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  1. Thanks guys, I´ll try that and get back here with the results.
  2. Hi, All plugins were working just fine in R20 (Windows 10) but they suddenly stopped working. They are installed and showing on the Plugins drop down menu but when I run them they apparently start and finish their processes with no actual results. No error messages or anything. Most of them are free plugins like Coolect, Drop2floor, Granola, etc. Any ideas about what´s going on?
  3. I've heard of that as well but I can't find it anywhere in Preferences. Somebody please help us here?
  4. Yup, you are correct :( I guess is time for me to upgrade my system. I'm using a hackintosh so I didn't want to go through all that jazz but I think that Volume Modelling Is worth it. Thank you so much guys, I owe you all a beer!
  5. Hey guys, thank you for the replies . In response to some of you at once here is a screen capture from the standard layout with the commander open that shows that no Volume Modeling capabilities are available. Could it be that OpenVDB is not supported in my old OS? I'm using OSX 10.10.5 as I mentioned. I can't find any documentation that mentions that kind of exclusion from MAXON.
  6. Hey! I finally got my hands on R20. Installed Studio with no problems or messages but in the middle of setting up I noticed that the new Volume menu is missing and all the Volume Modelling capabilities are not available and nowhere to be found. I reinstalled C4D and the problem persists. Is my installer incomplete? Did I forget to enable something during installation? Do I have to install OpenVDB independently in my machine? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. I'm using a Mac with OSX 10.10.5 by the way.
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