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  1. Welcome to the cafe You found the very best place for C4D people . Happy learnings... CBR
  2. You seem to be after the sort of functionality that is normally only found inside game engines. R19 or 20 introduced the Level of Detail object which does allow you to specify what is shown into the viewport based on how far away from camera it is, but even that isn't a render thing - it is only designed to speed up your work in the viewport in massive scenes like this. Difficult to know what to suggest here, so I will watch with interest to see what anyone else says... CBR
  3. Welcome to the cafe When you say you can't reproduce this, have you downloaded the maps (and there should be more than 1 of them if you have) or are you trying to make this from scratch in Cinema ? CBR
  4. You appear to be building this model somewhat in ignorance of what the topology is doing, and the polygon modelling rules in general, which in some ways is fair enough for 3D printing, which only cares about mesh solidity rather than polygon rules. But booles used like this are something of a quick lazy cheat for people who can't yet model properly, and you can't expect too much from them - they are often unreliable and tend to produce error-filled and unmanageable meshes for subsequent operations AND they get confused by shapes like a tube which have areas of space inside their solid volumes. Of course if you had R20+ then you would just use the Volume Builder instead, which has much less of these problems and does a far better job on the whole, especially in cases like this one... Without that, the best answer here is invariably to not use Boolean operations at all, and use regular polygon modelling techniques to build suitable topology into your spine section that would make it suitable for joining to the topology of the tube section. Of course that is easier said than done if you don't have any modelling knowledge, and you can't learn that sh*t overnight or from a single forum post... So, if that is the case I would recommend trying to make the boole work in the first instance - is there any reason you can't swap out the tubes for cylinders for example ? They have a higher chance of not erroring and you could subsequently make the boole editable, and then create the inner holes yourself (ideally without another boole !) from the mesh that gives you... Lastly, if you upload the file we may well be able to suggest more solutions. CBR
  5. This is not so hard to sort out - I had hoped you could adapt the technique from the 4-way vault to make your 8-way, but I can show you if you're still struggling.. Just not today - my 3D PC is being replaced, so is down for now... but I do have this I made earlier - a 6-way vault like in your idea above... Hopefully you can see how this was made, but the principal stages are: Build the end of 1 arch, 1 polygon wide Extrude that (with caps) all the way back to the opposite arch end. Knife tool (line cut with angle snap) to cut through entire mesh at suitable angle from half way point to edge Delete half the mesh and put under array to get remaining sections Put that under a connect object, and group that with a bevel deformer in chamfer mode to get the nice edges. CBR
  6. Yes they will be until you go back to poly mode and select all... ...but before you do that maybe consider also doing seams around the ears and unwrapping those as separate islands - they will cause you overlapping polys if you leave them connected to the main wrap... CBR
  7. No - it lies with the Mode of the Texture Tag. CBR
  8. Oh you have come to exactly the right place See my rocking gif tips, page 5. See also Contrafibbularities tutorials on Youtube (or see cafe home page), he has some arch tuts that may also help. CBR
  9. I haven't thought of one yet where the word manual doesn't feature heavily... But, if we scale down both the road and the plane to 10% of what they are now, the brush tool in smear and smooth modes suddenly becomes useful in that now its maximum size isn't pathetically small compared to the mesh. And if I can spend just 5 minutes with that tool I can get pretty damn close to the road, and then use noise maps in displacers (falling off so they don't affect the road section) to add landscape type detail back into the rest of it... (didn't do that bit in the example below, so your would look loads better if you did... You can also keep flicking through landscape seeds until you find one that vaguely doesn't intersect the road too much, and use that as your starting point. With half an hours more effort I reckon you could get that close and realistic enough to be feasible. Also, if you dragged out a few polys from either side of your road you would have some geometry to blend into the landscape, which would mean you wouldn't even have to match the base plane to the road so exactly, saving further refinement work ? CBR
  10. The road is far denser topology than it needs to be to describe those curves. If you could thin that out a bit to just the polygons necessary, then manually extracting a usable surrounding surface from it wouldn't be that much work... CBR
  11. Yes that is possible - if it isn't working for you then there is some other reason for that. Why can't you share the file - I seriously doubt that any single spline curve in isolation could possibly be construed as infraction of an NDA !? CBR
  12. Welcome to the cafe If your profile is correct, I think you do have the latest version of R18, so there wouldn't be any patches after that you could get without upgrading, which of course is also possible (see MAXON site). To explore this properly we need your scene file, including the texture maps. Please zip those and upload to dropbox or similar / link that here. Cheers CBR
  13. No there isn't. Hard to know what to suggest instead without actually having the file or at least seeing the road sweep... CBR
  14. Right you are - just checking. It is about the only thing I can check though - not having 2 video cards or the problem myself, my options are a bit limited ! I don't remember seeing this specific issue reported before, but I have seen other issues related to both multiple video cards, RS and R21, so I suspect the issue lies somewhere around that area. We can wait here to see if anyone who does have 2 cards / RS has noticed this ( I might move this into the RS section, so the people who have that will see it) but in the meantime do make sure you submit a support request to MAXON. CBR
  15. Thanks for posting. I agree, and have reported that for you... hopefully we will get that sorted. CBR
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