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  1. Ok cool, thanks. I will look at this later today if I get time and no1 beats me to it... An additional question though... What are you intending to do with the gap in the mesh removing the landing gear has left ? CBR
  2. That is a very difficult thing to model, and is probably mathematically generated originally. You can build that geo easily enough, but the difficulty lies in seeing the patterns in it and trying to work out what should be connected to what... if that is all you have as reference, that is not really enough to go on... However if we are talking more generally about this sort of intermeshed twisting form, then I'd say the volume builder might end up getting involved here most usefully so that you can use its smoothing components to connect otherwise disconnected model parts. CBR
  3. Yes, as soon as you do anything to the model that changes the point count or order that's you saying goodbye to the existing UVs and needing to do them again. But UV mapping is neither difficult, or random when you know what you are doing with it But fixing a UV is not any single general technique - and it's absolutely impossible to advise you specifically what to do here do from just a partial screenshot of your model. We need to see the whole thing, and ideally you need to provide the scene file, and at the very minimum screenshots of the textures you intend to use with it, so that we know what restraints and conditions you are working with, and want you are aiming for mapping-wise - at the moment we know none of these things... CBR
  4. One thing to try first though... Give the model a go through untriangulate at various angles, and see if you can bring the mesh back to quads. If you can, then SDS might work in situ with some tactically placed control loops... If that doesn't' work because of other areas in the mesh, then split off just the speaker geo into its own object and try again. CBR
  5. Yeah not much gonna save that. Best to model it again - it's very simple part so shouldn't take long. CBR
  6. Please take care to only post in the correct section which is never General 3D discussion if it is a question like this. Moved to Fracture / VF. CBR
  7. Pls complete your profile to show at minimum what version you are using. Boolean animation is notoriously flaky, and not really a robust solution for client animations. You can usually do a lot better with the Volume Builder. CBR
  8. Yep, that works in R22 also... You might get more attractive pieces to fracture if you do delaunay caps instead though... CBR
  9. Always upload the scene file with a question like this so we don't have to try and recreate a similar setup from scratch... CBR
  10. I'm afraid it is going to continue to drive you mad because there are no easy answers that are guaranteed to work. You are correct that you cannot expect displacement to work properly on imported CAD meshes and their shameful topology. The solutions are: 1. Use something like Quad remesher (paid) or Instant meshes (free, but less helpful) to auto retopo the model into even quads. Often doesn't work because you can't direct edge flow specifically enough. Some people try it in Z-brush too, which does have superior remeshing tools. 2. You can try throwing it all under a volume builder and remeshing that way (also often doesn't work with hard surface as it is designed for more organic forms) 3. Rebuild the model out of regular polygons ( a colossal amount of manual work) using tools like HB Modelling bundle's re-topo setup. CBR
  11. Just an additional note to point out that geometry made from splines is extrudes is rarely ideal for sculpting, which requires evenly distributed all quad polygons for best results. CBR
  12. No. These programs are all originally made by separate vendors, some copied each other, some did entirely their own thing both in terms of default character direction, and even whole axis systems. They all had their reasons no doubt, but very rare that they sit down and tell anyone what those might have been... CBR
  13. Please update your profile to show the correct version. I have worked in R21 extensively (and often used display tag) in R21+ with no major issues that I have noticed. Could you upload a scene file that exhibits the problem ? CBR
  14. Welcome to the cafe Please read our guide how to post on the cafe so we don't do post titles that are useless in later searches... You need to activate Point Level Animation for this sort of thing, but there are limits to what that can do. You might think this is a simple thing, but actually is anything but - if you think about it, you record a keyframe when there are only say 4 points, and then in the next one there are suddenly double the amount after your extrude, and that may well cause you issues when things get more complex - in general Cinema doesn't like point counts that change during animation. There are plugins that do this task specifically, and in some cases much better than Cinema alone can do it, for example Nitro mesh, here... CBR
  15. I think it's right to say that everything in Cinema that might use a vector in its animation is always facing down Z by default, but I think which way it is facing down Z is less important. I don't know why CO default character is facing Z-, unless its just a default preference that assumes it would be most useful if a character walked toward the (default) camera rather than away from it... CBR

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