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  1. The core is cumming so just chill.
  2. I'll probably get R20 but I'd like to see what Maya is offering first. I've been with C4D since R12 and the last 3 or 4 releases have had me on the fence and I've stuck with it. But the price difference of either sticking with the MSA (which feels like a subscription, whether or not it really is) is less than a day rate in yearly cost difference to Maya. Maya just seems more practical in that almost every object in 3D needs UVs and having Unfold3D in Maya is nice. Models need to be rigged, and the Quick Rig is nice. I have been doing "motion graphics" for 15 years, and still I have had way more jobs ask for, say, a dog running through a field -- than "a weird blob thing that morphs into slug that morphs into a geometric shape, but to a beat!" Maybe my clients aren't high end enough. HAVING SAID THAT... The main app killer for me here is the CAD importer. That alone is worth the price of admission for me personally, and that is the most practical useful thing on the planet. So you got me for another year MAXON!



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