with highly developed interest in medical visualization, trying it with C4d.
      I have read your post about stent modeling 
      Unfortunately the screen grab links do not exist anymore...
      I wanted to ask you if you have the time and are willing to share something regarding this topic which could help me to understand your process better.  
      Thank you very much in advance! 
      Bets regards from an enthusiastic thoracic surgeon :))
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