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  1. :) Will do. Need to clean up a bit first. Cheers,
  2. Thanks! Looking for a bit more procedural setup however. Need to be able to see the result while I update the original growth animation. What I want to do is to time offset then invert and subtract from the original vertex animation. I have a displacer that is controlled by a vertex map growth. Need a way to wipe the displacement back to its original state. Might be an easier way to achieve this though. Any suggestion is welcome! Cheers,
  3. Hi, Looking for a way to time offset a growing vertex map animated with fields. Any tips? Cheers,
  4. Unfortunately no updates. Had hoped for a better response here before taking it further. Of course, there are more people interested in this besides us three in this thread. Still interesting how Shotgun is neglecting C4D, and not even mentioning or answering whether a c4d integration is in the works. Even After Effects got an official integration just days ago. Don't know how to give this more attention. All ideas are welcome! Maybe reach out to MAXON? It should be in their interest as well. Cheers,
  5. Thanks, Ok, that's a shame. Is there a way to automatically hide and not render objects that are not in a specific take? Without creating overrides per specific object? Background; I come from c4d, after working a bit in maya I am trying to replicate the renderlayer workflow in c4d. Cheers,
  6. Pretty straightforward, Is it possible to have an object assigned to multiple layers? Cheers,
  7. Thanks for your feedback Kent. Yes, the ideal solution would be if it was developer by the Shotgun team. I have raised the question on their forum whether or not a C4D engine is on the roadmap. Haven’t received any answer. The deleveloper(s) would definitely have to show a high level of commitment to the project before being taken onboard. We want to make sure it’s going to cross the finish line. The post- release support is a trickier question. It’s gonna need to be updated along with Shotgun and C4D. Territory Studios have a git with a Shotgun-C4D repo. Have no Idea what state it’s in. https://github.com/territorystudiopipeline/ts-cinema4d Thanks for showing interest Kent. We’ll see how this plays out. Would like to see more than 2 people showing interest in the project here at the largest C4D forum before taking this further. Will keep you updated. Please spread the word. cheers,
  8. Hey, I have a dream of using C4D in our VFX pipeline... Doubt I am the only one. Since starting a new position at a post house where Shotgun is an essential hub in day-to-day work, I have more or less abandoned C4D in favor for Maya and Houdini. Certain tasks are better handled by Maya, some are better in Houdini, then there are tasks where C4D just excels. C4D is such a robust piece of software I am sad to see it on the bench just because it lacks a proper pipeline integration. As C4D is gaining popularity and respect at larger studios, I assume the interest for a Shotgun integration would grow along with it. I know there are studios that have developed in-house engines for C4D but it would be amazing to see it out in the wild. While having no coding skills to write home about, I do know one or two things about the cinema 4d workflow and how to manage a project. My rough idea is to arrange a Kickstarter-campaign where the goal is to crowdfund the development of a Shotgun integration for C4D. The money would go exclusively to the developers and the end product would then be released free to the public. Right now I am mostly interested in if there is any interest in this at all. Sort of like taking the temperature of the idea. If it's even worth investing any time in. Any comments or ideas are welcome. Do you have any experience in working with Shotgun? Coding for Shutgun? At this stage, I am also trying to figure out; -- How long would take to develop a fully fledged shotgun engine? (Man days) -- What would be a reasonable funding goal? -- Where would I start looking for developers? Cheers,
  9. @jed @deck Thanks! Yes, also tested it with the inheritance and it seems to be the best solution for me. Cheers,
  10. Hi, Never thought about this issue before which makes me think I am doing something wrong this time. Here we go. I have a bunch of cloned objects with rigid body applied to them as separate objects. I have a plain effector with spherical falloff animated around to change the color of the clones. The issue that I am running in to is that the position which tells the clone if it's inside the falloff or not, is not updated to its dynamic position but stays at the clones initial position. Therefore dynamic objects that are inside the falloff are not necessarily influenced by the effector. How can I correct this? Cheers,
  11. Thanks! Exactly what i was looking for.
  12. Hi, Any way to add delay to an effector changing color of clones? Have a really simple setup with a plain effector changing colors of clones. Looking for a way to make the color fade over time. Cheers,
  13. There is a nifty trick I use where you use 2 plain effectors. Guess you can use it with any effector. Take the first plain effector with no falloff and link the time offset to current frame via xpresso. This way the time offset will always be same as current frame and effectively halt the animation of the clones. Now take a second effector and set the time offset to minus (!) the lenght of your clones animation. Now you can control the keyframed clones via falloff or other parameter of choice. cheers
  14. Hi, Could some xpresso genius please share how to iterate over a tag of a cloned object. The setup I am trying to achieve is to have a falloff controlling the percentage of a certain pose in a cloned objects pose morph tag. The falloff part of the xpresso is clear to me but I can't seem to write it to the pose morph tag. Thanks in advance! Cheers,

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