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    • Icecaveman  »  bobc4d

      It sucks what they are doing. I so relate and feel the same.
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    • Saejin Choi  »  teknow

      Hi, Teknow. 
      I'm a newbie in Xpresso landed on one of your post reply shown on this thread.
      I've spent a month to make a mathematical graphs by generating sine/cosine or any random lines by using formula spline on Xpresso. And the 2 files you uploaded on the above thread seem exactly what I need to study for it. 
      But, whenever I tried to download them, the page returned error code 2S328/1.
      Would you be so kind as to help me download those 2 files?
      Thank you in advance!
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    • sxpeters  »  carel

      I saw an old post about an eye with some iris textures you created along with a mini tutorial and I was wondering if you could share that with me? The links no long work.
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    • jessestormer  »  kalugin

      Hey Kalugin -- you made this 'select similar geometry' script that had 'replace with render instance' as an option, first off -- I love it, and thank you SO much for creating this! It is really great for consolidating & simplifying scenes converted from other 3D engines, and stock models of rooms and architectural environments. (hundred of identical chairs, tables, lamps etc all scattered across a space) 

      The 'replace with instance' feature seems to no longer work with R20, would you be willing to update it for R20?
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    • chrisconway  »  Hrvoje

      Hi Hrvoje
      I purchased several courses on Vertex Pusher. I know you don't run that anymore but is there anyway to get access to those courses again?
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