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  1. Pretty sure you need Sketch'n'Toon for this. I think you'll really struggle to get any of those effects with standard lighting and materials. CBR
  2. I think you have an underlying problem with the mesh, but until I can see the scene file, I can't tell you what. CBR
  3. Yeah I agree. Note Gi version has no actual grass - took it out to reduce render times - I imagine it'll get rougher when the grass goes back in, but that may still be a little too neat...
  4. Quick GI test render - Irradiance Cache / QMC: 22 mins CBR
  5. Yeah, lovin the wheels :)
  6. Got first texture pass done. Still quite a lot to hoik out of symmetry and texture uniquely, but as far as checking the overall texture look and feel, it's goin' OK. Added some grass to the front lawn, and spent a bit of time with physical sky getting something that didn't annoy me too much. This was rendered using Physical / adaptive / automatic / 10% and took 8 minutes, including the hair grass (600,000 hairs). Next up, hedges, trees, flower boxes, and miscellaneous plants / foliage while I'm deciding if I can be arsed to also model the gatehouse, and the not inconsiderably difficult main gate itself. CBR
  7. Firstly, what version are you using ? - 16 demo is not possible. Secondly - how can we possibly tell what is going wrong in your scene when we can't see any of your settings ? Please upload the scene file. CBR
  8. What do you mean C4D version: none ?
  9. Yeah we got nothin' like that yet :(
  10. Yes, C4D will struggle trying to phong geometry this woefully bad. Isn't there some setting in Vectorworks that will make it output more helpful topology, or are you stuck with that ? That corner is just not acceptable, and as it's such a simple shape I would just do it again in Cinema. CBR
  11. The better solution is to learn how to poly model properly. All the shapes you reference are easy to make that way once you know what you are doing. Booles are only ever a lazy, dirty cheat, and almost never give quality results. I have to make cutaways all the time, and I just model them in. CBR
  12. Correction: Search for 'Cel Render' instead ! ;) But on its own, that won't do what you want either, because cel render makes everything wireframe and isn't applicable to any single object. So, what you would have to do to get your desired result would be to do 2 renders, one cel render with just the object you need showing, and another full render of everything else in the scene without the wireframe mesh. Then you would composite those in photoshop to get your final result. CBR
  13. Sounds like you need 2 particle systems - one that will deal with most of the particles in the background and can use XP shaders, and another with much less particles that can use instanced geometry to do those that fall close to the camera. The skill / challenge will be in making those look like part of the same system. CBR
  14. FAQ

    Correct. Waste of time creating FAQs. Users have manuals, and search, and generally don't use either before posting their questions !!! CBR