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  1. Hello, it's just me or everything is too small (text etc...), also the entire width of the site is very narrow?
  2. Someone told me that Bodypaint is very popular among the game developers in China... not sure how true is that..
  3. Learn it, yes, jump ship, not yet... :) And by the way, anyone knows if Houdini has a Bodypaint equivalent? Cheers....
  4. Haha, Blender is amazing... They just screw it from the start when they choose to make the right click the default way to select things.
  5. Thanks for the update. Everything is working fine in wip 4, no issues found at moment.... Cheers..
  6. Looks really good, I like the idea and the tag thing is not that bad, actually it's really cool. Can't wait to test it.. Cheers.
  7. Oh, great.... :) I didn't know about the outline selection trick... This makes the things a lot easier in combination with this plugin... Thank you for sharing the tip. :) Cheers....
  8. Thx.. I know I can do it with Shift key, but I was looking for a faster (1 click) solution.... :) Or you did it differently?
  9. Lol... Of course I'm aware of all of this... I just gave you a little example of the function... It doesn't seem a lot useful in this case but it has many applications... I do this kind of thing a lot with "Cut selected edges" function.... Anyway, keep up the good work... This is already a great plugin... ;) Cheers..
  10. Sure.... The way it is now, if I do a cut, even with some uv polys selected, it always cut through the all thing in a loop fashion, right? And you get the following result... See: What I would also like, is an option to restrict my "loop" cuts to the selected uv polys... and get the following result... See: Pretty much like the restrict to selection of the loop/path cut tool.... I don't know if it sounds crazy, but seems useful to me.... :)
  11. True... Btw, I wish it had also an option to do the "cuts" on selected UV polygons only..... :)
  12. Tested.... The CPU usage is much better now.... :) Cheers..
  13. Great news... Thank you..
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