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  1. Ouch! We're ok in the comp dept... For the most part. I do miss that IT didn't know how to work on macs so we had admin rights, but once we got PCs, the locked that down! It's just ball rolls mighty slow I'm a big company. We were actually I'm R18 till just this past year, even though we were paying yearly for new versions... Such fun!
  2. Ah too much corporate red tape to deal with for that. The thing is we already have it, but what's keeping us from using it is that our render farm is a version of Windows that you can't install 21 on to. But our tech dept is researching into GPU renderer so that willl null the farm anyways... So long story long, just gotta wait it out till all the red tape has been cut up.
  3. I'm thinking of getting a C4D sub with Redshift, unfortunately my work is currently stuck in version 20 for the moment and will probably be like pulling teeth to update. I'm wondering if I was to buy a sub to be able to use at home, is there anything known that would cause an issue going between those two versions? I don't think the subscription is like Adobe's where I can go and download old versions if I want, but if it is let me know.
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