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  1. Anyone? Yeah you're probably right Bezo. Ive also put this request on the octane OTOY forum but havent got any answer there either.
  2. Hi all. I need to emboss some glass like in the attached but am finding that its showing far too much behind the main front surface, I assume its a reflection? Ive looked at using an OSL texture in the nodes to deal with it but that unfortunately just gets rids of too much else that's needed. Does anyone have any good suggestions as I know my client wont like it as its too distracting and I'm trying to get to a point where I don't have to retouch it out as it'll be a pain. Thanks Lang
  3. Hi all Im having a slight problem at the moment with a very short animated sequence that I need to do. Ive simplified the setup for the purpose of the file im attaching as the original with all its parts would be too big to upload. The situation though is identical to the problem im actually having. So basically ive got some confetti exploding out of a box and coming to rest on the floor. Ive use an emitter to generate the confetti and a collision tag for the floor. The problem im having is that when the confetti comes tor rest some pieces are still moving and jiggling
  4. Just went back to my original file and it does look better but now it seems to be stretching even though I have the stiffness set to 100%. Any ideas why that may be happening? Im attaching a revised file and have put in the values that you indicated but you'll see its what its doing. Ive had to delete lots of stuff from the setup to get it to within the allowed MB size but the problem is still visible. balloon rising v2.c4d
  5. Hi all Im having a slight problem with the spline dynamics tag and hope someone can help show where im getting this wrong. Im trying to animate a pretty basic round object with a string attached that rises up. I have an align to spline tag applied and its key-framed but ive noticed that the spline is stretching and changing shape when all I really want is for it to work like a piece of string and keep its shape and just flow with the curves. Im not totally sure if im even doing this the right way so if there is a better way that someone knows of please share, thanks Lang
  6. Hi all Im currently checking out how best to achieve the foam that occurs around the part of the beer head where it mixes with the actual beer. I've watched a guy on YT (3DFluff) who shows how to do it with C4D native but I want to see how best to achieve it in octane. I started by converting the textures that he had made in octane but as it was done with lots of layers and noises straight from cinema it wont work like that so im trying to use the proper octane noises to try and get close. As always any help with be very much appreciated. Thanks Beerfoam.zip
  7. Hi all Im currently building a bottle that will have faceted groves in the glass and although I could model it, its simpler to use a displacement map as the geometry will get complicated at certain areas. Im not sure though if something odd is going on with the displacement itself? See screen shot attached. I had to add gradients into the vertical sections to simulate the bending in within the facets but its doing something weird and messing up the texture so it looks like there is a noise bump map happening at the same time. I cant work this out hence coming on here in the hope that
  8. Cheers guys I knew it would be something simple, always learning Lang
  9. Hi all Im really having what I would've thought is a simple thing to remedy but its proving an issue for me, or maybe im just having a brain block? Im creating a chain that is using a n-side (6 sided) spline within a rect sweep and its working ok but I want to be able to have is the flat section on the outer edge side of the chain. I dont normally use the sweep for this sort of thing but in this case it was definitely the simplest method to use but I would like to know if anybody else does why im having problems trying to do what I need. Thanks as always Lang chain
  10. Hi all Im trying to create a glow behind a glass and bottle thats on a dark background so that the light only shows through the glass itself. Ive tried and tried with this but am getting nowhere. Anybody ever done it and if so could you help? Thanks
  11. Thanks DasFrodo. You're right it is indeed the under lying subdivisions that are causing it to be heavier on top and the bottom. It seems strange though that its set to surface like the normal mograph cloner would be but it's doing that rather than spreading out the clones more randomly. I may just go back to using the mograph cloner as seems more versatile.
  12. Hi all Ive been playing around with the scatter object to disperse condensation bubbles around the surface of a can as opposed to using the mograph cloner to see the differences. What im finding though is that it seems to be putting lots more bubbles around the base and top of the can, see attached a screen shot. Its like its using the amount of polygons relative to the can in those areas even though ive got it set to surface? any help on this one will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any insights on this one. Lang scatter.zip
  13. Wow thanks for that info Dan. I had no idea you could do that with a primitive object by selecting it via one of the faces, edges etc. Been using C4D now for a few years but never stop learning. As im on the rigging thing right now is it right to say that the axis's should all be facing the same way when trying to animate or rig like this? Thanks again Lang
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