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  1. Heard back from MAXON support - this is what they say: "As I understand it the MSA modifies the EULA of your software so that it can be used on two machine; this is not tied to a subscription, it's simply added to your software when you purchase. So the short story is the functionality is always part of that license. " Soooo - it sounds like once the software is purchased with the MSA you are good to use on 2 machines non-concurrently even if you don't renew MSA....?
  2. Hi all, I have been using R15 Broadcast and just got the $1695 R20 Studio upgrade offer - it's too good to pass up for such a big jump. But I'm not clear on how the seats work. With my R15 Broadcast I was able to install on my desktop and laptop and use them non-concurrently. Never had the MSA. It sounds like now the MSA is required for this option? If this is true and I don't renew the MSA in a year do I lose the ability to use R20 on both computers non-concurrently? Thanks!



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