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  1. No I wouldn't say it's degenerating or regressing that badly, though of course it has changed over the years as tech has moved on. It is filterable in S22 in any/ all the views by hiding the Environment component. But I do agree with you that having that show by default in all ortho views is probably not what most people want. But now in S22 it DOES show gradients and whatnot, so that's the opposite of regression - that's improvement ! CBR
  2. If you use the BP setup wizard you can specify how big the map is there... CBR
  3. OK - well there are 2 or 3 main approaches to doing it with materials. You can either use Bodypaint within Cinema and create a layered material there, based on photo textures, or most people are happier doing it direct in Photoshop or similar, and then importing the finished map (s)into Cinema. Or you could do it the 3rd and easiest way which is to just make a heavily layered material using the standard or nodal material editors, and cinemas vast palette of noises and gradients and blending modes to achieve the look you want. With this approach the only part that can't really be done with noises is the road layer itself, so this will probably have to be either a bitmap you made elsewhere or you can use a hi-res landscape object, make it editable, draw your road in to a point selection, then create a smoothed vertex map from that, which you can use as a mask in your materials via the Vertex Map Shader. I'd say the bodypaint method is probably the most useful here as it is fullly interactive all the way through, and there are a few tutorials on YT that walk you though the basic BP painting layout and setup... CBR
  4. Well, fields weren't in R19, so OP needs to update his profile... CBR
  5. We can't mix textures effectively when the road and the landscape are separate objects. You should make the road part of the landscape texture. You are also going to need extremely large resolution texture maps. But we need more info first. What is the final look of this meant to be (ie how photo-real or stylised etc), and how close is the camera getting ? What is the overall scale of the scene - have you got any reference that shows the sort of look you are aiming for ? CBR
  6. If it is, I can't find the way, and the manual doesn't mention it at all as a possibility. So unless someone like @Rectrowants to come along and correct me, I'm gonna guess that's a no... CBR
  7. I can't remember what was in the R20 content browser, but do you have a these pose-able 3D silhouettes by any chance ? CBR
  8. We need the C4d file, and any bitmaps used in the materials. CBR
  9. You haven't given us any helpful information here with which to diagnose anything ! You will need to upload the scene file and all the scene assets. If they are too big to upload directly, do it to dropbox instead and link here... CBR
  10. You will need to complete your profile with accurate information, detail the specific problems you are having and upload the scene file before we can help you. Please also read 'How to Post on the Cafe' in the Forum Rules section so we can avoid doing literally everything wrong ! CBR
  11. Hi Len and welcome to the cafe ! May your learnings here be long and enjoyable... CBR
  12. I think that second look is more this sort of thing... Here's the scene files for both of them, which you can pick apart and see what I am doing differently to you... So Look 1 was this one... Funko_Test CBR.c4d ..and the more matte one is this scene... Funko_Test matte CBR.c4d In both I have gone for the simplest setup possible, eliminated all reflections, drastically reduced shadows, and a fresnel added to the luminance colour, which gives the glowy look you mention. In both these looks, which don't use SSS this time, then just a secondary colour in Luminance (partially masked / layered with fresnel) will do, subtly enhancing the pale colour in the color channel with a stronger variant for a richer material nearer the centre. Additionally, all colour channels have their mode set to Oren Nayer with Roughness upped to around 120%. AO has had its gradient adjusted, and range expanded, and samples upped. Hope that helps... CBR
  13. No, the bevel tool is doing exactly what you told it to there as defined by the surrounding topology - the question should be 'why are we using a bevel to do this operation and is that the right tool for this job ?' And the answer is probably 'no'. At the very least you are not creating the correct circumstances for that tool to work nicely, and it is possible to create those circumstances without ever introducing a single ngon anywhere. You need to upload the scene file with questions like these so we can fully understand what you are trying to do here, because it's not really clear from those pics and those words alone. I don't know what you started with, what your final result should look like, or what bevel settings you used. Get me the right information, and I'll be able to tell you the right way to solve the problem ! Without that it's too diffuse and nebulous a question to answer with any precision. however I can say the following... It is sometimes a valid modelling technique to temporarily allow ngons in order to shortcut the bevel into being able to do similar things to what other tools could do better, but usually fairly bad practice to leave them like that afterwards - as you point out, they are not helpful in further modelling going forwards and are technically modelling mistakes, even though on planar surfaces or without SDS they won't necessarily show in render... CBR
  14. How is this looking for you ? If that's close to what you're going for I can give you the scene file, and explain what is different. If it's not so close to what you're going for could you try and explain how so ? CBR
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