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  1. I've discovered my crashes are being caused when using the vertex maps. I ticked the 'speed' map so I could have different refraction colours for different areas of the mesh, which looked great as a still but would crash on random frames through picture viewer/render queue on both the Mac and PCs. Hard to know if this would still occur if the meshes were made editable without somehow baking every frame, so it would still be useful if someone know's how to do that?
  2. I seem to be having a lot of problem getting scenes to render without crashing still. It only seems to be certain frames and varies dependant on my cache simulation so it would still be handy if anyone knows how to bake out the mesh to geometry?
  3. I appear to have got this working now. I noticed in the Scene Cache settings it tells you where it's putting the cache files. It was particularly useful that is shows the locations for both Mac (that I'm working on) and PC (that I'm rendering to). So for me I copied the cache files on the my Mac to the c:\tmp folder (that I had to create) on each of the Render Nodes.
  4. Does anyone know what I need to do to get the RealFlow plugin working on Team Render? I've installed it in the Team Render Client directory for each of the render nodes but it's not rendering the mesh. Is this a cache file problem? Is there a way to bake out the RealFlow mesh to geometry for every frame? Thanks Steve
  5. Thanks for your response ABMotion I believe I have the correct setup. My suspicion is it's to do with the way the noise texture is stretched, which is obviously part of the tutorial so I'm not sure of a workaround to this. I may try experimenting with creating the texture in photoshop instead but I've attached the scene file anyway. Thanks S Mind Space v4.c4d studio018.hdr
  6. I've created a balloon and added a bump using a stretched noise as per the following tutorial I've tried playing with phong tag and also tried using a displacement material (in Vray) as an alternative to the bump channel but I get the identical result so it appears to be in the noise texture itself. Can anyone recommend the best solution to this? Thanks S
  7. New system appears much faster for C4D but not so much for AE complex renders.. hmmm..

    1. Happyrender


      2D and 3D accelerators and processing are two COMPLETELY different things! Maddening, isn't it? :D


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