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  1. As usual, some people will very happy and some others much less... As I'm already out from last year, it doesn't matter for me.
  2. Hi guys, I though it might be interesting to share this as there a good discount on it and some of you, guys, might be interested. There is a new game in town for visual effects compositors and it is called FXEcademy. It's Steve Wright's second generation training website offering Nuke training of the highest professional quality. IMO, if you want to advance your Nuke compositing career or get started in one, this the place to go. There are mentored courses on Nuke VFX compositing, a Demo reel workshop, Webinars , and an amazing new innovation - ShotKits!
  3. Hi Guys, Here is the new price listed for my Octane 3 Standalone + C4D Plugin license: 250 $USD Please read my comment in the discussion above on the license (kind of) transfer process. If you are interested, please PM me Cheers Regis
  4. Christmas stuff discount My final firm price for Octane 3 Standalone + C4D Plugin: 300 $USD If you are interested, please PM me.
  5. Still available for sale. Otoy does not officially support license transfer. Therefore, in order to do it, you will have to edit the account to change everything (including the password) yourself except the username. Cheers Regis
  6. Black Friday stuff discount My final firm price for Octane 3 Standalone + C4D Plugin: 300 $USD If you are interested, please PM me. Cheers Regis
  7. Hi there, I am selling my license of: Octane 3 Standalone + C4D Plugin: 400 $USD The Otoy account can be changed, password, name etc... (except the account username and forum username) to the new owner by editing it. Cheers Regis
  8. Hi, As mentionned in the post below yours, I'm selling my XP license as well as many other things. Please feel free to check this out and contact me. Cheers Regis
  9. Additional item has been put for sale such as Octane. Cheers Regis
  10. Hi there, For sale: Cinema 4D R18 Studio: 2200 $ USD (including license transfer fees) ------- SOLD Turbulence FD: 350 $USD ------- SOLD X-particles 3.5: 350 $USD (including license transfer fees) ------- SOLD If you are interested you can PM me, accepted payment via Paypal. Cheers Regis


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