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  1. PBarrelas

    Problem with CINEVERSITY Support-SOLVED

    Glad to know that MAXON sorted it out for you!!
  2. PBarrelas

    Problem with CINEVERSITY Support-SOLVED

    Hi Cristobal! Now that you mentioned it I think I received that message, which I decided to ignore, since I knew that I’d receive another coupon from them! Mim sure you’ll get that issue sorted out!
  3. PBarrelas

    Problem with CINEVERSITY Support-SOLVED

    Hi Cristobal, I personally never had that problem because my Cineversity is tied to my MSA, so they don’t have my CC info on their side. I renew my MSA with Techlimits and then in early September I receive the coupon from MAXON. But definitely I don’t agree about keeping your CC information stored unless you specifically chose to do so.
  4. PBarrelas

    Hilarious PC reviews :)

    Ah ah ah!! I had a laugh reading these reviews! the cool thing is that the website owners must find them hilarious too, hence keeping them there!
  5. PBarrelas

    Affinity Photo The New Photoshop?

    Since video editing subject was brought up, I highly recommend DavinciResolve. Not to mention that it's the best Color Grading tool out there, in my opinion!
  6. PBarrelas

    How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    I’m already learning Houdini! If AD puts its hands on it, then I’ll simply speed the learning and will base my pipeline on Houdini!
  7. PBarrelas

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I didn’t get any crash yet with the Indie version. And always found what I was looking for on the “help”!
  8. PBarrelas

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    Houdini Indie can use external renderers. I’m starting to use it with Redshift!
  9. PBarrelas

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    Yes, it was a shame to see Autodesk acquiring Alias and Softimage. I remember those great old times when 3D Wrold magazine would publish the latest tools or enhancements on each of the “big 3”! As for Modo, it started well, with a well designed layout but as soon as Luxology started to add features, it didn’t know how to properly include those on the layout and started to make it very confusing. When I was contacted by a sales rep from The Foundry, I told them that the instability issues and a layout becoming worse with each release was the reason why I moved to C4D. Now I’m taking the 1st steps with Houdini Indie and will see if it will have a place in my pipeline in a few months or not.
  10. PBarrelas

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I can say that by the time I sold my Modo license, the viewport performance was very bad, besides being the DCC application with more crashes I ever worked with. On the opposing side, XSI was the one with best performance.
  11. PBarrelas

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I just purchased Houdini Indie and will start learning it!
  12. PBarrelas

    Leaving C4D-Land.

    I’ve been thinking about the exact same thing as I’m a Redshift user too! I have to make some math in order to see how much it would cost me to maintain an Houdini seat comparared to C4D. Not to mention the learning curve and how much time to get me where I am at the moment with C4D.
  13. PBarrelas

    Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    We’re not being financed by MAXON to showcase C4D features. The story needs to be the spine of this project and never subdued to any C4D features. Sure if we can use a cool feature that contributes and even enriches the story, lets do it but let’s not limit the creative process. I’m with C4DS here. “less is more”!
  14. PBarrelas

    Lets make a movie using C4D: Indie4D

    That is a good idea but it’s also very complicated to manage. I saw similar ideas born and die after awhile because people can’t commit to the tasks they applied for, either for professional reasons, no money involved or simple loss of interest, etc... I’m not saying that it isn’t possible and do hope that, if enough people get interested, this gets through but I just wanted to let you know that similar projects went down the drain. One tool that I use with some studios overseas that I collaborate with, is Trello. This is very good for everyone involved to get access to everything and keep track of what’s going on in one place. Personally having Trello and a team created in Slack, would be more than enough for this to work in terms of management! The website could be used just to post information about the project to the outside world, like WIP and previous projects, etc..., assuming that this will work. For now, you can count me in but I need to be honest: there will be times that due to my professional overload my participation will have to pause. I also need to identify with the project. This is paramount to everyone involved in order to keep the motivation.
  15. PBarrelas


    I’m an architect and a 3D generalist and video editor for about 17 years now! I never participated on a feature film although I’m also an animator and rigger for other industries. This is a subject that really interestes me because I still have in mind to either make my short animation or participate on one!