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  1. If you've got X-Particles, this is easier than falling off a log, using the follow surface modifier. If not, it'll still be doable, and the tracer will probably be involved in the answer; the only question is how you make things follow the complete surface of the hand model so you can trace them. I'm no expert in C4D thinking Particles, so don't know if it has an equivalent to XP's FSM but someone here will know how to make traceable objects run all over your hand... But I wondered if there wasn't a cloner-based solution using clone to surface, dynamics and an attractor - I'll have a think about that. Another option, that wouldn't use a tracer, could to be to make a point cloud from any primitive (basically create one, select all its polys and delete, leaving just the cloud of points), and then use a metaball to grow the points into a solid mesh over time by keyframing the hull value and some other settings in the corresponding metaball tag you'd assign to the object. That might work if you're looking for a more organic feel. CBR
  2. Merging and sculpting two objects

    Oh dear. I do worry that this mission may be doomed, Captain, unless you are very careful about how you do things. Even then, it's a bit shady, and might involve quite a bit of work to get round the problems... Sculpting depends very heavily on normal direction, and if your skirt model has any thickness at all, pretty much any sculpting move you make on it will risk pushing parts of it through the backside, which is what I suspect is happening with your mysterious holes. So your problems are two-fold: 1. The problem above about skirt thickness and mesh intersections when sculpting 2. If you combine the objects via connect and delete you will find it almost impossible to sculpt because of overlapping geometry, conflicting normals, and too many surfaces right next to each other... The solution to the second problem is considerably more challenging, because if you want to sculpt the 2 together you can't just merge them and start sculpting, expecting to smooth over the join between the 2 - that will just never work. Most modellers, knowing they needed to sculpt a human with clothes, will delete all the body mesh that clothing will cover, and will model the clothing into their main mesh. You can't do that if you're trying to use the DAZ imports, so this leaves you looking at re-topology of the whole model, this time including the skirt in it. I appreciate this is probably not what you want to hear, but C4D sculpting is just not built to work in a way that will cope with what you're trying to achieve without it. CBR
  3. Baking Textures & Element 3D

    Just wondering - I don't have Element 3D, so didn't know what it opened. I was kinda hoping you'd have to import it and would therefore have some import options to play with, but if not I'm not sure where that leaves you. I'll just suggest looking in E3D for a way to split into polygon groups, but otherwise will bow out and wait for someone who has both programs to advise you :) CBR
  4. Baking Textures & Element 3D

    I can do that one :) Scroll down to bottom of site, change theme there to Dark... As for your main question, what format are you outputting to element 3D with ? CBR
  5. IMPORTANT: New IPS 4.2.1 upgrade!!

    Well possibly, but let's not forget IQP membership is strictly by invitation only !!! We can't let any old triangle-wielding maniac into our hallowed halls of modelling excellence !
  6. LightBulb Robot!

    Actually (lolz) I am seeing some other issues with it now :) You didn't do any physical thickness on the glass bulb, did you ? So it looks like one solid ball rather than a glass shell... CBR
  7. LightBulb Robot!

    Oh that's very nice :) Lovely warm colour set. One question though; if it's raining, why isn't he wet ?! CBR
  8. IMPORTANT: New IPS 4.2.1 upgrade!!

    I think it makes sense to have clubs for all the different renderers and add-ons out there; it might help all the right threads find their way to the most interested people. CBR
  9. Animation Render

    I don't wanna be harsh, but look harder ! When I search that exact phrase I get 40 pages of results, and there are at least 2 or 3 threads on most of them that deal with optimizing render settings to one degree or another. Also, you still haven't given us even the slightest information about your scene, what is in it, what the lighting is, what renderer you are using etc etc. We cannot help if you don't give us the information we need to be able to do so ! CBR
  10. Animation Render

    Search this forum for 'render time' etc, and you will see that we answer this question about once a week, every other week for the last 10 years ! If you still have questions when you've read all the other posts about it, do ask them here, but also make sure you provide the scene file you are working on or at least thorough details about what your relevant settings are. CBR
  11. Beginner : baking + render time

    Yeah, you don't see how many times I revise my answers ;) Sometimes I have to rewrite stuff 5 times before it's clear !!
  12. Boolean Shader

    I don't know of any plugin or anything like that, but perhaps this might help... CBR
  13. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I imagine they'll just do what they did after disappointing R17 - have a massive 1/3rd off (or more) sale later in the year and try and get the people back that didn't MSA in protest. That worked for them in my case, and successfully lured me back with fairly minimal 'punishment costs' for leaving :) But until we actually know, I am not going to just assume that R19 will be as duff as R17 was. Perhaps we'll all be pleasantly surprised ?
  14. Beginner : baking + render time

    I'd say no, don't bother baking anything. It will certainly decrease realism and make it look cartoony, which sounds like what you want, and there is no doubt that specular takes less time to render than reflection does. CBR
  15. Ah OK, yes that is working for me. Glad you sorted it out :) But Instant Meshes, yeah ? NO EFFORT RETOPO !!! Surely I can't be on my own in appreciating the wonder of that ?!! And for free !