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  1. In terms of features this is better than R19. I am glad they added OpenVDB in the way they did. I can see a good workflow from C4D to ZBrush. The fields system looks great and the fact that it can work as a polygon deformer should improve modeling workflows. The material nodes system is nice. I like the fact that added multiple ways to do things in the system and "small" things like create a input node from an output node's port. As far as the UV tools, I know changes are coming and I don't UV via Cinema 4D right now. I look forward when they have better tools in the future.
  2. I have used RIS through Cineman before but I don't think I can use it in Broadcast.
  3. It seems that Pixar killed development for its Cinema 4D plugin. It is no longer listed on the Renderman site. It could be that MAXON acquired it and will be bundling it with the Studio version which I will be upset about because I have the Broadcast Edition.
  4. Over doing the "What should be in the next version?" bit. Happy with what I have and looking forward to what's next.


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