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  1. Are the couple in front time travellers, slightly out of phase with the quantum slipstream ? Because if they're not then that motion blur is waaaaay to much - they are walking dude, not rocket powered ! The girl in white at the back still looks 'plonked on' too I'm afraid, like her lighting is totally different - and his face - too pale in that afternoon light, and pretty sure his face should be in shadow with how far he looks under the arch. Lastly girl in blue jeans on bench is close, but not contrast-y enough. And the trash on the ground needs to be more haphazard and randomly placed - it's
  2. Yes, the sun goes down, and then we can see the stars Sorry. But joking aside, I am not surprised we can't animate the font field. So you'll probably be needing 10 text objects in your hierarchical Extrude and then you'll be needing to keyframe those on and off over the course of 10 frames I think... if that doesn't work or gives you priority problems then it'll be 10 text splines in 10 extrudes, and keying the visibility of those I guess. If the splines had identical point count then you could possibly morph between them, but I bet they don't... CBR
  3. Yep, no way of doing that once they have the .c4d file. You can put things on locked and hidden layers of course, but anyone who knows what they are doing could find them if they tried. CBR
  4. Camera mapping is one of the standard projection modes in Cinema material tags so if you want to use that you just make a camera to look through and drag that into the field of the tag, and then delete any existing UV tag on the object, and do Generate UV coordinates from the material tag (r-click menu). CBR
  5. I have no idea what you mean by that. You'll need more words. CBR
  6. 'Flawless kill' modelling goes without saying, but I'm not sure overall face proportions are right for a female. Maybe too wide / heavy-set jaw ? CBR
  7. I do like a nice mechanism, and that is one nice mechanism, deftly modelled ! Lovely job so far... CBR
  8. You're welcome... I can help by showing you how to build that leaf nicely... so first step is to plan the approach and edge flow, as I have done below... In this I have marked the important points about this shape. So the white dashed line is a symmetry line, indicating we only have to build half this mesh... The orangey lines show my planned edge flow, which flows around the perimeter of the outer form, but remains regular gird style nearer the centre... Lastly, the green line shows the bend direction, and the red lines on it show a t
  9. No - we don't have anything like enough information to be able to tell why the scene doesn't work for you. You will need to upload it if you want that solved... CBR
  10. No that is not your user folder. Your User folder you get to with that button in your screenshot - open prefs folder. CBR
  11. No it goes in your user plugins folder and you have to add the path. (see instructions under details) CBR
  12. No no, don't try my suggestion - that will break all your animation, which I hadn't realised was a thing in your scene ! I am not initially sure why your things aren't appearing in render. The order of things in the hierarchy may be a bit suspect, in that Cinema reads that top downwards and you have splines referred to by Mosplines appearing after the mospline in the OM, which may produce priority problems that only manifest in VP render. However I don't think that is the direct cause of this issue, though it may be a contributing factor. If I get time later I may investigate fur
  13. You're welcome Do note though that everything I said was relevant mainly to export formats for specific 3rd party programs like FBX and OBJ etc etc; if you are just rendering out normally for later post work, that is not actually an export per se, just normal workflow. So this is a 'missing in PV render' problem rather than an export one. Which objects, specifically are going missing for you ? CBR
  14. I don't think there is, without specific scripting, and perhaps wisely so. Moving an object up through a complex hierarchy like that 1 level at a time, especially where nested cloners are involved isn't a great idea - think how many times the entire scene has to be recalculated every time something moves one level - that would seem to be asking for trouble and in some cases may even risk crashing the software. Whenever I have to totally reorganise a hierarchy I make extensive use of a second OM window, and drag objects from one to the other - this eliminates a lot of the 'getting l
  15. MOI maybe ? Though it's not quite a simple and task-specific as your example... CBR
  16. Ok, that's one of my questions answered ! But the rest of this still makes no sense to me. Not only have I have never once seen a horses mane that has tight curls, but I still have zero idea if your line drawing is a) 1 hair, showing the thickness of it, or b) 2 individual hairs (for some reason), or c) is it the outline of the whole mane, and if so, from which angle ? Also what have you tried in the hair material ? If curl didn't give you what you wanted, what else did you try ? And is curl even the right word here ?! Do you perhaps mean kink, wave, frizz, or something else ? Of
  17. Welcome to the Cafe This will almost certainly be because some of your objects are using Cinema-specific primitives or generators that do not export until you convert them to polygon objects first. In fact nearly ALL your objects need converting, because they all use some generator or other, and the only one of those you can successfully export to most formats without converting it is SDS. So, put everything in a top level null, select that, and do Current State to Object, and try and export the result of that instead, which should be just polygons and therefore compa
  18. Welcome to the cafe Please take care to post in the correct section - I would hope it is obvious that Forum Rules and Guides is not the right section for a modelling question ! Moved to a more appropriate / relevant one. You can't repair that easily because of the error-state polys and ngons in the mesh, some of which you'd have to sort out first before you can repair this particular problem. You'd also have to delete a few polys and manually replace them to avoid a very awkward disconnect command.. This is typical of the sort of atrocious lack of edge flow you get if y
  19. A picture of your model would be useful here showing the lines for the slices you cut into it ! For example I cannot tell without seeing it if a regular Fracture with a push apart effector would help or not... CBR
  20. You don't say which view that is (top-down / side etc) OR show us the outline of the horse in relation to it, OR tell us whether you want to use hair or not, or if this should be polygons. So we've got no idea what you actually need until that sort of info arrives... CBR
  21. There are a lot of 3rd party renderers, all of which have been thoroughly discussed on the cafe at some length. I suggest you browse our TPR subforums for your research. CBR
  22. Welcome to the cafe... None of the standard projection modes will work obviously, but these should be very easy to unwrap because they are all flat strips at the end of the day and we should map them as such. If you had R23 you could do each one with a single click, but back in R19 it's a few easy steps. It would be a lot easier to show you how if I had your scene file - can you upload it ? CBR
  23. That's the 'selector' or 'picker'. I've heard it called both. CBR
  24. Please complete your profile so we know at minimum which version of the software you have. CBR


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