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  1. Check out Seamilar 2 (home page banner), which very much takes the headache out of C4D UVing, and is nice and cheap. No need to go elsewhere if you have that in your toolkit. CBR
  2. AFAIK you can't. That looks like a bug / display error to me. Have you tried a full system restart ? And does turning off Open GL make any difference ? CBR
  3. Without any pictures or the scene file it's hard to know what edges you are referring to. If you mean certain faces should be lit while others are not; Assign just the faces you want lit a luminant material ? Disconnect / split off the geometry you want lit, and then exclude the original from the light in the Project Tab of the light settings ? If you don't mean that you'll need to explain more and / or upload the scene. CBR
  4. Pffft :) Nope, like the TVR supercar !
  5. Well, you'll only know if you've wasted the time when it gets to the end of all of them, and it works, or doesn't. I've never tried it on more than one hair object. Do let us know if it works !
  6. Yay - glad there's an S&T way too. Thanks for a thing I didn't know about !
  7. Not that I am aware of. I'd go and do something else while it finishes. CBR
  8. You're welcome. Look up straight alpha in your manual :) Some programs require it, others can't use it.
  9. 1. Not without a plugin (search google for 'C4D selection plugin'). The Devert selection tool works with R16, but I can't find it any more - you may have more luck. 2. Yes. If it was me doing this, I'd make my landscape another way. You could create a landscape object with only loops going in the direction you want ?! Just give it 1 segmentation on one axis, and loads on the other... But perhaps even more preferable way to go would be a different way altogether. Why not put a straight, 250 segment helix spline (0 radius, 0, rotation, perhaps 500 length) in a cloner, and give it as many Linear X-copies as you want. Then you'd use a displace deformer in a group with the cloner (as described above) to get a landscape of splines directly. The cloner would then need to go under a Connect Object, which makes all its splines be seen as one thing, and you would use that to replace the lower spline in your sweep to make them visible to render. I appreciate that's all a bit hard to grasp for a beginner, so I made you a helpful scene file demonstrating the technique. To control the shape of the cloner 'landscape', alter the noise parameters in the luminance channel of the one material in the scene. landscape H splines CBR.c4d This works best if the noise you use has low octave settings. You can also increase or decrease helix segmentation to get smoother curves or a faster viewport. And the best thing of all about this way of doing it is that you can animate the landscape simply by giving the noise an animation speed of something like 0.5. And of course the whole setup is 100% parametric, so any part of it can be changed at any time. CBR
  10. You've done the sweep, but not the next bit. Add an N-side primitive under the sweep as well (it needs to be above the other spline), and set its size to something tiny, and its sides to 8. Then, using the traffic lights in the Object manager, hide the landscape object from render (lower red dot), or just delete it, and hit render... If you want that cartoon look, cel render or sketch-n-toon will be things to look at next. CBR
  11. I should also mention that the help on key reduction is essential reading, and may make the difference between key reduction that completely spanners your animation, and that which does exactly what you want !
  12. OK, well my suggestion should still help with viewport performance. However, if you are looking to remove excess keyframes, then you need the keyframe reduction tool from Animate/Timeline/Menu/Functions. I think you have that in R17... CBR
  13. Cel Render certainly can't do that, but maybe Sketch'n'toon can - might be worth a look. The way I would do this is simply to select all the horizontal edge loops in the landscape object (u,b / u,l / path selection), do 'edge-to-spline' (mesh menu), and then put them all under a connect object, and use that as the path inside a Sweep, with contains an N-side profile spline with 8 sides, and a tiny radius defining the thickness of your line in the render. Then you can normal render it, cel render it, or sketch'n'toon it to get the look you want. CBR
  14. Well... I didn't like the style, the constantly jiggling text, the colours or the jarringly 'middly' guitar in the soundtrack, but that's very much subjective, and some people love all that :) But it's all competently made and put together, so not much to suggest in the way of improvements there, which is, I guess, why you haven't had so many replies so far ! CBR