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Hello. I'm Jay, itinerant 3D mentalist, topology nerd etc, and I've been into 3D for about 20 years. I started in Max, and moved to C4D with R10.5, and have stayed with it ever since. My real passion is edge flow, and I enjoy SubD modelling most of all...


I don't like triangles, ngons or booleans, and can get quite cross with people that do.


Imperial Archon / founder of the Intergalactic Quad Police

"Quatuor puncta omni tempore"


Freelance C4D Generalist / specialist in SDS modelling. I also offer one-to-one modelling and general C4D workflow training and email  / screen-sharing based mentoring support. Please pm me to arrange this.

Alpha / Beta Tester for MAXON.



We are dedicated Cinema 4D Community of friendly and passionate artists, hobbyists and developers. Feel free to join us and share your knowledge, your art and anything that might help Community to grow. We are providing guidance, free plugins and files, feedback, sponsorships and various discounts for our Contributors. :cowboypistol:




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