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  1. Here's one of hopefully many. Thanks to @ABMotion who suggested this sort of thing might be worth doing... well now we're doing it :) This time we're looking at the oft-overlooked Spin Edge. Redirect your polyflow at will ! CBR
  2. Cerbera

    Hard shape to achieve in SDS

    Sorry guys - been away for a few days. Would have chipped in sooner had I seen this earlier... I'd have to agree with that. Ngons like that ARE modelling mistakes, end of, and you should be embarrassed to hand over any model that contains them to a client ;) Were you to do that, you're effectively saying 'Hey look, I am unaware of, or have chosen to ignore the basic rules of SDS modelling !' :) I'd also have to say, 'too many polys for what' ?! Vector's model contains precisely the correct amount of polygons to model this well, and the amount in Everfresh's is hardly problematic... And in this day and age, and in OPs application, which is learning to SDS model, polycount is all but irrelevant anyway, except in a game engine context where SDS doesn't generally apply ! I would prefer it if people didn't demonstrate technically bad ways of doing things for people who are trying to learn the right way, but what can ya do, other than advise OP to listen to Vector and Everfresh !! ;) Sorry SC - I just can't concur that what you're doing there is a good idea :) CBR
  3. Cerbera

    UV mapping distorted tube

    Have you tried the UV peeler ? I think the shortcut is U,J, but not by my C4D machine so can't check. It is very good unwrapping cylindrical shapes... CBR
  4. Cerbera


    From the album: Older Stuff...

  5. Indeed. That has always been the case AFAIK, so maybe drop Lynda an email to make them aware one of their tuts is wrong ! CBR
  6. Here's roughly what I'd do, topology-wise, in the first 3 stages of making this... CBR
  7. This isn't too challenging - you just need to start it flat, without thickness and with only the preparatory topology for the strengthening push-out section in the middle. I'd start by lining up 8 sided disc objects with inner radii to describe the holes (16 sides for the big one), which I'd connect and delete together, then delete one half and use symmetry so I only had to solve, connect and build half of it. Once you have the one half modelled and symmetried, mirror that (this time using mirror instead of symmetry), then rotate one half 90 degrees so you form the corner section, then connect them and carry on from there, adding thickness before pulling out the center bit from the topo you prepared earlier... If I get time later today I will show you what the topology for the center bit should look like... CBR
  8. The Lounge is not the correct place for this. Moved to 3rd Party Renderers. CBR
  9. Cerbera

    Dynamic Sculpture - How to Make ?

    There is no need for any add-ons or scripts to do this - you have everything you need right in the box, and from what you said above, you already know how to do it ! You are correct in that a grid array cloner, in conjunction with any effectors you may want to add (Random most useful in your version), then when you have initial state, you can add dynamics to push them all apart, and prevent them colliding. Things get considerably tricker if we want the strings holding it up to be part of any animation, but it's all doable with the tools we've got, and help from the hive mind here to help you over any difficult bits. So, will yours be animated, or are you just making a still sculpture here ? CBR
  10. I'm confused. Solid Drill in modo IS a boolean operation, and does much the same as our regular boole toole. So when you say 'not booleans', maybe you are asking if there is another way, to which is the answer is no, not currently. CBR
  11. Cerbera

    How to delete selected UVs?

    No, the whole concept of deleting UVs seems weird and alien to me - I can't imagine why you'd ever want to do this ! :) Can you tell me why this is useful to you ? CBR
  12. Have you tried importing whilst not ticking that ? Kinda difficult to visualise and advise without the c4d file. Can you upload it ? CBR
  13. Cerbera

    Can I disable live view rendering?

    Moved to correct section (3rd party renderers). CBR
  14. Cerbera

    Octane Rnder Problem

    If it involves Octane, it goes in 3rd Party renderers. I've moved it there for you. CBR
  15. I suspect Realflow will get you closest. Maybe ask this on the RF forum where they may be able to help you over the sticking point ? CBR
  16. Cerbera

    Hide Filters in C4D (viewp.individually)

    Yep, there are some things that are configurable 'per viewport' but the filter list doesn't appear to be one of them... CBR
  17. Cerbera

    Control Multiple Deformers with One

    You would need to specify unfortunately. But refresh this page to see my additional bits above where you might not need Xpresso at all !! CBR
  18. Cerbera

