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  1. Hi CBR Yeah thats not quite right as flat projection tends to distort round curved edges a bit cause that logo will need to sit higher up so its more like up on the curve of the bottle. I havent used UV peeler so will investigate. Does it work with C4D in a round about way? As for my original question is that a no go then? You see how the UV map looks like in flat projection (yellow grid squares) thats what Im after in UV mode but as said seems to be almost impossible to just take a grid of polygons and make the UV a square area so it fit the texture image perfectly. Lang
  2. Hi Cerbera Im attaching a file and screen shot just so you can see where Im coming from with this. I have got round the issue but it took quite a bit of point manipulation to get the uv mesh right which is why I hope there may be a quicker way of dealing with this type of thing. Cheers Lang UV_issue.zip
  3. Hi all Ive been having a slight problem with texturing a roundel on the top curve of a bottle. When I isolate it and hide everything else then open up UV edit I cant seem to find a way to change the projection of my basically square grid pf polygons to be represented as a basic grid. My roundel texture is perfectly square. The only way Ive found is by taking all the points one by one of the UV and using the line up function then moving or rotating but this can take ages. Is there a quick method that anyone knows of that would allow me to project my polygons as an equal grid? Ive looked online in a few places but cant find how to do this as it seems like a pretty basic thing to be able to to do? Thanks Lang
  4. Hi all A client of mine has asked me if I could render the attached (screen shot only) so that the reflection is actually in colour but also semi transparent so that when i supply the file they can float the image over other projects and it'll look right and not produce a white halo sort of thing around it. Ive tried dealing with by multi pass rendering but Im having to supply the reflection as a layer in PS set to multiply but client doesn't want the reflection to be part of the underlying colour. So can it be done? Thanks Lang
  5. Thats the one thanks Cerbera, knew it had to be something simple eh. Been trying to get on here to say thanks for a couple of days but have been getting nowt. Hope all is good in da hood now. Lang
  6. Hi all Ive not seen this happen before so hoping that someone will show me the way... Very simple carton shape for a packaging visual and when I drop it in a thickness surface which normally give me a nice little thickness to replicate card at the sides its doing something else that altering my UV's. Ive even re unwrapped it after making editable. but seem to get the same things happening. Its not having to use a nurb to smooth as isn't necessary but the effect is a bit similar to having artefacts. Hopefully someone can help here. Lang carton_thickness_prob.c4d
  7. Hi all I'm trying to see if its possible to produce an alpha thats acurate to the displacement Im seeing though a glass object. Ive tried putting the shape that I have used into the luminance channel and then using the same another alpha from the PSD to create the alpha but its not quite working. Close but not close enough. So just wondering if anybody out there has ever tried this or knows of another better way to do it? Cheers Lang
  8. Thank you Vizn thats brilliant will give this a go
  9. Hi all Im modelling up a few wine and spirits glasses but am see this little one particularly on the tumbler. Something odd going on at the side of the glass near the top that maybe something to do with reflections but am not sure. Have played around with it quite a bit already but can't seem to get it to go away. Hopefully someone else will know? Thanks all Lang refl prob.zip
  10. Thanks kitefly Yeah my scene scale is way off. What I meant was that I can't see the light having any effect on the glass itself. When you look at the screen shot you'll see I deliberately turned the lights right up so it bleaches out the floor but I'm not seeing anything in the glass reflection or otherwise. Ill try reducing my scene scale settings and see how that behaves.
  11. Hi all Having what I can only describe as a really odd one. Got a scene with a simple glass bottle being part lit by a sky object. When I add simple lights to give it some slight light in other areas its not showing up at all. scratching my head big time here as can't seem to work out why. My guess is its something very simple so hopefully someone will you t me to the error of my ways. Scene and screen shot attached. Thanks Lang glass_and_light.zip
  12. Hi all Just after some advise here as to how people would choose to model such a thing as this? (attached) I've tried using displacements and the likes but I'm guessing a few would suggest sculpting? Ive also looked at using the cloth simulation and the dress o matic function but with terrible results. Cheers Lang



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