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  1. Please read our guide to How to Post on the cafe (forum rules section), so we can avoid posting imprecise questions, with no profile information, no scene file, in the wrong category etc... CBR
  2. Very very hard to get right, unless you have done it before and know all the tricks, and are quite an experienced modeller. You wouldn't wrap anything round anything - you'd model it all by hand, in-place, because that's the only way you'll get creases that look anything like that ! I would want at least 6 hours on that to get it vaguely right, and modelling is my main field of expertise. So, poly modelling for the base mesh and folds, and displacement / sculpting for the finer details... in all honesty, if modelling is not your thing your best best is to sub-contract i
  3. Welcome to the Cafe May your learnings here be long and happy... Please do complete your profile asap - we need that done to be able to help if you have questions. CBR
  4. Yep, modelling is not something you can pick up overnight. Takes around 3 months to be even basically competent, a year or more to be good at, and almost a lifetime to fully master. But you shouldn't let that put you off. It's very rewarding too. Still on the client stuff I am afraid otherwise I'd have shown you by now... CBR
  5. Screen shot or project file would help. Could be a number of things. CBR
  6. oops - forgot last image. Also add this edge loop running up round to the symmetry line, restoring quads. Alternative to steps 2 and 3 would be to run that edge up to the symmetry too, if you want to keep the left side even. OR, if we don't want too many loops running upwards, we can collapse them here on a planar bit. CBR
  7. Actually - wait, it's a 3 second solve... Do this... then make this cut to the edge... CBR
  8. Merged thread with your other one. I am in a client session now but will look if I get time later. CBR
  9. Yes, that is not a helpful bevel in that it leaves its focus unsupported. But it is impossible to tell you how to retopo this correctly without seeing / having access to the wider context. You need to upload scene file for definitive answer. CBR
  10. It's called Effects now, in viewport settings, where it OPs Q is now Environment Override in the Reflections bit... CBR
  11. 'Connect objects and delete'... (after selecting both and right clicking in Object Manager) CBR
  12. Not a bad job so far. But I would eliminate the ngons personally, necessary or not.... CBR
  13. Yes - I would be absolutely lost without mine. One of the best buys I ever made 3D-wise... navigation in Cinema 500% better with one of those under your left hand... I have the older Space Explorer variant with the 16 buttons, which I have mapped to: undo / redo esc, shift, ctrl, alt Component Mode Last tool SDS on / off (via Q) Move, scale, rotate tools CBR
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