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  1. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    First blog post from McGavran. He seems like a nice bloke. https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-blog/article/day-1/
  2. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    Here's a five minute clip of MAXON's new CEO, David McGavran, at the WWDC conference a few years back, showing off Illustrator and After Effects stuff. He seems like a smart bloke. The very scripted Apple stage isn't really the place for laughs so I'll be curious to see him speaking personally and honestly about C4D when he gets the chance.
  3. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    A really lovely blog post from the founders here, which also seems to confirm further that R20 is something special. https://www.MAXON.net/en/news/MAXON-blog/article/thanks/ And on reflection it feels like McGavran may very well be a great choice as CEO. He’s an industry veteran with 20 years experience in motion graphics, who is widely trusted and connected to the broadcast industry internationally, and he can now go and sell the merits of C4D to those two decades of industry friends and connections. There are probably a ton of production houses that will have an open door and be happy to talk with him.
  4. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    Well, here's David McGavran penning a blog about his work trip to Brazil. https://www.provideocoalition.com/once-in-a-lifetime-experience-in-brazil/ And - very nice - here's McGavran jumping in to an official Adobe thread just three weeks ago, discussing tech issues (Premiere Pro on the iMac) with a user. https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2504511
  5. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    I tried to install the latest version of Houdini Apprentice again, and this time it worked fine. (Maybe it's happier with Sierra than with Mavericks or whatever I was using in the past). Having a look at the SideFX forum and there are multiple SideFX people, including devs, popping in and commenting and answering questions. It's quite encouraging.
  6. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    Go back and look at the article again. Bloomberg said the info was stated which may as well mean no-one. No-one from Nemetschek would be contacting Bloomberg about it to leak against themselves - and if the people who know the info don't work for Nemetschek, why are they quoted anonymously again? It's more than likely that the people don't exist. More to the point, Bloomberg have listed Cinema 4D in the headline as 'James Bond's 3D software' and illustrated the article with a big fat pic of Daniel Craig. Do you think they did those two things to help impart newsworthy info, or to dredge up clicks? It doesn't inspire a lot of faith in their intentions with the article.
  7. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    That is actually funny, and I’m glad this thread is running over the topic in good spirits. To be honest it doesn’t make much sense for Nemetschek to sell C4D if it’s a steady earner, but I’m not them and I don’t know why they do the things they do. I’d also probably be one of the few happy if MAXON announced some joint Adobe partnership where development continued as normal but everyone with an After Effects sub got the full version chucked in with their CC subscription, but that’s just me. i just noticed the Lynda site has a ton of recent Houdini training by a guy who seems to know what he’s talking about. I’m going to watch all those then let them ferment in my brain for another year or two before I peek again at what the crazy Houdini guys are up to. I met a hotshot Houdini / VFX trainer at some Aussie festival gathering a few years back. His encouraging words to his students when telling them to get working on their reels was basically “Blow something up! Blow up a building! Blow up Melbourne!”, which was pretty funny and quite different from the world of lighting an extruded logo or something.
  8. How Does Autodesk Cinema 4D Sound?

    “No smoke without fire”? If I had a buck for every bogus story that had appeared this year on different subjects referencing anonymous “people familiar with the matter”, and no other evidence, my money troubles would be happily over. That said, it’s obviously something that can’t be ruled out. Nemetschek has denied it, for whatever that’s worth. The timing of the announcement is weird. It came out the week of the R19 announcement at Siggraph, just a couple of days after R19 was announced online. If Nemetschek were ‘exploring’ a possible sale, they would have spent longer than 72 hours doing so. And then some helpful character decides that regardless of where that process is, or isn’t, the best time to leak the story is just as MAXON are attempting to whip up excitement about R19. Strange.
  9. Houdini 16.5 looks amazing

    The latest Houdini does look great. Really really good. The fact that their indie version is so cheap is even better. I installed the free version a year or more back on my iMac to have a look, couldn't get it to run as my machine is several years old now and I think just under the wire as far as minimum GPU specs go. SideFX were very responsive on the forum when I mentioned this, but I decided to leave it there until I could afford a machine that could do it justice. My uninformed guess about some lingering C4D issues. Rick and Paul mentioned a couple of years back (post R17) in a Q&A that unified dynamics were coming in the 'next few versions'. ("It's coming... will be out within the next few releases" etc). Stuff like cloth and Pyrocluster and other bits and pieces that would benefit from being redone and using those unified dynamics to interact have had to wait, and the dynamics have had to wait for the big new core to finally land. So Core>Dynamics>Redone legacy features that need to use both, and R20 might go someway (who knows) along that line to get that train rolling. I could be totally wrong though. Cutman's feedback is very valuable. I'm stuck with AE and basic Cineware and am learning the long neglected basic components of my Creative Cloud sub right now, but I read the forums and pay attention to the annual comments thread post C4D release each year. I always figure if Cutman nods and approves of something then MAXON have really done something decent, and if he's still negative then it means MAXON have more work to do.
  10. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    How does offering slight updates maximise the IP again? I thought offering a large/well-received update that received lots of good reviews and word of mouth would serve the IP better, as for the duration of the year people would be happy with it, stick with it, recommend it to others, see good reviews of it online etc etc etc. A marginal upgrade would do less of all of that. I can't see any reason at all for them to cripple things deliberately. I've got less of a dog in this fight than others, as I'm still on Lite and barely have time to learn After Effects, but I've been reading the C4D forums since version 9, and the negative doom and gloom when various signs (new core, new hires, expanded Canadian dev team) point to the opposite sometimes feels a bit odd.
  11. C4D to engine - Unity or Unreal?

    I know a lot of game makers and programmers locally who use Unity. They're pretty happy with it. The consensus (and I also encountered this) is that Unreal requires a beefier rig and graphics card to run. I briefly subscribed to Unreal when it first came out and my MacBook Pro sounded like a jet engine preparing for takeoff. Your mileage might vary with it. There are substantial tutorials online for both programs (Unreal has a very active official Youtube channel) so maybe try both and see which looks like a good fit for you.
  12. MAXON Labs is GO !!!!

    I recall after R17 came out Paul Babb and Rick Barrett were asked in an online chat if C4D would get unified dynamics at some point. They said yes, it's scheduled to happen within the next few versions. (18, 19, 20). Presumably if it doesn't occur this year, it may be in the works for next year's release.
  13. Finding DVD for ebook

    Try contacting the publisher directly. https://www.routledge.com/info/contact
  14. Houdini Roadmap

    Very cool and informative video.
  15. C4D future info & development

    I wish there was a demo at the end of this month - will be happy for this wait to be over. I definitely said next month though - you even quoted the bit where I said exactly that.