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  1. I think if I'm not mistaken that Pluralsight purchased Digital Tutors.
  2. Maybe new features like UV Tools "revamp", UDIM support, true symmetry tool, etc... will come but my guess is, only in 2 or 3 versions. However, I do really hope I'm wrong, but they are so behind actual competitors like substance painter, Mari etc... that it will take time to code with their new core but eventually we'll get them all, who knows... IMO, good point though, is the beta open and communication enhancement MAXON implemented.
  3. As always, I'm in too. However, even if I quiet like rigging (not my entire cup of tea though), please Hrvoje, don't forget complex setup with particles (XP) and dynamics and even why not adding fluid (TFD) in the mix ;o) Cheers Regis
  4. Well, it's like using for the first time a pen with a tablet instead of a mouse. Hard for a couple of hours, but when you get to use it, you don't want to go back. ;o) Cheers Regis
  5. Hi there, I might be able to help. Please PM me. Cheers Regis
  6. True for now ;o)
  7. Hi Guys, As many of you pointed out, it really depends at the end the day your needs. For me, I will stick to Octane and Arnold. However, I have met Patrick Goski (Cineversity e.g) 6 weeks ago, and he talked about Redshift with so many good superlatives, that made me curious to follow. If my memory is good, through the forum you can get it, in beta version for C4D, and really play with it. Render engines are now coming out quickly than ever for some reason. IMHO it remains a matter of preferences and most certainly budget and time to learn it. To be continued...
  8. The training is full of tips and tricks even for intermediate C4D users and it is also very good for refreshing memory. As usual, very well explained. Cheers Regis
  9. Hi Hrvoje, Well, as always, very interested to watch and learn from you, I shall jump in it ;-) Btw, hope you are fine. Cheers Regis
  10. Very sad to have read this news. RIP Cactus Dan.
  11. Definitly a good news and a good move from MAXON. With regards to the UV tools possible enhancements, something like UV Layout tools would be very efficient, easy and straight forward ;o) Cheers Regis
  12. Excellent!
  13. Be aware that the 1080 (pascal) is not yet supported by Octane. Once the card is released, Otoy will adapt Octane to it.
  14. What a good idea! Cheers Regis
  15. well done, congrats!