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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean Deck! I'm outputting for an LED surface, so everything needs to be pixel accurate - like you say, it wouldn't be something I'd normally notice in day to day c4d use. The physical renderer does look more accurate - I'll have a go playing with the sampling settings, see if I can get it cleaner. Thanks for your suggestions on this :)
  2. It's worth a try, thanks Isleofgough - I'll give it a go when I get back into the studio. But this is just a super simple example to illustrate the point - I don't actually want to make flat planes! I need to be able to create single pixels lines that I can reliably guarantee will appear on the correct pixel coordinates.
  3. Hey Deck! Thanks for your help :) Ah, very clever! I never thought to drag the zoom widget to snap to an edge so it fills the frame perfectly like that - great suggestion, thank you! Unfortunately it still doesn't quite work precisely though - the third plane appears at pixel 401 instead of 400, and the bottom row is at 201 rather than 200. It really should work as you describe though - very confusing! Any other suggestions of what I could try?
  4. Yes, when you purchase it you get the option to download both installers.
  5. Hi! Wondering if anyone could help with this? I've been trying to set up a simple scene and render from C4D pixel perfectly, where a plane that is 200 units, gets rendered at exactly 200 pixels with no antialiasing. In this example, I have a scene set to render at 600 x 400 pixels, with a spline 600 x 400 cm that perfectly fits the camera framing. With antialiasing turned off, my plane renders out at 201 pixels and there's a single pixel space at the top of the frame. With antialiasing set to Best or Geometry, there is no gap on edge of frame but obviously there isn't a clean line now. I've tried using front and parallel cameras, but struggled setting the zoom value to perfectly fit the render size. I know there used to be some xpresso that adjusted camera FOV etc to ensure a plane perfectly fills frame, but I'm struggling finding live links for it? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get this working? So that a 200 cm plane renders out at exactly 200 pixels, without anti-aliasing? many thanks! Terry pixelperfect.c4d
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