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  1. Thanks again CBR. When people say C4D isn't the best for UV unwrapping they aren't wrong. Im no expert but wow it seems so complicated just to do what I would consider a basic shape. I think you're right though and will no doubt go back and just use the cubic function and just move the polys over from the left to sort this. The adding thickness thing is bizarre as i know ive done it before and its been fine so not sure why its been such a pain this time, may be it works better if I had modelled a cube and hypernurbed the corners rather than starting from a primitive object? Either way I think im just gonna have to fudge it together somehow and get it done. Thanks for you help again CBR Lang
  2. Thanks CBR. When I do that I then get the original error, relax uv error. Always the simplest things eh. My normals on this every time I add some thickness to the object seem to get throw a bit too. Plus they go from being the right way round to become reversed. I might have to start again on this as dont know why its become a pain. Ive in the past gone down the route of relaxing uv and its been fine until now. Cheers Lang
  3. Hi again CBR This is what im trying to achieve with relaxing the uv. This shows what i get if i use the simple box projection along with the gaps between the UVs Cheers Lang
  4. Thanks CBR. I guess the only reason I sometimes go down the path of using relax uv is to try and mimic the actual cuts on the cutter guide. If I do a simple box projection is does unwrap it reasonably well as you've shown but for me it leaves a gap between the faces which would mean I would have to amend the uv anyway, unless im doing something wrong when using the projection command? It also puts the faces in a different way to the lay down I have. Attached is a screen shot showing that when use I box projection it doesn't keep the edges aligned and connected, is there a way ti get round that? Cheers Lang
  5. Thanks CBR. Looking through the forum I noticed another request to this error back in 2018 so followed the route you set down then. Ive never the model settings before so it was a revelation. I saw this on the file too but can you suggest how I should go about sorting that. I tried to deal with it by following pretty much what you had suggested to the guest in 2018 but it didn't work. If am to delete the edge then somehow rework it and then optimise will that do it? Cheers Lang
  6. Hi all Im trying to unwrap a carton that I'll eventually have to map graphics to but am getting this error, relax uv error. Ive already reduced the level of polygons (thickness) on the object in the hope that I could somehow find where the dupe poly problem actually is or lack of the right line edge cuts. Can someone who perhaps knows more than I on UVs help? File attached. Thanks, Lang. carton.c4d
  7. Thanks DV will check it out later and have a good look. Cheers
  8. Wow!! DV. I have to admit my knowledge of using Xpresso is very limited although I find the node system in Octane much simpler to get my head round. This is much more than I would've attempted as my knowledge of rigging is also very limited so thank you for sharing this knowledge. I downloaded the file you supplied first and was able to adapt that somewhat but still found that I couldn't get the two smallest fingers to bend correctly at the knuckle to give me the right look for the peace sign. The version I can see you've got from your screen shot shows a much better hand pos but your Xpresso setup is beyond me at the mo. Have been meaning to get more into rigging to learn more but never seem to find the time. Would you mind sharing the file so I can investigate what you've done? Cheers Lang
  9. Thanks for your replies and ideas guys, will check it out again later and come back if I have any more probs. Lang
  10. Hi all Ive got a hand that im trying to re rig to allow me to make into a peace finger sign. Its halfway there already but as my knowledge of rigging generally is low, thought id run it past someone here that may know better than me. I cant get the the two smallest fingers to bend correctly at the knuckle joint so please help. Cheers one and all. Lang peace_hand.c4d
  11. Hi all I just acquired v-ray or rather the trail to give a go with glass rendering particularly. Ive used it a bit in the past but always just gone back to the native for ease more than anything. The problem Im having here though is that I have a displacement that ive set correctly i.e behind the main texture and ive also got a selection tag to make sure it should only apply to the front but its not. Its showing through both sides of a glass that I have to displacing the front and back. I think there must be a way to deal with this as I cant believe it'll only work on solid objects. See attached file, its using the most up to date version (3.7) i think as only downloaded it today. Any help will be much appreciated. Lang vray_disp_test.zip
  12. Hi CBR Thanks for your help on this as ever I think I probably should've sent you an image of what its supposed to look like as what you got from using the displacer was ok but its not extruding enough. The base of the glass needs to come out by about the 5mm I set in displacement but in your file its only moving outward very slightly. What ive done here is an example of what i was trying to achieve just using displacements. This was done using the displacer in emulation mode, then current state to object and then using the smooth tool in sculpt to flatten out around the logo. Its ok but the sharpness of the displacement isnt as good as it was when it was using just the texture to displace. Any suggestions? Thanks again CBR. Lang
  13. Thanks again for checking this out for me CBR. Its almost there but in answer to your question re undislplacing what I really want to do is not totally knock back to the glass/bottle but just knock it back a bit which is why I had hoped that I could just make a texture layer it up and then have an overlay that has an opacity setting that will in effect knock the rocky texture back a little. The emblem needs to stand out but just having it overlay the most protruding texture around the glass is making it illegible if you know what I mean. I have since tried baking the texture and have brought it into PS and added it to the texture image that has the emblem on it but now im getting all sorts of other funky stuff going on so really not sure where to turn right now. Displacements in C4D are a pain sometimes. Not sure about sculpting as not sure I know enough using that method. Lang

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