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  1. omegatres

    Voronoi Slices

    Solved It! I think it was the old I need someone to stand over my shoulder. Thanks for those who took a peak. I will leave the file for those who are curious. slices_0001.c4d
  2. So I have a Voronoi text sliced up into strips I would like to randomly move the pieces in different directions based on the angle they are cut. Is this possible with effectors. slices.c4d
  3. omegatres

    Grouping into a hierarchy chain

    Thanks, All good it wasn't pressing. Just got annoyed the few times I wanted to do it. Glad I could give you some practice. I want to get more into python just have had the time to dedicate to it.
  4. omegatres

    Grouping into a hierarchy chain

    The positions of the objects all shifted from their current position after running it. It did what I wanted besides the position move. I undid the command and it crashed. Still thankful tho.
  5. omegatres

    Grouping into a hierarchy chain

    Wait! It's moving the position of the object as well.
  6. omegatres

    Grouping into a hierarchy chain

    Yes Sir! Thanks not sure why this isn't built in.
  7. omegatres

    Grouping into a hierarchy chain

    Yes! Jed, I should have posted a picture.
  8. omegatres

    Grouping into a hierarchy chain

    Yes, I know that! That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking if you can group multiple objects into a joint chain. Not into a single null.
  9. Is there a command or option to put multiple selected objects into a hierarchy group other than manually dragging each layer under the next. Such as like a joint chain for example. Feel like there has to be something for this.
  10. Hmmm.. Word I just want to keep it simple. I have a lot of other things to do. I don't want it to become complex if someone else has to touch it. But I will move on to other parts of the job till I can think of a good way to mograph it or just do it by hand.
  11. yes, but how do I get it to fall back into a word. it just stays on the spline. This seems so simple, I have done so many complex things in c4d and I can't wrap my head around this.
  12. OK, so I have some text that I would like to animate. That looks like its coming out of a can that's lifting up. I can't seem to come up with a solution. I would be awesome if it could fall in along a spline and forms the word. Any advice would be great. I included a basic scene and not the mess I have attempted. text.c4d
  13. omegatres

    Knife tool not working properly

    I agree mine will only cut non gons. And you have to zoom out to get to do it right, so maybe keep zooming out. I also think it's a geometry bug. They said it would be a week or 2 for the next fix and they are well aware and are working hard to fix it.
  14. omegatres

    Knife tool not working properly

    So, I just called them and they said the solution is to zoom out or change your camera. Zooming out works but its not super efficient and or precise in some instances.