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  1. Octane 3 C4D plugin + Standalone

    Hi there, I am selling my license of: Octane 3 Standalone + C4D Plugin: 400 $USD The Otoy account can be changed, password, name etc... to the new owner by editing it. Cheers Regis
  2. Is anyone selling X-Particles?

    Hi, As mentionned in the post below yours, I'm selling my XP license as well as many other things. Please feel free to check this out and contact me. Cheers Regis
  3. C4D R18 Studio + TFD + X-P3.5 + Octane 3

    Additional item has been put for sale such as Octane. Cheers Regis
  4. pro render engine

    I totally agree
  5. pro render engine

    My 2 cents opinion: - Autodesk purchased Arnold - Chaos group purchased Corona So even if it is not in MAXON policy to make acquisition, it would have pleased most of (or all) C4D users if MAXON purchased, let's say, Redshift
  6. Hi there, For sale: Cinema 4D R18 Studio: 2200 $ USD (including license transfer fees) ------- SOLD Turbulence FD: 350 $USD ------- SOLD X-particles 3.5: 350 $USD (including license transfer fees) ------- SOLD Octane 3 Standalone + C4D Plugin: 400 $USD If you are interested you can PM me, accepted payment via Paypal. Cheers Regis
  7. Quick Maya to C4D conversion

    PM sent ;-) Cheers Regis
  8. rendering is weird

    You are very welcome
  9. rendering is weird

    hmm weirdish stuff indeed. I would suggest to try rendering temporarily your missing frames like this. After you could try to relaunch C4D and see if you can render a batch of frames. Sorry if I can't help further, this is only what comes in my mind for now. Cheers Regis
  10. rendering is weird

    What's happening if you try to render only one of those missing frame in picture viewer? Can you see it and save it? Cheers Regis
  11. For Vertex Pusher, you should send a message to the support or admin here in C4D Cafe. With regards to rendering, several options are available such as Pavel Zoch or Helloluxx, Cineversity, Fxphd, Pluralsight etc... Hope that help you. Cheers Regis
  12. I have a GTX Titan X (12GB memory) and I can tell you that based on the resolution, I already overlapped the capacity of cards for some testing purposes. If you try one the sample provided by the maker of the plug-in, do you encounter some issues? Cheers Regis
  13. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    The only weird thing to me is that Octane render is working fine on Mac even with "no official" supported nVidia Cards based on Maxwell or Pascal architecture (OS X Sierra, nVidia web driver and Cuda installed)... But hey I'm not a developper, there might something else I am missing or Otoy teams have discovered the keys... Cheers Regis
  14. Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Very generous offer. Cheers Regis
  15. Maybe your graphic card doesn't have enough memory if you set the resolution of your sim to high... Try to lower your resolution settings. Cheers Regis