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  1. Well said. I find there are quite a lot of clients like that in the game :)
  2. Pretty much only if you are using it with dynamics and require a low poly version to run that at speed in the viewport.
  3. So, if you wanna get paid £50 an hour, which seems reasonable, that budget gives you 100 hours to get that done. Let's ignore all the paths, and the greenery for now, and just look at the 18 houses and 2 massive buildings. Just for sh1ts and giggles let's pretend we're doing 20 houses, which leaves 5 hours tops to finish each one. That may be enough for the smaller, less complex ones, but I'd bet it's not for the big ones, or even the more complex smaller models. And that's just the modelling. If they want things exact dimensions as well, that takes even longer ! And all those hedges might take quite some time to get looking just as they want, and by the time you've factored in trees, and sky, and lighting, and placement, and roads, and plots, we're running to about +50 or more hours over the 100 we allowed ourselves while we were trying to get paid properly :) So working at roughly that sort of scale, if you have to put in 200 hours to get this done, then you'd be on £25 / hour, and less if it takes longer. I have done jobs for £25 an hour, but it's not ideally what I'm looking for, and £5000 for all that does seem at the bare limits of feasibility if the buildings are as detailed as you suggest.. I certainly couldn't model and texture all that in 100 hours. But then I am quite slow :) I'm sure there are speed-freak modellers out there who would tear through this, and perhaps it's one of those you're bidding against. I am working on a long term Film Foundation project at the moment for a record low of £10 per hour, but I've chosen to do that because of the artistic integrity of the project, and because it's all of the sort of work I most like, and none of the stuff I don't, and doesn't get in the way of better paid work. So I guess you just have to weigh each job on its merits and how much of PITA' it is ! CBR
  4. What, this sort of thing ? Where you only need incredibly simplified buildings, or was much more detail required ? And how many of the houses were the same ? It's really difficult to tell without all the details. CBR
  5. Yep, that is what he asked :) But going forward with it, those rounded panels will really get in his way when he gets to the front detail, so merely pointing out that he is probably best to continue with the straight versions for that reason.
  6. I disagree ! :) Left looks more finished, but is less accurate - those panels (in the film model) don't have any chamfering on them, just a tiny, hard bevel, and dead straight edges except the inner ends, which do the rope-like curves shown below. CBR
  7. No worries :) Totally is possible !
  8. Sketch 'n'Toon is whole area of the materials system dedicated to cartoon, and artistic shaders. Checking out some tutorials for that on YouTube is a good place to start. i recommend the ones from EJ at Eyedesyn. Having said that, animation like this often requires more than one layer, and the output from those different renders is usually combined in Post. CBR
  9. There isn't, I'm afraid. You'll have to do them individually. Best technique to get them all the same is to use shift to constrain / quantize the scaling so you can easily duplicate the value as you go around the model. You can do them in symmetrically opposite pairs sometimes, if the type of scaling you need to do allows that. CBR
  10. No. I'd go straight to MAXON with that one. CBR
  11. I think that's a no... CBR
  12. I don't think there is an option for that, and the fact that it's fine in a new scene makes me think it is a bug, or only happens in certain circumstances. I think I may have come across that problem myself, perhaps only once or twice, and both times quite briefly, and I don't know what happened to fix it, but it went back to normal on its own after a while ! No idea what that means - other than that it's probably worth running it past MAXON. CBR
  13. Cool idea for a project :) Models not bad so far, but is there any reason I can see faceting on the chair and bed sheets ? Are they missing a phong tag ? CBR
  14. The in-app help on this is really good. And there are a few tutorials on it on YouTube. CBR
  15. We need to know how the scene is built if we are to correctly advise you. Please upload the c4d file. CBR