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  1. 1. No I don't think so. The actual lines you see in the editor are always black, unless you can change that in preferences (scheme / interface colors), and I can't see that attribute in the list. But when you Create UV Mesh Layer, you can make the active colour something other than black, and the lines should be the colour you chose, but only on that newly created layer. But the actual lines you edit - I think they stay black until UV polys or UV points are selected, at which point they go the colours of the only 2 options I could find in prefs for this. But when unselected, I think they are fixed to black. I do appreciate this sometimes makes stuff difficult to see. 2. No, not for an image you are displaying there AFAIK. But there you can alter the grey of the background in Preferences, although finding exactly which field to alter may take a little time - I think it must be one of the General Background Options, because there doesn't seem to be anything UV or Bodypaint specific... CBR
  2. Can you get round this by just assigning a temporary white luminant material to all those objects, and then just do a normal render, which should produce the desired result above you are looking for ? CBR
  3. How were the laces made, and how is that material applied to that object ? I suspect it will need to be nailed down into UV's before it can work with Fracture. CBR
  4. Moved to correct section (scripting etc). Coffee is deprecated in R20, so don't think we can make that script work without converting it to Python. CBR
  5. Welcome to the Cafe :) Pls try and post in the right section. I have moved this to Lighting etc for you. How many of the lights do you need, what patterns should they be arranged in, and how should they flash ? All together, or in specific patterns ? If so, what patterns ! What type of lights are they - coloured or just white ? Mixed groups of both ? We really need as much detail as you can give us so we can help most effectively. Some photo reference can often speak more than 1000 words ! CBR
  6. I don't think you will find a font that is 100% suitable for this because fonts are flat, and there is no parametric way to alter the z position of points so that certain parts of the logo flow behind or in front of others, which is almost always required with handwriting fonts to avoid intersection when you make them 3D. I have to say every time I have been asked to make a logo like this I have ended up drawing the spline manually, using any client-provided splines (or fonts) merely as a visual guide. CBR
  7. Note dimensions of picture. Make plane same (or relative) aspect ratio. Or use Image to Plane from the Cineversity Toolbox (if you have that). CBR
  8. Well, you say it's working, so I have obviously misunderstood something you are doing at a very base level. I wish I knew what it was ! CBR
  9. There is a function in the Loop Cut tool 'Symmetrical Cut', but that is symmetry within a polygon loop, not across a model. Could we at least see a screenshot of this working for you, so we can see what tool you have active ?! CBR
  10. Now you're REALLY confusing me - the Sculpt Knife tool can't alter polycount or add new loops at all - it just creases / alters the topo that is already there. Trying to think what else you could mean... CBR
  11. Oh it will work with the sculpting symmetry because that's its own independent thing, but of course the knife tool there does something very different... I've been using Cinema since R10 and I swear I can't remember any of our poly knife tools ever being able to symmetrically cut a non-symmetry object. This is (partly) why order of operation is so important in C4D character work - modelling should be final and nailed down before any rigging starts. CBR
  12. No, if it's no longer in a symmetry object, that won't work, and I am going to venture never has ! I'd be very interested to see a demo of that working in R18... Once an object loses its symmetry, how can the knife tool, which has no memory of the history of an object know what the other side is ? But you should be able to tick 'reuse cuts' to be able to do an identical cut on the other side manually... CBR
  13. AFAIK, there is no difference in the knife tools between R18 and R20. If your mesh is in a symmetry cutting one side should also cut the other. If that isn't the case, we'll be needing the scene file to find out why... I bet it's the rigging that's the problem though. You should only ever rig a mesh when the model is complete. Changing topo afterwards is usually a very bad idea and will probably involve a re-bind to take into account the new point count and order. CBR
  14. I beg to differ :) Deformers work with parametric objects just fine.. CBR
  15. Could you upload the scene file ? That pic doesn't show us how the bend is applied... I mean we can see it's rotated wrongly, but not exactly how. CBR
  16. Moved to correct section (modelling etc) Welcome to the cafe :) That mesh has no control loops so won't stand up to subdivision without partially collapsing. It's normals are also wrong and need reversing. But the beading effect you are seeing is separate to that, and is occurring for 1 of 2 possible reasons... Either... 1. There are internal walls in the mesh, or... 2. Not all the points are welded. If it's the first one you need to undo to before you did the extrude, optimize the mesh, then do the extrude again, in Poly mode. If it's the second one you can probably fix it in points mode by selecting all or none, and then running Optimize. If neither of those work, please upload the C4d file. CBR
  17. Even that is not necessary. Just loading 1 texture will fix them all, if they are in the same place... CBR
  18. That is working, but you do need to be in a component mode to access the UVs, not Object Mode as you are in the file. Switch to either Poly Mode or UV Poly mode to change the mapping, and see the controls. CBR
  19. The UV tag you have on that is broken. Don't know how it got like that, but you should delete it. Now apply a material to that object, and set its mapping to Flat, align it as you want (Fit to Object). NOW go to BP UV edit, r-click the material tag, and choose Generate UV coordinates. Then you will have a tag that works, and your controls back, like so... CBR
  20. No, this is about Animation, so that's the section it goes in. I have moved it for you, and retitled the post in a way that will make it usefully searchable later. We can help a lot faster / more effectively if we have the scene file. Pls can you upload it ? CBR
  21. This is a known bug in the R20 Mesh Checker, but pls report it anyway (via the MAXON website) as I'm not sure previous reports have correlated it with object size. CBR
  22. As well as checking for Closed Splines, you need to turn off Parallel movement in the Sweep. CBR
  23. Some questions: 1. Do they have to move in short bursts like your reference, or can they move at a constant speed, or in some other way (pls specify) ? 2. Can they just randomly collide and push each other out of the way, or do you need them to avoid collision (with each other) in the first place so they never touch anything else ? 3.Your objects are all moving in straight lines. Is this an imperative too ? CBR



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