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  1. Cerbera

    Cineware Camera Extract Not working

    Moved to correct section (Compositing and Post Work). Welcome to the cafe ! Not a big AE user myself, but sure someone will be along to help with that soon... CBR
  2. Cerbera

    Quick Job Required

    Email sent CBR
  3. Cerbera

    Fusion 360 modelling

    Form the brief overview I've had of F360, I suspect its main advantage over Cinema is to do with precision measurements, which seem easier to define, display and control than in Cinema. And also that it is CAD-style design, which some people find easier / more convenient than poly modelling. But I would imagine R20's Volume Builder might bridge the gap to some extent. Personally I don't feel the need to use anything else for blocking - for me Cinema has the nicest modelling environment, and I am comfortable enough with all its modelling tools that I haven't felt the need to get another app involved, although I must confess the occasional jealous glance over in 3D Max's direction :) If I ever did get some supplementary software for precision modelling, I suspect it would be Modo rather than Fusion I'd go for, but it's all personal preference, and I don't find the CAD approach as rewarding as poly modelling... CBR
  4. Cerbera

    Axis Problem

    Ok, well you could always use the modelling axis sliders in the Move, Scale or Rotate tools instead... Look in the Attributes Manager for the Modelling Axis Tab, and make sure axis mode is set to 'selected' and all the sliders should be at 0 to get the axis in the center. CBR
  5. Cerbera

    Axis Problem

    In your screenshot they ARE both selected, so I don't understand why that isn't working, unless this is some dodgy crack copy where that functionality is broken. Could that be the case ? CBR
  6. Cerbera

    Axis Problem

    If the lower of your 2 highlighted buttons is active, then you should have free movement of the modelling axis. 'L' should turn that on and off. Is that not the case for you ? CBR
  7. Cerbera

    Axis Problem

    Which version of the software are you using ? CBR
  8. Cerbera

    How can I Model This ?

    Once again, please update your profile to the version you are using. You are currently giving those trying to help you wrong information. CBR
  9. Cerbera

    Some pointer would be nice

    When you open an FBX in Cinema you are asked if you want all the textures too. I made sure all that was ticked, and the model opened, but no textures came in with it. I don't use PBR materials myself so am not the person to evaluate these anyway, but thought I should at least let you know they didn't load, in case there was a problem with the fbx export. CBR
  10. Cerbera

    Turn Flat Shirt to Dressed

    OK, the base mesh you have there is, as you said, quite high density, and we have 2 additional problems to tackle, the first being that the onesie is made of separate parts, and the second being that it has real world thickness, which is going to play merry hell with any plans we might have had for sculpting it or using deformers or poly modelling tools to pull it into the right shape. Unless someone can chime in with a deformer or tool-based method I may have missed, I'd say you have 2 realistic options here. 1. Radically decimate the model you have by first removing the thickness, and then alternate edge loops to reduce the topology level. I'd bin half the mesh and use symmetry to make that half the work, but it's still quite a bit to sort out. Once you have a lower poly version without thickness you could then use the regular modelling tools to shape it, before adding thickness back when you have the new shape sorted. 2. Using the mesh you have as a visual guide, make the model again from scratch, but considerably lower poly, which would allow you to make it into the new shape much more easily. Once you have achieved the basic shape you could add the detail back fairly easily... With both these methods you should do the main mesh first, then do the seam meshes to match. It's a real PITA if I'm honest, certainly not a quick or simple job but unfortunately this sort of thing is best made from scratch in the pose it is needed, so rescuing the flat version is arguably as much effort as starting again ! You're also going to have to find a free model of a baby somewhere to conform the polys around - I don't think there is one in the content browser, and obviously it won't fit adult proportions ! Sorry it's not better news - maybe someone else will have a bright idea about how to do it faster :) CBR
  11. Cerbera

    Some pointer would be nice

    Reload the page my friend, I noticed some other bits and updated my post :)
  12. Cerbera

    Some pointer would be nice

    I can critique it modelling-wise if that helps. It not a bad model overall, and hits nearly all of their target requirements, but it's not flawless either. The overall dimensions are close but not exact. Personally, I would have said they were well within reasonable tolerances, but they might have been ultra-fussy about it. You did have 24 major topology faults (8 unnecessary ngons in the lower block, 16 misaligned normals in the top cushion rim detail (shown below) and if we're being ultra-picky about it, 4 minor faults (complex poles on the underside of the rims in the top cushion). To your credit, all these (except the normal issues) were in places where they probably wouldn't show in render, and may not even have produced artefacts under subdivision, but if somebody submitted an all-quads version, as this could have been, that might have been what had the edge over yours. Your UV map looks very well laid out, but I couldn't get your textures to load in with the fbx, so haven't looked at those. Hope that helps CBR
  13. Cerbera

    Cloth-like Text Effect

    That looks like just a regular plane, which has a material applied (flat projection) containing a black and white bitmap of the text in the colour channel. That plane has been given a reasonable amount of segmentation, made editable, and then can be given a cloth tag, in which you can use various forces to make it fold like your reference. If you do go the cloth route, you might need to fix some cloth points, or even belt your cloth to some 'helper geometry' that will not only hold it up / stop it blowing away, but can also be used to more precisely control the folding if suspended from multiple points. You'll also need a Cloth SDS as a parent of your plane object, and a regular SDS as a parent of that. Or, as the folds are not very complex, you could also make it entirely without the cloth engine, just by selecting edge loops and manually moving / rotating them to give you the folds in your plane object. You'd need just the Regular SDS here to produce smooth curves from your base mesh. CBR
  14. Less sure about layouts, but fairly sure each machine needs plugins installed locally. CBR
  15. Cerbera

    Black spots

    Actually, I am not sure the black dots in that thread are the same as the ones in yours (there are lots of types of this kind of artefact), but then again I'm actually having trouble seeing any black dots in your pic ! Can you upload the scene file so we can take a closer look ? CBR