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  1. ApacheD

    Mega Yacht

    by the way this image is also in MAXON.net web gallery im so happy.
  2. ApacheD

    Megayacht v1

    Well i had never the time to work from start to end, but did model this for a long time like many monts. Maybe 5-9 hours/week. Not sure. With cinema i have been "playing" since the r8 came out. But i have a history back over 20 years in 3d.
  3. ApacheD


    @rorki; The stone part came out by mistake so nice. I did try to use boolean but u know it makes some very stupid looking edges, but in this case it was perfect for the stone.
  4. ApacheD

    OceanWater shader

    here am i, i think its not me hiding, but people want to see more sci-fi / fantasy / nude renderings these days
  5. ahven, yes i know you :) Have notice the text under the steam bot image.

  6. Hi Apache. You may remember me as Kraphik ;-)

  7. ApacheD

    miniature model

    Nice little "örkki" Like the light setup.
  8. ApacheD

    ApacheD Renderings

    Used: Cinema 4d v12 Demo / Cinema 4d v 11 + AR2/3
  9. imonkey

    Thank you very much :)

  10. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that your gallery is awesome! I love the yacht model!

  11. Im glad if this helps anyone to create an ocean scene. By changing the Absorption Color and Distance and using a cube for this material you get much better looking water effects. The deeper water the darker color...



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