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  1. Thanks man, I knew it would be something simple
  2. Hi Im still quite new to Octane but and im having all sorts of problems with glass specular materials. Can someone please help with this as its driving me mad. Im getting a huge black area around the neck of my bottle which I think has something to do with the index, even though its set to the usual 1.52 for glass. Ive tried putting objects behind the glass and lighting it, ive also tried changing the render settings to path-tracing and upping the samples in specular but im still having no joy. Ive watched a few tuts on octane but when I see others with glass this problem hardly arises. Thanks for any help here, would appreciate it. Lang M4B.zip
  3. Thanks again bezo. I wasn't using cylindrical, i was using UVW as cylindrical was distorting the graphics at the bottom aspect. The file I uploaded, It should've been set to UVW?
  4. Thanks bezo. Im not seeing any new mapping in the file you supplied.
  5. Hi all c4dcafe users. Hope someone can help me with this. Its another UV mapping problem im having. I have a hood thats going on a champagne bottle and I have to put graphics on it. My problem is that Im struggling with the projection for it. I already know cylindrical wont work as its distorts too much at the base so im trying to deal with it via the UVW route. I unwrapped a basic cone type of shape that gave me the curvature I will need if I wanted to create a cutter guide for the shape but when I try this same method for unwrapping my champ hood polys it plays havoc, as you'll see from the screen shots ive attached. Ive tried all sorts to get this sorted but because my polys on the hood object are quite heavy on the poly count im wondering if thats the problem. Im hoping not, only cause ive already done a fair amount of sculpting to this part so am hoping that ii can just unwrap it. Hopefully if someone out there knows much more about UV's then please advise. Huge thanks Lang another uv problem.zip
  6. Thank you DasFrodo. Im beginning to think Octane, whilst is amazing for some stuff is quite restrictive when it comes to simple stuff like omitting a reflection of something that you dont want to appear, its a shame. That said though if you look at the example of the render that I attached it quite clearly shows the light reflections running the length of the drinks can. Im thinking then that this could only be done one of two ways, either there is a way to exclude the reflection of the floor from the can or it was done as post. What you reckon? Im think im going to email the guy who has this course and see if he replies. Cheers Lang
  7. Thanks Deck. Yes I know its possible with cinema 4d native and the comp tag but thats why im asking here to see if anyone knows hows it can be done with Octane. Lang
  8. Hi all Ive recently got right into Octane and so far am loving the instant feedback. I have come across some issues though that the native render and settings seem to do much better. The main one though which im finding is that if I want to exclude a floor reflecting (through the comp tag) into my objects for a packaging visual its near enough impossible or am I going about it wrong way? Im attaching a visual (screen shot) that appears from the Octane Master Course where its quite clear that the lights go from the base of the objects to the tops without the floor being reflected. So my question to any Octane experts out there is, is this possible or would it have to be done in post or as two renders comped together after? Thanks in advance Lang
  9. Forgot about those presets, cheers Voytech. Lang
  10. Thanks guys much appreciated. CBR, how do you taper the path of the particles? Ive tried searching for info on this and cant find anything or anything in the emitter itself that may give me a clue. Unfortunately I don't have X-Particles either. Thanks Lang
  11. Hi all I have an emitter that will basically be a set of bubbles so nice and straight forward. What Im trying to do though is have the bubbles eventually taper in almost like they're being sucked towards a hole. I found that by using the taper deformer it does this but also distorts the bubbles and im trying to keep them pretty much as their rounded shape. Am I going about this the wrong way or is there a simpler method to do this? All help appreciated. Thanks Lang emitter_taper.c4d
  12. Thanks again CBR. When people say C4D isn't the best for UV unwrapping they aren't wrong. Im no expert but wow it seems so complicated just to do what I would consider a basic shape. I think you're right though and will no doubt go back and just use the cubic function and just move the polys over from the left to sort this. The adding thickness thing is bizarre as i know ive done it before and its been fine so not sure why its been such a pain this time, may be it works better if I had modelled a cube and hypernurbed the corners rather than starting from a primitive object? Either way I think im just gonna have to fudge it together somehow and get it done. Thanks for you help again CBR Lang
  13. Thanks CBR. When I do that I then get the original error, relax uv error. Always the simplest things eh. My normals on this every time I add some thickness to the object seem to get throw a bit too. Plus they go from being the right way round to become reversed. I might have to start again on this as dont know why its become a pain. Ive in the past gone down the route of relaxing uv and its been fine until now. Cheers Lang
  14. Hi again CBR This is what im trying to achieve with relaxing the uv. This shows what i get if i use the simple box projection along with the gaps between the UVs Cheers Lang
  15. Thanks CBR. I guess the only reason I sometimes go down the path of using relax uv is to try and mimic the actual cuts on the cutter guide. If I do a simple box projection is does unwrap it reasonably well as you've shown but for me it leaves a gap between the faces which would mean I would have to amend the uv anyway, unless im doing something wrong when using the projection command? It also puts the faces in a different way to the lay down I have. Attached is a screen shot showing that when use I box projection it doesn't keep the edges aligned and connected, is there a way ti get round that? Cheers Lang
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