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  1. As soon as you change the point order, or delete or add any polygons to a mesh that has a UV map applied, you break that mapping. You will need to UV the head part again, and line up the new polys you created with wherever they appear in the UV map, then stitch them back to the neighbouring polys. CBR
  2. OK, well, you are doing everything right there, and I can confirm that errors every time, so looks like you have discovered a new bug in R20.59 ! Bizarrely, it works fine until you release the mouse button, at which point the new broken surfaces appear. That is not a trivial problem, so I will report that via the normal channels, and to @Igor directly. In the meantime there is a work-around. Do a zero-extrude, then use Normal Move to get the polys where you need them instead... PS - you have 2 stray points at the base of your model. Points mode, Select All and Optimize to fix those. CBR
  3. Connect and Delete only makes the objects one mesh - it doesn't also connect all the points - you have to do that either via optimize, welding, or stitch'n'sew. But far better to have made all that character out of 1 mesh like I did so that these steps would be not needed... Also the topology of your disc is highly suspect at the moment - those are not even squares are they ? CBR
  4. No pics attached so far... but when you do add them, could you also please upload your project (.c4d) file. Thx. CBR
  5. Look how many edges the circle one has, and then how many edges your square text has. There's the difference. Your 'square text' splines need more intermediate points, and then you can drop the size of the regular grid quads in the Caps section of the Extrude to roughly match the points along the splines, which will give you a result somewhat like your circle above, which might be passable (though not exactly great either) for making balloon text. However, I am going to question the suitability of this text / font / shape for balloon text in the first place - that technique is much more suited to big, round forms, not thin angular text characters. You don't say what the client wants exactly, but I would suggest looking at other options for this, including modelling it with nice rounded edges in the first place, or using something like a smoothing deformer to give nicer rounded results than a cloth sim will. But, assuming you are absolutely sure that balloon text is the way forward, what would be the better way to go here ? Let's look at the shape you have, and see what poly primitives would be a good starting point. Experience tells me that in this case we need a simple plane object for the square bits, and a simple disc for the round bits, the former of which we will give enough segments out of the gate that we can simply delete polys we don't need to get the result above but with perfect quads everywhere. 1. Get a reference image into Cinema so you can see what you're aiming for, then line up a plane over it like so... Note I have chosen 42 x 15 segments there, which lines up with the reference, and will give us a character 3 polys wide or deep. 2. Now make that editable, Poly Mode, and select the polys we want to keep, U,I to invert that section, and delete the ones we want to throw away, giving us this... 3. Now we can add an 8 segment disc object to the scene, give it an inner radius to start that bit off... 4. Now we can make that editable, Close poly Hole to fill in the middle bit, then make 2 cuts with the Line Cut Tool as above to get us perfect quads. Then you can optionally COaD that to the plane to get a single object. So now we have the perfect kind of polygons for any subsequent modelling operations. 5. But we need more polys than this for balloon text, so now we can go to Poly Mode, select all of them, and r-click / find Subdivide Command, click the options cog next to it, set smooth subdivision, and level 2, which will get us this... Now we have smooth rounded edges to our text (better for ballooning), and no triangles anywhere, and utterly even poly distribution. 6. Now we can extrude that (with caps) via the Extrude Tool in Poly mode (not the object). Your tutorial might tell you that you only need 1 extrusion segment, but if it does that is not necessarily trustworthy advice. You want more like 2-4 for nice balloon results... you'd only use 1 segment here if you wanted horribly sharp seams. Here I have selected the polys I will be defining as cloth seams in the next step... I did that by using Phong Break Selection to grab the front and back faces all at once, then inverted that selection to get the rims. 7. Once the cloth tag is applied, and those polys are defined as the seam, then you can run the dresser and see what happens. I recommend starting with a seam value of 1 cm. If it goes mental that just means your seam distance was wrong, and you can undo, try another value, and do the dresser again until it's more like what you want. When happy, delete the cloth tag, and you're pretty much done. I've put this under a Subdivision Surface Object now, (but only L1), and for all our effort it looks... OK. But now we're back to the original question - was this model suitable for ballooning, or was there a nicer way ? Let's see... If you just didn't apply the cloth dresser (or indeed a cloth tag at all !) you could add a smoothing deformer under our high poly model to round out the text in a different, and arguably nicer way, like so... You could also have stopped at the low poly version we started with, and tried soft body dynamics with some inflation, which would have given another type of rounding again. But I rather think the preferable solution was the one we gave you in your first thread about this the other day... Anyway, hope that helps CBR
  6. This shouldn't happen often, but sometimes can, depending on circumstances and weld thresholds, and the nature of the operation you are trying to perform. Usually it is caused by the centreline of edges not being exactly centered and zero scaled or you might need to just raise the threshold a little. Also the Symmetry has to be on and active while you make the modelling move. But it's not a thing to worry about, and never a serious problem, because you can always just turn symmetry off, and delete those polys yourself before turning it back on again and continuing... CBR PS - I very much like your avatar, which suggests you know what's important about modelling :)
  7. No, that's cause you made the shape from a spline, which as I recall, I warned you not to do yesterday ! Trouble is, if you're not listening to advice, it seems like a waste of time giving you more ! CBR
  8. Please take care to post in the right section - I have had to move every single one of your posts ! CBR
  9. This is what that surface should look more like when it is subdivided enough to remove the slot polys. Now we have established curvature, so further subdivision will look great, with a minimum of control loops needed, and no hard lines disrupting stuff... CBR
  10. You are missing these primary control loops. But the loops you have in the other direction are already ruining your surface curvature and producing that harsh line that runs all the way across the model there. This should tell you that is a mistake to try and cut that indent into this level of geometry. You need to apply at least 2 or 3 levels of subdivision before there is enough polygon density to adequately establish curvature to allow that cut to be deformation-free. Before doing this you should weld the 2 loops that are defining the cutout now (into 1), then remove all the control loops that are there now, AND the ones I have advised you to add, and you should do them again once you have the subdivision nailed into the mesh. You could refine and improve that process by adding some evenly spaced vertical loops to make your pre-subD'd polygons largely square, which is what subdivision wants... There are other ways to fix this that primarily depend on you modelling this flat, and using a bend deformer in a group with L3 SDS to achieve the final curve - that would be a sort of semi- parametric way of doing what I am describing above... CBR
  11. Well I'd guess it's not a hardware thing - you are very well provisioned in that regard, and nowhere near limits as you say... I wonder if sculpting is one of the processes remaining that use just 1 core of the CPU to calculate. I don't know if that is the case, but it would explain this slow refresh rate if it was... I don't have your stellar GPU hardware, but my sculpting also tends to slow right down once I get to 5 mill or more polys. I am still conducting tests to see if R20 improves this. I'd do a MAXON Support ticket about this to be honest - they are in a much better position to know exactly why this might be... CBR
  12. No, it's a Windows 10 thing. Hover just outside the corner of the window. CBR
  13. Yes. That should tell you some plugins don't work with it. You need to add them 1 at a time until you find the one(s) that stop it opening, then not install those plugins. CBR
  14. Plugins go in the Plugins folder at the path I gave you. I don't have any custom palettes, so don't know about them, but it will be somewhere in there prefs folder - maybe Layout ?... CBR
  15. Oh OK. That's usually in Windows/UserData/YourName/appdata/roaming/MAXON/R20.... CBR



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