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  1. Those do not exist The settings you need are utterly dependent on scene circumstances, project scale, dynamic forces in play, and geometry density. We don't have any information about any of that, so the settings you need are utterly un-guessable until you upload the scene file ! CBR
  2. Nice self-answering there, and thank you for returning and posting the answer, which I am sure will come in useful when other people run into this issue CBR
  3. You could also possibly do this with volume builder subtraction instead, which would give you a smoother result... CBR
  4. If was being brutally honest - this is why modelling exists, so that you don't have to deal with issues like this !! If only your edge flow matched the shape, hey ?! CBR
  5. OK, well in the absence of anyone else coming along and telling you how to do it properly, and I don't think this is perfect by a long shot, but it does appear to be doing it for now... with these clamp settings... torch clamp.c4d CBR
  6. Instinct tells me the clamp constraint might be the answer, but I am hopeless at making those damn things do what I want, so I'd wait for someone better to come along and find you a more complete answer... CBR
  7. Well, it might be 3 years later, but I'm still here, and I still remember this one, and I for one am absolutely chuffed to bits you found a way to do what we thought was impossible... Well done that man I can finally mark this as solved by you, and sleep better knowing this one is in the solved pile... CBR
  8. I think I read recently that if you were on R23 subscription you can DL and use versions back to R21. Octane does work with 23 - the guy I am working with right now is rendering in exactly that, and it's all coming out fine... CBR
  9. I would say that if C4D is your main DCC software, then the sculpting tools in that are of comparable quality to and are adequate for most typical sculpting tasks, so preclude the need for others to a great extent, but remain better than others in that sculpting is fully integrated into the software you will be rendering and texturing in, which has a lot of advantages. For that reason I am not tempted to look elsewhere, and so have only had the briefest of dabblings in the other sculpting apps you mention, which makes me largely unqualified to comment further ! So having made that first poin
  10. If Pin material doesn't work and you don't mind giving up some parametricity then you can very simply apply a standard cubic map to it and nail that into UVs with generate UV Coordinates function of material tag. But once it is editable you have a 1 click auto UV unwrap solution anyway in R23, so it's a total breeze. CBR
  11. No don't do that - I have already moved it to the right section ! CBR
  12. This is not a bug, and indeed new users should never post to the bugs forum because they are not qualified to know what is a bug and what isn't -And indeed this will be user error. Redshift has its own materials, lights and camera systems / tags. You need to watch some basic Redshift tutorials so you can make materials and scene elements that work with it ! CBR
  13. Cerbera

    SH-09 2

    Thank you dude !
  14. Ah yes - I forgot to tell you about Fit to Object or Fit to Image you can do whilst in Texture Mode, available from the r-click menu of material tag. CBR
  15. Yes. Assign a material to the object, and in its material tag, set its projection to flat, then go into Texture Mode to ensure that flat projection is happening on the right axis, and rotate it if not, then delete any existing UV tag. Lastly r-click the material tag and choose Generate UV coordinates. The flat projection then gets written to UVs, and material tag will then change to UV mapping. You can optionally relax that UV in BP UV edit in case you need to take the height of landscape features into account and minimise distortion. CBR
  16. I can't recreate that in 23.110. It works for me. Pls upload scene or make video that demonstrates this issue. CBR
  17. I was gonna say, you should only need the 1 bend deformer, but with correct settings and modelled flat ! For truly best results I would still model it with polys to start with, then sub D the whole mesh, and bend that, but whatever works for you... CBR
  18. Er. Isn't that like saying - what is the best way to drive this racing car without the steering wheel ? Number of copies in cloner IS how we decide that ! CBR
  19. This has been asked and answered before on the cafe. I suggest you search the mograph section (the correct place to post this question!) for relevant keywords. I'm a bit short of time today, but someone else may remember the answer in more detail... CBR
  20. Probably not I'd say, if OP made this from a spline, so geo is likely to be awful and unsuitable for a) rigging and b) bending unless special attention was paid to that. For there to be any chance of that working caps in the Extrude would have to be set to regular grid or delaunay, and spline interpolation would probably need altering to uniform or similar. Of course we don't have the scene file, so can't actually see the geo to know if any of this is the case or not ! So, for the 1000th time I've said it this week, always upload a scene file with your question ! Howeve
  21. First up you need to complete your profile so that at minimum we can see what hardware you use and what version of C4D this is. Then you need to copy the problem object and the VF object it is under to a new scene , save. and then upload it to this thread so we can see what we're dealing with. CBR
  22. Often on the cafe I see newer people reporting various issues they are having with GI, and in a lot of those cases they are only using a single HDRI on a sky to do all the lighting in the scene, sometimes resulting in overly soft and undefined shadows, and making images look flat and not necessarily as good as they good be... I was going to make a tutorial about why we might consider other options, but in doing my research I see there already is a very good one ! As I would like to refer to it in future posts, I am doing a new post here so it permanently appears as a se
  23. I would send this scene to MAXON in the first instance through regular support ticket... In the meantime, what happens if you a) just render to viewport past frame 40 ? b) just render frame 40 alone to the PV ? c) when you say 'blocked' what specifically happens ? CBR


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