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  1. I'm trying to drape a moving character in a long cloth shroud, but first things first; getting the cloth to drape over the character. No matter what settings I use the cloth won't fall over him properly. I've cranked the iterations through the roof and even that doesn't work. Any ideas? ClothFigure.zip
  2. Which is better? I know the Point Cache tag can be unreliable, but does it create a lighter project?
  3. hmmm, it's probably the camera that makes the pieces LOOK like they're moving down.
  4. I thought everything to the LEFT of the yellow falloff line should NOT be affected (see picture). The red and white lines represent the active falloff areas of A&B. But instead the pieces clearly move downward before the second Wind Effector even hits. Here's a demo: https://imgur.com/a/bT2k8vr
  5. I have a cube cut up with the Voronoi Fracture Object. The pieces are dynamic and affected by two Wind Deformers both with linear falloff. One Wind Deformer sweeps down the cube moving the pieces up. The second Wind Deformer follows and moves the pieces forward. At least that's how it should work. The problem is the second Wind Deformer responsible for moving the pieces forward is affecting the pieces even when they are not in it's falloff range. Any ideas what could be causing this? Snow_Ending_v08.c4d
  6. Whoops, I forgot to include the .png file. It's too big to upload, but I think I found the answer: This could explain my problem. Maybe the Displacement Deformer doesn't see there are two textures on my plane due to a bug. I'm in version R19.053. I checked for updates but there don't seem to be any. Is this just a bug I have to work around?
  7. I have two materials on a plane. One is a texture with nothing but sub-polygon displacement, the other is a texture for color. The displacement texture is applied to the plane first. The color texture is added with "Mix Texture" checked. I then put a Displacement Deformer under the plane in Emulation mode. On my home computer it works as expected. The plane is deformed in the viewport and colored with the color texture. But on my work computer, the displacement texture is completely ignored. What's going on here? Is there a setting I don't know about? I should note that this problem doesn't affect the render. It is purely a viewport issue. LoneTreeHill_v02_QUESTION.c4d
  8. You can use an alembic file as a cloner object BUT you can not make a polygon selection from an alembic object AFTER it has been exported. I need a very specific polygon selection for my ornament cloner (obviously I can't have ornaments spawning out of the trunk) and I can't make a polygon selection on a Forester Tree without baking it first which kinda defeats the point of using an abc file. A single tree create a 1.6GB alembic file. A single point baked tree creates a .8GB file. 3 trees create a 7GB alembic file. 3 point baked trees create a 2.5GB file. So which animates faster in the picture viewer? Hands down the point baked. So much faster. Why? I'm not really sure. Mike the Monkey explained it to me awhile back, I think it has something to do with the abc file creating a new object every frame or something but I can't remember. Anyone know?
  9. CONFIRMATION! ~ It's a RAM issue. I know this because when I checked on my bake today C4D was frozen and my Task Manager said I was almost completely out of RAM! So yeah, I guess that solves my original question. C4D point bakes using RAM.
  10. I can't export the trees as an Alembic file because I need to put ornaments on the trees via the cloner. Why not just use Forrester's built in fruit option to put ornaments on the trees? Because they the ornaments must be carefully placed by hand. Also the tree is ultimately going to be on a spline wrap, and the ornaments must have lights inside them so a cloner is the only way I think... Maybe I can bake a low poly version of the tree that's just for the ornament cloner and export a high poly version for the abc? Or maybe I'll just bake in smaller chunks, that could work too. Or I could just fake my own death and be free of this project forever :D Why are abc files superior to point caching? Seems like they generate far larger file sizes. I did a test with a simple tree and the point baked file was 2 GB while the abc file was 7 GB.
  11. I have 3 trees growing for 600 frames and then blowing in the breeze for 300. So I need to bake 900 frames total. The trees all together are about 1.2 million points. Maybe I just need to chop the project into smaller pieces? ugh this job is going to be the death of me. 14K by 14K, 60FPS, 16 colorbit depth...And they just haaad to have their precious moving trees
  12. We are talking about baking points in the project itself, not rendering out of picture viewer, correct? Like, I know C4D doesn't need a massive amount of RAM to render, but what about doing things like baking huge point caches? I was almost positive RAM had something to do with it...A few years back I was trying to open a C4D file with a massive point baked animation in it on my personal computer and I kept getting a warning message saying that C4D was out of memory. I don't think the CPU threads theory explains it...because why would C4D only be using one thread on my computer but more on my coworker's computer? It's the same file, same version of C4D, etc.
  13. I need to bake multiple animated Forester Trees into Point Animation using NitroBake. It's taking forever so I tried loading some of the projects onto my co-worker's computer where it was significantly faster. Like, easily 3 times faster if not more. The biggest difference I can make out between the two machines is that he has 130 GB of RAM while I have 49GB. Would this be the reason? I'd like to know before I beg IT for more RAM



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