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  1. , just bought Rizom too. Wish this post came pre-Black Friday, lol.
  2. Thanks to Rick I was able to fix this UI issue. If you are colorblind and having issues with the "traffic lights" in R21 I went ahead and brought up the contrast and brightened the green ones (almost yellow-ing it... i think, haha). And I switched the Red ones to a very visible blue, so hopefully this is night and day for you, as it is for me now. Replace it where Rick has stated above. It's too big to attach, so here's a link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13MirZgsHipuDNg9Bx9JV2wmThkRp1366/view?usp=sharing As a side note, I'd plead that more UI designers keep in
  3. OMG, Thank you soooooo much!!!!!! You are a life saver!!! I'm doing this NOW, thanks!
  4. Any other colorblind folks out there? I'm reviving this thread hoping things have changed since it was started in 2017, but I haven't found a way to change the traffic light modes, so I fear it hasnt. It's even harder for red-green colorblindness than it was pre-R21.
  5. It's not a big deal, but I have accidentally done the wrong quit several times and had to go back, log in and out on desktop while going back and forth with laptop. I'm just curious why "quit and sign out of license" isn't the only option. If there isn't a limit per month or anything, maybe it makes closing down slower?
  6. If it's like Adobe did, I don't think once you convert it you can un-convert it, that's why they are giving you the 20% for two years. Which should be higher IMHO, since that is saying your $3500 license is only worth $300, which also doesn't make sense. I feel like these details weren't so well thought out, in a way that kinda makes me lose some confidence in them. What idiot is going to basically sell their $3500 license for $300? Or is MAXON just admitting that's all its worth now, post-subscription era?
  7. Yeah this part is what stings me too. I get MAXON's argument about easing lower priced people into forking over $720 a year, but on principal I don't like the taste in my mouth about what this actually means. I think MAXON should eat that cost frankly, and give it to everyone for the same $250, but I don't see them doing that no matter how much we complain so it is what it is. Its the cost of them changing everything, I didn't call them with this subscription idea, and it means they will be making $720 from everyone for the foreseeable future, so you'd think they could afford to. It comes down
  8. I have a 4k monitor and it honestly doesn't bother me as it is, but I DO feel the same way about the 3rd party renderer node API stuff. I'm a long time Octane user and they are already mentioning porting their nodes over to the native system which I imagine most renderers will do pretty quickly, so having that as a unified interface will be nice going forward. That and the (finally) updated skinning methods are about it though for me. I'm also weighing if and when i sell, getting rid of an R20 license will be harder, and if you can find a buyer for R21, that might get you a couple years worth
  9. Thanks Dave! I'm in your exact boat, so I'm curious what you decided to do? I might just renew before the cutoff, but I'm considering doing nothing at all since the longer I hold out to get a subscription would mean that if I can wait 6 months that's 50% off, for example. And I'd still retain the R20 license, and the plugins may take a while to get sorted for R21 so I may look to stand waiting even a year, possibly more depending on how bad i want the new stuff. I'm torn on what to do, so I'd love to know what you decided.
  10. Cool, if that's how you feel then why not buy my licence for two thousand bucks? Sounds like a fantastic deal and it's for sale. Best time ever to grab one from me. I have never sold for this price before. So if that's how you feel, buy me out.
  11. This aspect of what Rogwal said makes paying more than Prime customers for the exact same thing even more illogical to me, just sayin': then they de-valued my Studio version considerably. ...so what is the market value of a C4D Studio R20 license post announcement? I'm guessing a whole lot less than pre. Anyone want to buy one for $3500? I assume not. hahaha, I'll cut you a discount ? 2500? Seriously, if anyone is interested for 2k pm me. OR I'll just pay you to trade for the illustrious Prime discount. i mean, c'mon it makes no sens
  12. I have a quick question in the most chill relaxed tone of voice ever, but doesn't this seem like it should be reversed, or am I missing something here: "The basic conversion offer is this - if you have an active MSA for an edition other than Studio, you can lock in 2 years at roughly the same price as your current MSA. If you have an active MSA for C4D Studio, you can lock in the first 2 years at a 20% discount. " Because if that's the case wouldn't I want to ditch my studio license ASAP and try to swap it for a prime license since it would be considerably cheaper for the next two ye
  13. Since my MSA is due at the end of August, I'm just going to forget about renewing and make do with learning X-particles in the meantime. It will probably take a while before the plugin breakdown is fixed for everything, so you might find yourself going back to R20 anyway for several months. Then next year or whenever i absolutely need to, I'll jump on the subscription plan. BAM, I saved $700 AND I have a perpetual copy of R20. Ignore all their "deals," and there finally wont be a penalty for skipping a version (that feels like a mild upgrade anyway).
  14. The core is cumming so just chill.
  15. I'll probably get R20 but I'd like to see what Maya is offering first. I've been with C4D since R12 and the last 3 or 4 releases have had me on the fence and I've stuck with it. But the price difference of either sticking with the MSA (which feels like a subscription, whether or not it really is) is less than a day rate in yearly cost difference to Maya. Maya just seems more practical in that almost every object in 3D needs UVs and having Unfold3D in Maya is nice. Models need to be rigged, and the Quick Rig is nice. I have been doing "motion graphics" for 15 years, and still I have had way mor
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