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  1. Thanks Bret, I will check the script out. Also the template/plugin ideas sound great; I look forward to them! Part of me wishes that Adobe would just buy MAXON. It would be a great addition to the CC suite without the separate cost of C4D, but also hopefully bring some better integration with After Effects and other tools like Fuse.
  2. Thanks for the help and suggestions, folks, I will check those out.
  3. I have figures from both Daz Studio and Adobe Fuse (Mixamo) that are easy to bring into C4D already rigged and weight mapped. What's missing is a relatively easy way to add IKs and controllers to the rig to allow for easy positioning/animating. I know the bare minimum to use the IK tags and add poles and so on to at least avoid the worst 'chicken leg' distortions of figures, but there must be a way to get better results from stock figures like this? What do you do with hands, for example? The character tool seems ok for building rigs from scratch, but I don't know how or if it can help with existing rigs. I used to use Cactus Dan's (sadly discontinued) plugins which could easily add a 'hand' tag to a suitable bone hierarchy, for example. Is there anything like that for C4D's built-in bone/joint objects to add all the intricate IK controllers/poles/targets etc. ?
  4. Desperately sad news. Like others, I was always struck by how relentlessly helpful and responsive Dan was, either in the forums or via email. His tutorial videos gave me an excellent crash-course in rigging, and on more than one occasion he was generous enough to give me assistance that really got me out of a hole, without ever asking for anything in return - although I was always happy to buy another plug-in to say thanks :) A real loss to the community. Adios Dan.

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