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    (I am open for suggestion for a suitable name, as well as for icon, images, ...)



    PolyDup is a tool plugin which allows to easily select part of a mesh and replace polygon(s) of the mesh with a duplicate of this part. The concept is the same as with PolyGnome, where you can replace polygon(s) of a mesh with predefined asset objects, allowing to construct meshes from parts. The difference with PolyDup is that you do not need to create asset objects. The selected part of the mesh will represent the asset. With this you will be able to easily duplicate parts of a mesh, without the need to model it more than once.



    The plugin is still in its design phase.

    It will reuse the modelling engine from PolyGnome, so that part is basically available as is and will only need fine tuning for the new purpose of this plugin.

    While PolyGnome was a command (= "single-shot" action), this new PolyDup plugin will be a multiple action tool.


    Development of the plugin will be in Cinema4D R20 (Windows) and ported to other releases of Cinema4D, both Windows and macOS.


    Estimated Release Date:



    Supported Cinema4D releases and platforms:


    Windows, macOS







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