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  1. Hey, I dont suppose you could re-upload the softbody noodles file you posted previously (if you even still have it??) Following your instructions, but must be missing something! Cheers!

  2. You have to manually patch in that geo and smooth it in - it's cumbersome. Please drop it in Suggestions though! cheers brasc
  3. May I get your satin material? I really need that for learn. Thank's!

  4. Paul just setup a user voice for c4d users, check it our would be good to know what people want :)http://cinemaplugins.uservoice.com/

  5. Avengers... Go see it.

  6. Vector motion blur is not too shabby! Fast enough to use it in production

  7. Popping digital water filled balloons...

  8. Enjoyed the beer can challenge - now should really hit the hay...



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