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  1. Hi, Looking for 3D modeler who can do this bag with nice quad polygon mesh. Budget is not high.... drop a PM with your best offered price. Only one view available and need it by today....! Thanks.
  2. BHi, I am looking forward to buy RealFlow for C4D 2.5x / 3.0, drop a message if you are selling. Please check its transferable or how is it process before reaching me....! Thanks.
  3. Hi, I am selling my Mac Pro 6.1, 12 Core, 64GB Ram, 1 TB SSD, D500 in USD 3000. I am in Dubai, UAE. If anyone interested, please drop a message or email me at iacdxb@me.com Thanks. ...
  4. Thanks for your contact. My box was full... you can send now. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I do full time job and most of time... dont have time to handle overloaded freelance jobs. Looking for 3D modeler who can work with me as a team. This can be bathtub or a bottle or face 3d model.... depends or client requirement. Please note.... I m looking for freelance so I can give competitive rates the local market and job time deadline is very important....! Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Please see this. Only product (bottle) will change and all other effects will be same. PM me if you are interested with cost and time. Thanks. ...
  7. Hi Craig,


    It is done.... got logo from google but hi-res but for preview its ok.






    Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 09.19.57.jpg

  8. Hi, I am trying on a simple sphere but nothing happens after a point select and "Groe Ivy", Living Branches: 1 of 1 and stopped. any idea...? Thanks. ...
  9. Wow.... very nice, will be the best tool for uv in C4D. Thanks for sharing you nice stuff. Desperate to use it in my Mac. Thanks. ...
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