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  1. Thanks Vozzz, Cloth sims of clothes made from seams seem easier now!
  2. Sad news for character animators. Wondering if there's any playback speed improvements on single/multiple characters per scene. Guess no.
  3. And apparently something is wrong with him. He has grown a thicker skin!! But that is a good ailment!! Welcome back Srek!!
  4. Sorry for @HSrdelic and @Igor for what has just happened to your country in the World Cup final match. Four years ago @3DKiwi would support Germany as MAXON is a German company (He said so). And it seems that was the last time 3Dkiwi's Titanic ever saw the day light as he was later "foundry" drowned into Middle Earth's "Mordor" sea. But hey, we haven't lost the ring. The Sequel is coming. Cinema 4D R20. The Return of the King!! Hoping to see 3DKiwi back to Studio through the Prime backdoor. Nigel we want your epic review of the release Back for Good and Take That seriously.
  5. Looking forward to your full review!!
  6. Magnificent!! They would have rather saved it for R20 maybe. Unless there is another hit single!
  7. Thank you Mash. Glad to see 3D Fluff back to class, Tutoring!
  8. Is this a mograph tutorial? No, it's not. Time for Character Animation. Roll them out Rectro!! Thanks.
  9. Hey @3DKiwi, I was going to ask you of your prediction on R20. There you are. Looking forward to your epic review and the much heralded comeback to C4D land!! Happy New Year.
  10. And @HSrdelic, how is your son going on? We know he's about to turn 19. Does his character fall-off as his motion is too graphic? Has his PROfessionalism RENDERed him a successful AMD employee? Has he elevated his house roof so that he can have a better and realistic VIEW of the PORT? Is his SOUND now more EFFECTive? And do you like him?
  11. I agree. Cutman's reaction is not acceptable. Full stop. On the other side, hey Icecaveman is back!! He is baaaccckkk. He has provoked Cutman and yet he doesn't get warned!!! I bet @3DKiwi is his next victim. And yes I too indicated somewhere I would no longer post in this thread!! ICECAVEMAN NEEDS TO BEHAVE HIMSELF TOO AND POSSIBLY GET WARNED!! Otherwise let this thread not get locked. There are useful things (including speculations) being said here. Thanks @HSrdelic for patience!! R19 is about to be released, you should expect this.. and it's because people love the software you love and work for. Will no longer post here before R19 gets announced.
  12. Yes mainly about the core and little on the revamped UV editing. Sir do you even know what series of events "forced" MAXON to start a blog? And with all the blog posts they made do you believe the post by Harald Schneider "FOUNDATIONS FOR THE FUTURE" was the most anticipated and welcome one? Isn't it about the core? Didn't Harald mention "several more releases"? What would those several more releases (Predictably culminating in R20) bring? That's why we skip R19 because the core IS the biggest thing and R19 doesn't "seem" to be the one. MAXON developer JF Yelle calls the core re-write "the most daring project"!! When does it possibly come? R19? No. Likely R20!! The Core is being awaited in Valhala, driving eternal, shiny and chrome!! I will probably end here.



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