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  1. difficult to say without a scene - but main knob to turn, go to project settings and raise iterations ... cloth_rod.c4d
  2. some basic things to change here. Key is that you have to raise some settings in project settings like this. Maybe not as high but I saw the other problem a bit later Try to avoid emitting from inside an existing fluid, this might cause problems from unexpected forces to be calculated. Just lift the emitter up - there is room enough - that it will spawn particles always on top of existing fluid level. Doing all this made it dense till end of simulation . Caching needed some minutes on my system.
  3. X-Particles 732 is compatible with R21 sure you can update in R20 and below and try to copy/move the files but I´d recommend to go to your Insydium user account and do a fresh download there. There is a new version available now that solves some problems. To check if you have got it go to console -> default . The bridge build should read 38 .
  4. the only chance that I see is use correction deformer to separate objects by vertex maps which use same objects as volume uses as a field and use a layer shader with coloured vertex maps... volume colour.c4d
  5. just for information, as I´ve got XParticles, tried polygnome with their bridge and got polygnome work - just needs a new R20 serial as far as I can see so far ...
  6. did you read the hints from the manual ? Difficult to say without a scene file, however fluid fx is different from the other fluid options. Take care that collider getting fluidfx collider tag is subdivided enough and don´t try thin walls. Use an invisible proxy with rather thick walls to get the engine enough calculations that speedy particles can be detected as colliding. So increasing substeps is a good way as well...
  7. As it is back now to the store now bought it as a x-mas present for me. Think it´s very useful and saves a lot of time once you have your assets created. Needs a bit of planning to create assets, especially axis positioning if you want perfect positioning, but love it a lot by now.
  8. think these are technical reasons. If you need different colours within one mesh, XPskinner is the only way to go for ... OVDBmesher is using volumes and these don´t provide any colour information I´m afraid.
  9. sure you can. EFX source tag goes to emitter (groups are not supported), just take care particles provide at least some fuel (emitter -> extended data)
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