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  1. Hi all I just acquired v-ray or rather the trail to give a go with glass rendering particularly. Ive used it a bit in the past but always just gone back to the native for ease more than anything. The problem Im having here though is that I have a displacement that ive set correctly i.e behind the main texture and ive also got a selection tag to make sure it should only apply to the front but its not. Its showing through both sides of a glass that I have to displacing the front and back. I think there must be a way to deal with this as I cant believe it'll only work on solid objects. See attached file, its using the most up to date version (3.7) i think as only downloaded it today. Any help will be much appreciated. Lang vray_disp_test.zip
  2. Hi CBR Thanks for your help on this as ever I think I probably should've sent you an image of what its supposed to look like as what you got from using the displacer was ok but its not extruding enough. The base of the glass needs to come out by about the 5mm I set in displacement but in your file its only moving outward very slightly. What ive done here is an example of what i was trying to achieve just using displacements. This was done using the displacer in emulation mode, then current state to object and then using the smooth tool in sculpt to flatten out around the logo. Its ok but the sharpness of the displacement isnt as good as it was when it was using just the texture to displace. Any suggestions? Thanks again CBR. Lang
  3. Thanks again for checking this out for me CBR. Its almost there but in answer to your question re undislplacing what I really want to do is not totally knock back to the glass/bottle but just knock it back a bit which is why I had hoped that I could just make a texture layer it up and then have an overlay that has an opacity setting that will in effect knock the rocky texture back a little. The emblem needs to stand out but just having it overlay the most protruding texture around the glass is making it illegible if you know what I mean. I have since tried baking the texture and have brought it into PS and added it to the texture image that has the emblem on it but now im getting all sorts of other funky stuff going on so really not sure where to turn right now. Displacements in C4D are a pain sometimes. Not sure about sculpting as not sure I know enough using that method. Lang
  4. Cool thanks CBR I'll take a look
  5. Hi all I have another one that Im sure in the past ive had to deal with but for the life of me cant work out what to do so need some guidance. I have an object which will be a glass and ive created a texture that flows around the bottom of it that displaces outward giving the slight impression of it being icey or rocky. I also have a logo that needs to sit in place and i need to knock back the displacement in exactly the right position of the logo/emblem. Ive tried a few different things, layering up using gradations to make layer masks to knock out what I dont want but this isn't accurate. So what I think I need to do is somehow get the displacement Ive setup out of cinema and made into a texture that I presume I can then apply my emblem to so that they sit correctly aligned and then re-apply as a texture in its own right? Ive not ever dealt with baking textures so wondering if thats the way I need to go to address this. Im attaching the file so you can see exactly where im coming from. Thanks in advance for any help. Lang rocks_glass.zip
  6. Hi CBR Just out of interest do you always use adaptive rather than progressive for glass particularly? You're not the first person Ive heard using that if so. Is it fair to say that progressive is better just for getting to where you what to be cause of the quicker feedback but the use adaptive for the final render? Thanks Lang
  7. Will give that a go cheers CBR. Lang
  8. Hi CBR. Thats doesn't look too bad although not sure what that foggy bit is around the front and whether thats anything to do with this. Are you using the physical render or just standard? Lang
  9. Thanks CBR. Your render looks fine but thats just the outside part. Turn both the inner and out on and see then. What Im getting is this, attached. Thanks again for you input Lang
  10. Hi CBR This is what I get now with the exit refs turned off. You can see that weird ref still in the background and I know its not coming from the logo on the front thats a displacement. Thanks Lang
  11. Hi CBR Yes it does help a bit turning off the exit refs. I found earlier when trying different things that the textures weren't making if any difference to that weird ref in the background but what I was able to fathom was that it seems to be coming from the outside object. When I turn off the outside and render just the inner it seems to be fine but when I render just the outside its there. Are you getting the same? Lang
  12. Hi CBR Thanks for looking at this. I really will need the displacement as its a gonna be an intricate logo etc but left the base stipples in there for the file I gave you which is also a disp. I had tried that too, turning off the displacements but it still shows up which makes me think its not the textures. Did also try turning off that exit refs in trans and I think it did help but cant remember as it tried it a while ago now. Will try again now. Do you always suggest that turning off exit refs in trans will always give you better glass? Im surprised its always on when you make a new texture. Thanks Lang
  13. Hi CBR Ok i've re saved the file but kept everything to a minimum and made the HDR a jpeg. Have a look if you have the time and let me know your opinion. I did just try reducing the ray depth in the render settings which did help but then it also reduced the reflections in other areas I would want to keep. Thanks Lang untitled folder.zip
  14. Hi CBR Yeah its got some thickness to it with the usual liquid part being slightly bigger in scale so it doesn't conflict with the outer glass. Do you have another link I could upload to? Let me see if I can the file smaller. Thanks Lang
  15. Hi all Im not totally sure if Im in the right forum for this but here goes anyway. Im modelling a bottle with a liquid inner but am getting this weird background sort of thing going on (screen shots). Ive checked the model and texture and normals etc but its still keeps showing up in render. Id attach a file but its a bit big even with most if not all of the textures taken out so just wondering if anyone knows why this may be happening and whats best way to deal with? I'll try and attach a file but it'll probably have to be pretty basic so might not show issue. Thanks Lang
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