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  1. Er... no - I'd say that is a little too far removed from the final mesh to be a good UV map. TBH if that 3rd pic is your sculpted final that doesn't have millions of polys so maybe you could make it editable and UV unwrap it from there, although seam placement is a little challenging on that mesh. But I'd wait for someone with Substance experience to advise you further because they may have legitimate reasons why you should keep a low poly mesh...
  2. Generally speaking it makes no sense to UV a sculpt - whilst technically possible it is practically implausible to be shifting around what could be millions on milllions of polys in a UV layout window with the rather limited tools we have available... However what makes excellent sense is to UV the base mesh, which is actually a requirement of successful baking of sculpt objects in Cinema (if you don't use the auto methods). But is there any point in UV'ing before you sculpt ? I'd say that depends on how close the shape and form of your base mesh is to what you will be sculpting later. So if you have a low poly figure you will be later sculpting additional minor detail into, then you could reasonably UV that before sculpting. But if you start with a cube, there is no point in UVing that if you then subsequently turn it into a totally unrelated form during the sculpt. In that case you would do your sculpting, then bake out to a higher level than 0 that did roughly approximate the form of your high res sculpt. I don't use Substance yet, so am not the person to tell you the best workflow there, and what it does with hi and lo res meshes, but that is the thinking behind the sculpting / UVing plan, which might clarify some stuff before you get there... CBR
  3. We certainly can... it's an interesting problem. In R20 there are probably nodal setups that could do it very easily, but back in R19 I suspect Xpresso might be the only way to go... I bet @jed can tell you pretty much as soon as he sees it :) CBR
  4. In the case of the OP, almost certainly not, as this thread is over 2 years old, and guests aren't even allowed to post anymore ! :) CBR
  5. I'm not a Mac guy, so don't know about FCP, but I'd be surprised if something that high end didn't have a media encoder that allowed to you to change every aspect of a video's export settings... the equivalent I would use in either Adobe Media Encoder or DaVinci Resolve would both allow you set a specific date rate. CBR
  6. Thank you - we should update that, so will tag @Igor in there... Yes that's obviously unpractical. But a screenshot or 2 showing some apposite settings might equally help... ...and you didn't answer my question ! does anything change about the object you are cloning onto during the course of the animation ? CBR
  7. Moved to correct section. Please try and post in the right place. You are not matching the spec on data rate at the moment. Did you export with a fixed data rate (as opposed to variable), and were you able to control what that was ? If so, what did you set it to ? CBR
  8. 19.24 ?! Why haven't you updated to the latest version of R19 ? CBR
  9. No. If you have that you do have the latest R19 with all the fixes that brought with it... although if your profile was updated to say that, we wouldn't have had to ask, so please make sure you do ! :) It is kind of difficult to diagnose something like this where objects pop in and out under a complex cloner setup, especially if we don't have the scene to play with, or even any screenshots of the viewport or object manager so we could see in more detail what the setup is... So to help, we have to start simply guessing. My first question would be 'does anything change about the object you are cloning onto during the course of the animation ?' CBR
  10. So which version of the software have you got - your profile says R16.5, which doesn't have the shadow catcher. CBR
  11. What version of Cinema is this ? Your profile says 19.24, and of course there have been several key updates to R19 since then. Or is your profile wrong and your software up to date in which case please change it in your profile... CBR
  12. Moved to correct section. Vray does not come with Cinema so this doesn't belong in New Users and Beginners... What video card are you using, and how much memory does it have ? And what version of Vray is this ? And have you asked this on the Vray forums ? CBR
  13. I did, but my expertise isn't in animation, so it would be remiss of me to chime in first when there are lots of motion guys here who could probably advise you better... CBR
  14. 26 mins is pretty reasonable for a GI scene that size that is full of glass ! Not sure you can get it much faster than that without losing quality. But do you need so many area lights in the scene ? And do you actually need to use GI ? If so could you explain why ? CBR
  15. Nothing has changed there other than in nomenclature. All clones are instances (copies), and always have been. But previously they weren't specifically called that, hence the confusion. Now we just have a new type of instances, and a drop-down list instead of a single check-box. Selecting Instance there should be exactly the same as not checking Render Instances in previous versions. CBR



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