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  1. Cerbera

    Grid Help!

    Welcome to the cafe. You need to be a lot more specific than that - what grid, what texture, where doesn't it show up, and what video are you following ? Please upload your scene file, including any textures, a screenshot of your setup if it would help, a link to the tut you are following, and some words that accurately explain what your setup is ! Then we'll be in a position to help you... In fact, probably best to have a read of this... our guide to posting on the cafe. CBR
  2. Not for free really... there's all those videos I told you about, which tend to be more specific tool or project focused rather than course-based and a few DVD type courses (like Making it Look Great 11 etc) , but they're all paid, and all quite general because they have to be. If you need a course custom designed for you, then that's what people like me are here for, but of course we are not free either, unless you are lucky enough to catch us on a rest day or in downtime like today for example CBR
  3. Nope, now you have an ngon at the top instead of a triangle. The problem with the bottom edge is that you haven't copied my control edges accurately enough, so your corner there will look considerably more 'floppy' than mine does under subdivision later. Conversely, to the right of the little protruding tab on the left you actually have one edge loop too many... CBR
  4. Ok, there are some problem areas in that which may come back to bite you later if you don't solve them now... CBR
  5. I can't know which rectangle you mean... But yes, there is a way to spot these things. Look up the Mesh Checker in the Manual, and turn that on to see your problems polys highlighted as you go... CBR
  6. Ok, that's because this point... ...is actually 3, that all need to be welded into 1. Make sure your viewport HUD is showing selected points, edges, polys and ngons, so you are always aware of exactly what you have selected. Sort that out in this menu on the right, which you get to from the attributes pane... CBR
  7. That means there is an error in your mesh somewhere around that area. You probably have a stray point, or something not welded properly. If you upload the current mesh I can tell you why... but it's a good lesson in why we need to care a bit about topology even in situations where we don't necessarily have to for the final result. Half the modelling tools cannot work predictably if there are mesh errors. CBR
  8. So this is what that topology should lead to when we start adding symmetry and making things 3D... But now we need some additional reference pics to show what happens on the front and top with this part, and to know which bits are plate metal with thickness, and which are one solid piece if you see what I mean... CBR
  9. Yes you are ! Use the force !!! Or more practically speaking, use my actual image as a background image for your model, so you can put lines exactly where mine are... CBR
  10. Btw - in the previews you upload, those will be a lot clearer if you hide the background grid (viewport Filter menu)... CBR
  11. Not quite like I did . Yours has tri polys, and, even worse, the dreaded ngons (around the hole) where it shouldn't, yet your overall triangular form at the base isn't triangular enough ! the edges describing that out-jutting bit need to be dead straight for the next stage, which is adding control loops which we need for this to work with subdivision like so... Already this might seem overwhelmingly complicated, and there are definitely ways to 'bodge it' faster, but I might as well show you what the proper topology should look like, were you trying to model this really well... So in addition to the above, other things that have changed in this version include: Left top corner edge flow changed so that the topology flows 'around' that corner, which will allow it to sit more nicely under the handle... Control loops added to perimeter, around holes, and around triangular outjut section, solved to quads with rest of mesh. Further refining of edge flow and a lot of straightening of edges ! So, under SDS L3, this looks like below, and holds its form very well under subdivision... Only NOW are we ready to add Symmetry, SDS, and make this into a proper 3D form... CBR
  12. Oh that's interesting. Thanks for flagging that up. We should change that, what do you think, @Igor ?! CBR
  13. You're most welcome. Don't forget the post likes system, which is how we thank the people that are helping in a way that helps them back ! CBR
  14. Cool, so your first poly should look like this... Now you just gotta cut that into what I posted above... CBR

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