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  1. I have had a go at modelling the iron man arc reactor, found a few conflicting images and blueprints, they all said it should look different - i know there are different versions, so here is mine any comments gratefully received as always. Thank you peoples of the cafe
  2. not that error specifically that I recall....have you contacted MAXON support? I probably would :)
  3. thank you for your feedback it is alway valuable. I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I will definitely give consideration to what you have said
  4. updated version... cell_0008a_HDR_copy.tiff
  5. Thanks Vizn, Ill take this on board. I wasn't sure about the base boards, i get what you mean about the walls too
  6. maybe its unused It is fairly clean at the moment, i can dirty it up after if thats the only thing that it needs, I'm happy
  7. I am working on a prison cell.....all critiques gratefully received cell_0004_HDR_small.tiff
  8. hmmm ill have to check for the link...
  9. I've not had an email :( should I have?
  10. This is much nicer than the original. Definitely play with the random effector for the cloner - saves a lot of time! i would probably to the same with the chairs...
  11. nice! it is a good little tutorial :)
  12. doh...thank you. i was looking in the wrong place
  13. hi, i am following this tutorial https://lesterbanks.com/2018/04/crafting-plugin-free-smoke-clouds-c4d/ at around 2 mins 45 seconds, he shows a drop down menu that I cannot get......how do i get this please? thank you
  14. Can you upload a scene file with these objects in? doesn't make sense at the moment (as you say) lol
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