    Control Multiple Deformers with One

    You can't control a deformer with another one. But you can just select the deformers in the object manager, then adjust all their properties at once in the regular attributes. Or make a selection set of the relevant deformers, which will select them all with a double-click. Or, you could use simple Xpresso to give you the controls of all of them at once if you need to change them alot. If so, just drag all the deformers into an Xpresso Window, and enable the ports for the parameters you want to change, then connect the first one to all the others, so they change with it. You don't even need a range mapper. There might be more efficient setups for that of course, but this is probably the simplest / easiest. CBR
  19. Cerbera

    Modelling a Soap Dispenser

    Hey Andy I've been back and had a look at this. The job you are doing now is about 100 times harder than the original problem ! :/ That back section is the same piece of plastic as the front, which means your loop structure must work for both sides at once, and there will be a lot of topology solving and stepping up / down. To be honest, you would need to be something of a modelling master to be able to make this as it is built in the real world. Even with my coming up on 20 years of modelling experience, this job would still challenge me. Unfortunately, because we're so massively increased in scope and difficulty, you can imagine that it is impractical to try and tell you how to do it in a single forum post. It would take hours and hours to try and explain ! If this is a paid job for a client, then my suggestion is to outsource it to a modelling expert. I can certainly tackle it but would need to be paid to do so I'm afraid... Or I am happy to prepare you a 4 hour screen-sharing tutorial session, in which I will show you how to make it step-by-step, again, on an hourly rate. Please do PM me if you'd like to arrange this... Or, you can cheat, and make life considerably easier for yourself if you pretend you haven't noticed that the back and front are one piece of plastic, and make the back section from a completely separate model. Then it becomes a much simpler job because your front and back loops are independent. If that's a possibility, then I'd do that to save yourself a ton of time and work... CBR
  20. Cerbera

    Car Keyframing Solutions

    Making that sort of rig manually will be really very difficult unless you have incredible Cinema skills and a lot of experience. For those of us who don't have those skills, or the time to get them, there are plugins, like this one. I 'think' that can do drift right out of the box, but you might wanna check that... CBR
  21. Cerbera

    Gear shape

    Unfortunately, the cogwheel objects @joolsd mentions are not in your version. This is something of a classic modelling mistake. You simply cannot make this low poly (with SDS) and get the result you want. You cannot add vertical support loops like that without compromising the cylindrical shape of course, because SDS needs totally even distribution of cylinder edges to achieve perfect roundness, and as soon as you add a single extra loop, you break the rounding. Horizontal support loops, on the other hand are fine, and you can have as many of those as you like without compromising anything. The answer is to massively increase the segmentation of the cylinder so the curvature is established thoroughly before you start, and you have enough detail to pull out the raised bits without needing additional vertical control loops. I would suggest you need at least 256-384 segments in the cylinder to go that way. Also, when you are dealing with this many polygons at the base level, try and use standard / and / or radial symmetry wherever you can to minimize the amount of work you have to do. Here's an example... Because I have 64 radial segments in just one quarter of the shape, look how nice and sharp my SDS result is without needing any vertical support loops. CBR
  22. First go into the model null and disable the skin deformer. Then Make sure you are in Object Mode, not Model Mode, and scaling should work. When it's the right scale, re-enable the skin deformer, then I think you have to reset bind pose in the weight tag... CBR
  23. Cerbera

    Slurpee (Orange) Material

    I think the essential ingredient you might be missing here is Sub-surface scattering, which is fairly important for this sort of look. As for the actual texture of the stuff, the close packed bubbled look - you can get that with Buya noise in the displacement channel. Lastly, your reflectance channel should be water or ice to get the wet-look sheen... CBR
  24. I'd use a seamless tiling photo of either soil, or rock, depending on what you want, in a layer shader with a turbulent gradient multiplied on top to give you the striation. Shouldn't be too tricky, but you should definitely use bump and / or displacement to enhance the effect, although you wouldn't necessarily base those on the photo - sometimes noises are more suitable there... CBR
  25. Cerbera

    How to delete selected UVs?

    You can't, and never have been able to delete individual UVs. You can delete the whole tag, but if there is UV tag there, then every polygon has an equivalent UV polygon, and you cannot break that link without deleting the polygon - you can only move the UV poly, never remove it. CBR