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  1. Thanks for your insight about the Affinity software Nigel. I’m actually looking for alternatives to PS and Illustrator, as I’m tired of feeling Adobe’s pockets. I’ll definitely check them out.
  2. This post sounds a bit weird! It reminds me of those emails saying that someone will give me millions of dollars because they have no heirs! But on the event of you really start your own software company, contact me for beta testing it
  3. I’m selling my license because I’m very disappointed with how MAXON have been updating C4D. They could get all the latest 4 updates into one in order to make an acceptable one, from my point of view. After Blender’s 2.80 update, I’m changing my pipeline from C4D to Blender, hence selling my license.
  4. In Blender 2.80 groups were replaced by Collections. Collections are more organized and efficient than groups. So after creating a Collection and putting all the needed objects inside (this can be done through the Outliner as a visual feedback), in Object Mode, you goto Add>Collection Instance and chose the name of the Collection you want to instance. This creates a Collection Instance that has an orange icon in the Outliner as a visual feedback. At this point you just need to use the regular duplicate command and it will create new instances.
  5. It’s actually easy to make instances. But of course that the approach is different and we are used to the C4D’s way of doing things!
  6. Yes Nigel, I agree with you. You mean there’s an addon similar to Xpresso?
  7. Hi guys, I’m selling my perpetual R20 Studio license. You can upgrade to R21 via the MSA. I’m thinking of €1000 and I’m open to negotiation. PM me if you’re interested and I’ll provide the 11 digits so you can check that it’s legit.
  8. I’ve been testing and learning 2.80 since it’s alpha and I have to admit that Blender, in a near future, it’s going to be a game a game changer. I’m going to start start incorporating it in my pipeline and, eventually, make the definitive switch from C4D to Blender.
  9. I never hide how much I hate AD and their business model. 20% off? That’s a joke! To be honest, with Blender 2.80 release candidate next Thursday, I can see the future of the 3D apps to change in the next few years. Blender is now, definitely, in the right direction. I’m fact, I’m already integrating it in my pipeline and considering not to purchase the MSA this year.
  10. Seriously?! You could create an account on several freelance websites out there and bid for projects! It’s not an idea solution but it beats working for free!
  11. Glad to know that MAXON sorted it out for you!!
  12. Hi Cristobal! Now that you mentioned it I think I received that message, which I decided to ignore, since I knew that I’d receive another coupon from them! Mim sure you’ll get that issue sorted out!
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