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  1. thank you everyone. very helpful. all sorted now.
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply, only just noticed it. I got round this in a similar way to the one you describe. I used X particles to generate trails from objects then used spline wrap (I had problems with octane emissive textures when using sweep nurbs.)
  3. Hi Apologies for wasting time with such a simple question but I don't use XPresso much so this problem has me stumped. I want to create an XPresso that switches Enabled on and off for many objects using just one switch. I'm half way there but cant find what to use to turn them, all off. Attached is screengrab and also a project file. thanks enabled on off.c4d
  4. I found an xpresso project online that creates trails from an object /point. I want to use it in a way that there are several trails, each from different objects and each having a different shape or texture using sweep nurbs. My problem is that when I copy the trails setup to create the second trail I don't get two different trails. Instead I get both trails twice. example project attached Is there a way to do this? I cant see how to change the input. thanks Dynamic_trails_two_or_more_trails.c4d

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