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  1. Excellent diagnosing there @Rectro. I learned a lot from that post :) CBR
  2. I'd be surprised if that did work, because it shouldn't have done ! Box Mapping is not suitable for this mesh because none of its surfaces are planar ! Here's what your object should look like if UV unwrapped as per my methods above, using your newer bump map... CBR
  3. Ideally, we'd need the scene file to be able to answer this. Pls upload it. CBR
  4. Mesh UV Mode will be Octane's equivalent of UV mapping, which will only work if you have UV unwrapped your object properly... Doing that is an art unto itself, but it is what you need to do to get this mapping properly... There are many ways to unwrap this sort of shape. Here is how I'd unwrap it - essentially I chose to seam it straight down the middle, and do mainly a frontal projection, which will give you least distortion when viewed from the front where your camera is likely to be... In the lower pic you can see the UV map result, firstly just the UVs on the base mesh, and then with your bump texture on the subdivided mesh... there is some distortion using this method (as there always will be to some extent when mapping a 3D object into 2D), but it is mainly limited to the inner surfaces where it will be obscured by the face. Crucially, it is even pretty much everywhere else. CBR
  5. Although metaballs are useful for quickly putting together a rough shape, I wouldn't use them at all in any model I needed to UV map. Here I started with a simple 8 segment sphere instead, which I deleted the top point of, and just extruded the top around the general shape of the hair I was trying to make, using as few polys as possible. As you can see, this gives us a subdivided result that is not only a good deal simpler and better to UV map than any metaball result, but also a mesh that is all regular quads and eminently more suitable for later revisions / easy editing... CBR
  6. That's actually quite a hard thing to correctly UV map, and that is what you will need to do, because none of the standard mapping projections are really suitable for this sort of organic shape.... Like Igor says, we'd need the file to be able to advise further, but if you have made this with a metaball, then the topology you will have for this will not be helpful for UV mapping, so you should consider retopologising it really very low poly before you even start the materials... CBR
  7. We should also mention that if you are in the upgrade loop for R21, field forces might be incredibly useful here if you can wait the few weeks until it is released... they work with dynamics and particles... Personally I have some doubts about whether dynamics can reasonably handle quite that many objects, but it's certainly worth a go, especially if you can capitalize on restricting yourself to a top-down view, which means you could use frontal / camera texture projection to project high quality log textures onto incredibly low poly geometry (perhaps as simple as boxes) to minimize the calculation times as much as possible... CBR
  8. Please take care to post in the correct section, which is not 'The Lounge'... I've moved it to Miscellaneous Questions for you, which is where things go when you are not sure which category they belong in. Also, 'R&D' is not a helpful post title, which should contain keywords pertinent to the problem. Please read the thread on How to Post for more info. Lastly, you are referring to functionality (Cloner / Mograph / Dynamics) that your stated version (Prime) of the software doesn't have, which confuses the people trying to help you, so please make sure that the version listed in your profile is the version you are actually using ! CBR
  9. I would jump in at this point to remind you that character builds require edge loops in very specific places (principally the joints), and that the amount of radial segments in your tubes is way too high and your polys are rather uneven at the moment... Also not a good idea to start the arm with 2 capsule objects, and not with a 90 degree angle between elbow joint and fore-arm. I suggest you watch some videos on character design for animation so you at least know how these things should go together, and what is important... One of the best examples of these tutorials is right here on the cafe... This is a huge video series, as befits a task of this magnitude, so although the episode you need for the arm is probably this one... ...you should watch the entire series anyway so that you understand where the arm fits into the character model as a whole... CBR
  10. By default, Cinema will show you a general approximation of any noise in a material in the viewport, which runs nice and fast. If you need that to be more accurate you need to turn on noises in the Viewport Options. Now what you see in the VP will match the render, at the cost of a little VP speed... CBR
  11. No, volumetric light is not part of alpha. You need to render a multipass, and it's in the atmosphere pass of that I think... CBR
  12. That is correct. The hair object doesn't require an object at all, other than to define where it initially puts its guides. Indeed it can even be added to an empty scene, though no guides will appear if you do that. But aside from that initial guide placement, there is no hierarchical link at all between the Hair object and its source in the Object Manager (other than the Link field in the Hair Object). CBR
  13. That is normal. It is only possible to scale instances in Object Mode or via the Coordinates Manager. That shouldn't change after a restart but maybe the Mode did. CBR
  14. Indeed, no. We have to make a base mesh that has polys where we need them... We do have decent retopology tools available, but you'd need the HB modelling bundle for that, but even then it is not automatic. CBR

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