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    • chrisconway  »  Hrvoje

      Hi Hrvoje
      I purchased several courses on Vertex Pusher. I know you don't run that anymore but is there anyway to get access to those courses again?
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    • Abdallh  »  bentraje

      C4D Studio R20
      If you are interested, we can discuss the price
      I can't PM you.
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    • munkittrick  »  Gatis

      Hi there! I just found your post relating to the "Cinema 4D Tag cleaner plugin", which looks like it might save me a few hours of deleting obsolete and unused texture tags in Cinema4D. Is it still available and, if so, where may I find it?
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    • vanderleden  »  Janine Pauke

      fascinating projects
      keep up the good work
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    • HorstDubiel  »  Fastbee

      Hello Fastbee
      Sorry for the late response. I couldn't quite figure out how to post wips regarding my chess picture  which I had uploaded earlier. 
      So I just send some screenshots to you. These show some meshes from different angles.
      For modelling I mostly used splines in connection with Loft and Lathe Nurbs  and I adjusted some poses using deformers. Very simple.
      The 3 "haircut lines" in the knight's (horses) neck are done by a Boolean operation.
      The background is just a blurred picture.
      Best regards
      Horst Dubiel
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