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  1. Bevel Problem

    ...or use phong break selection instead to get them all at the same time ? CBR
  2. People bake textures for a variety of reasons, but mainly I'd say for game use, or for export to another program. Unless you are doing those things there is usually no need for baking, but Cinema does it just fine if that's what you want. CBR
  3. ProRender Tips

    A lot of us were surprised when they chose ProRender. And a lot of us still need convincing that was a good thing to do. But they were honest from the start, and did say it would be in a very early stage of implementation in this release... people will use it, just not yet. For now it remains the domain of the adventurous (and patient) few ! CBR
  4. Bevel Problem

    Yeah sorry - sometimes I forget which level people are at and under-explain... All sorted now though ;) CBR
  5. Bevel Problem

    Current State to Object. Still don't understand why you are using a bevel deformer and not the bevel tool though ;) If you just followed conventional modelling workflow, and used that, there would be no texture problem to solve ! CBR
  6. ProRender Tips

    Not so far ;) CBR
  7. Bevel Problem

    Apply the bevel deformer with CStO and texture it then ! Or put it under a Connect and texture that instead... Is there any reason you are not doing this with the normal bevel tool, in which case it wouldn't be a problem ? CBR
  8. Bevel Problem

    I don't think you have successfully welded them. When you have it will look like this... You are unable to see how many vertices you have selected at the moment because you don't have that information displayed in the HUD. Without that, you are just guessing at what you have selected in circumstances like these... CBR
  9. Bevel Problem

    Actually, there are 2 more coincident points above the ones I highlighted initially. You will need to get them all. CBR
  10. In my humble opinion :) You're welcome... CBR
  11. Bevel Problem

    It's because you have 2 coincident points here. Weld those and it should be fine. Note I have connected the edges across that top bit to minimize the chance of errors caused by that ngon. CBR
  12. Bevel Problem

    Yeah I've changed my answer since then - refresh the page ! decided I couldn't see enough of what was going on to be sure of my advice... CBR
  13. Not that I am aware of. HB modelling bundle has some of that (straight, distribute points) but certainly not all of it. To be fair Max is really the modelling maestro, and has had years on Cinema to develop all its superior tools and scripts - it's no surprise it's winning in that department ;) CBR
  14. Bevel Problem

    Hard to see what is going wrong here, but I would guess that it's either down to unconnected points, or ngons. Could you put just that object in a new scene file and upload it ? CBR
  15. CG Society Forums Bitcoin Mining Now ?

    Hmmm. Nothing weird for me there either - my CPU does the same with the CGS C4D Forums open as it does here - not much ! But agree that would be totally out of order if it was happening without user consent. CBR
  16. I usually do flashing with splines in lofts, with some thickness applied... CBR
  17. Subwoofer Animation Help

    Yes I was also going to suggest the formula effector, and jiggle as well, but you'll have to watch videos on how to set up both those, as they are not immediately obvious... CBR
  18. Yes, that is the sort of thing I was referring to... CBR
  19. Subwoofer Animation Help

    Most people would use the sound effector to directly animate the cone in and out, and leave it at that, like this guy is doing here... But if you want your cones doing something more than that, you need to very precisely tell us how you want them moving - perhaps find some video reference that shows us what you want. There are all sorts of ways to animate this kind of thing in Cinema, not least a number of deformers, but we do need to know how you want it to move before we can recommend anything specific... CBR
  20. Volumetric light + alpha

    No, that's never worked ;) AFAIK, Volumetric Light is in the Atmosphere pass alone. CBR
  21. If it's photo-realistic water, we can't do it in Cinema without plugins, but if it's nice fake water like this, then we can, and very easily ! There are 2 techniques going on here: The 'water' in the tank is just a perlin noise-driven displacement shader... The pouring water is probably a spline or series of emitted spheres inside a metaball. However, a quick note: Metaballs are a bit ropey in your version, so I suggest you use a very large scene scale to minimize the problems you will likely encounter... CBR
  22. You are right to practice on exported splines, as they often come that way from clients, but if you ever have a choice, always make splines in Cinema natively - since R17 the spline tools there are actually (imho) better than in any other software ! CBR
  23. That spline is broken, and contains segments on top of segments, which is never going to work. Difficult to know if this is because it hasn't been made carefully enough, or because it has been exported wrongly, but all I can really suggest without doing it again in Illustrator is that you do it again in Cinema using the spline tools. CBR