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  1. @ChrisMyatt You can select multiple nulls
  2. @ChrisMyatt Something like this? import c4d def main(): if len(doc.GetActiveObjects(0)) == 0: print "No objects selected" return for obj in doc.GetActiveObjects(0): if obj.GetType() == c4d.Onull: childlist = op.GetChildren() if not childlist: print "No children to select" continue for index, node in enumerate(childlist): doc.SetActiveObject(node, c4d.SELECTION_NEW if index == 0 else c4d.SELECTION_ADD) c4d.CallCommand(16768) c4d.Eve
  3. what are you trying to achieve ? Can you explain a bit more ?
  4. here's my take on it. You have two user data entries on the Python Generator. You need to input a null in the first one and the second entry defines the distance from the null, which the points will be deleted at. It's a bit slow, but I just made this up in a hurry so... point remover.c4d
  5. Ok, sorry man. Not messy, but too complicated :) It's hard to read what exactly is happening for someone that is not on track with the purpose of the code.
  6. The code is a bit messy. What's do you want to achieve actually ?
  7. Hey Kalugin -- you made this 'select similar geometry' script that had 'replace with render instance' as an option, first off -- I love it, and thank you SO much for creating this! It is really great for consolidating & simplifying scenes converted from other 3D engines, and stock models of rooms and architectural environments. (hundred of identical chairs, tables, lamps etc all scattered across a space) 

    The 'replace with instance' feature seems to no longer work with R20, would you be willing to update it for R20?

  8. import c4d from c4d import gui #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): doc.Flush() if __name__=='__main__': main() @Hrvoje but this empties the document. The script that he included basically deletes the UNDO memory buffer. import c4d from c4d import gui #Welcome to the world of Python def main(): doc.FlushUndoBuffer() if __name__=='__main__': main() @Duca here is the python version of your old script.
  9. well, that was a lot of comments. I'm glad that I have enough beer Fixed some issues while commenting. Random option was not working in picture viewer. Also fixed some other little bugs. Have fun. If any of the coders have any advice regarding the code - I'd be glad to learn some tips and tricks. Spacer.zip
  10. yeah, once I'm sure it works :) And I like to clean and comment the code that I share in the forum. That way it's more useful for everyone. I know when I started coding for c4d, how I was starving for someone to share anything to learn from
  11. unzip in your plugins folder :) Spacer.zip
  12. @Vizn Yeah, that's the idea :) I just need to fix some things and I'll share it.
  13. I've just started playing with the idea. I'll share the result when it's ready. But it is really basic cloner anyways. If it has some potential, maybe I'll invest more time to make it a full featured plugin.
  14. @Hrvoje this is not what @Vizn and @Cerbera are talking about. Or maybe I didn't understand :) I thought the idea was to get a result similar to this:


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