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  1. poodles

    Has anyone ever had this error?

    not that error specifically that I recall....have you contacted MAXON support? I probably would :)
  2. poodles

    Cell WIP

    thank you for your feedback it is alway valuable. I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I will definitely give consideration to what you have said
  3. poodles

    Cell WIP

    updated version... cell_0008a_HDR_copy.tiff
  4. poodles

    Cell WIP

    Thanks Vizn, Ill take this on board. I wasn't sure about the base boards, i get what you mean about the walls too
  5. poodles

    Cell WIP

    maybe its unused It is fairly clean at the moment, i can dirty it up after if thats the only thing that it needs, I'm happy
  6. poodles

    Cell WIP

    I am working on a prison cell.....all critiques gratefully received cell_0004_HDR_small.tiff
  7. poodles

    Cinema 4D R20 available NOW!

    hmmm ill have to check for the link...
  8. poodles

    Cinema 4D R20 available NOW!

    I've not had an email :( should I have?
  9. poodles


    This is much nicer than the original. Definitely play with the random effector for the cloner - saves a lot of time! i would probably to the same with the chairs...
  10. poodles

    gradient interpolation menu

    nice! it is a good little tutorial :)
  11. poodles

    Glow rendering

    I get glow......
  12. poodles

    gradient interpolation menu

    doh...thank you. i was looking in the wrong place
  13. hi, i am following this tutorial https://lesterbanks.com/2018/04/crafting-plugin-free-smoke-clouds-c4d/ at around 2 mins 45 seconds, he shows a drop down menu that I cannot get......how do i get this please? thank you
  14. Can you upload a scene file with these objects in? doesn't make sense at the moment (as you say) lol
  15. poodles


    Its an excellent start and I prefer some parts of yours.....like the less reflective floor although maybe yours is a little flat....i find arsenics a little distracting and i don't like his speaker cloth! Like arsenics i think you have cloned the lights, which I get. maybe the wires from the lights to the upper wire could be changed up a bit so they're less uniform your speaker cloth could be a little thinner - but maybe not as much as his! Its difficult to see exactly where the focus is.....maybe too much depth of field is applied? try to ensure something is clearly in focus and its something that makes sense visually The visible light doesn't quite seem to fit the windows...its like there is another light source which can't be seen Im not sure if the net curtains are again clones - they seem like they might be.....again perhaps switch them up a bit The wall (and possibly floor) tiles could do with some reflection and maybe displacement - just a teeny tiny bit....maybe add a tiny bit of dirt to the floor? A bit of reflection for the chair and table legs too? Maybe zing the lighting up a bit.... I would also perhaps go for some post work for some colour in the lighting if you can. modelling looks great from this as far as I can see Hope this helps!! Excellent work though!