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  1. OMG. I feel like such a dunce. It seems so obvious now! Thanks so much. these work like a charm. P
  2. Amazing Jed, That totally does what I need! I was also trying a method where I use a circular spline as a source object for a mograph clone, and then animate the offset through an xpresso 'Time/frame' node. But this produces weird results when I animate the speed. If you see the attached example; when I increase the speed the clone crazy speeds up during the value change and then settles down to the new value, then when I change the speed back down, the clone goes in reverse during the value change. Is there a simple explanation why this is so? P Orbit.c4d
  3. What happened to the file? I could really use it right now! I'm trying to speed up & slow down an align to spline on a circular spline (like an orbit). The issue is when you're changing the speed value, the object speeds up unpredictably during the change in value then settles down again. Cheers. P
  4. Hey Bezo. Thanks for this. I need it to be dynamic as one of the spheres scales up though.
  5. Also: AO in the Alpha channel of a material sort of works, but it's not the crisp key line I'm looking for.
  6. For the love of Bob, how on earth do you render just the intersection lines of Booleans?!!!!!!! I have a series of expanding spheres within a model of a room, with some basic furniture models, to represent sound waves. Where the spheres intersect anything (walls, furniture, pictures etc), I want to be able to render a key line. I've been trying for days with no joy. Proximal -- too bitty, not enough resolution. X-Particles (both as particles and wet maps) -- both too bitty, not enough resolution. Boolean with select intersections, selected as an object for a Cloner (set to edges with an 'I' in the selection tab) and cylinders that scale on edges. - - Glitchy AF. There used to be a plug in from TCAStudios that worked in R13... http://tcastudios.com/?p=166 But it doesn't work in R19. I just want to be able to select the intersecting edge and convert it to a spline that I can render with Hair or something to get a smooth clean key line. Anybody got any bright ideas before I go screaming mental? Thanks P
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