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  1. Hmmm.. Word I just want to keep it simple. I have a lot of other things to do. I don't want it to become complex if someone else has to touch it. But I will move on to other parts of the job till I can think of a good way to mograph it or just do it by hand.
  2. yes, but how do I get it to fall back into a word. it just stays on the spline. This seems so simple, I have done so many complex things in c4d and I can't wrap my head around this.
  3. OK, so I have some text that I would like to animate. That looks like its coming out of a can that's lifting up. I can't seem to come up with a solution. I would be awesome if it could fall in along a spline and forms the word. Any advice would be great. I included a basic scene and not the mess I have attempted. text.c4d
  4. Knife tool not working properly

    I agree mine will only cut non gons. And you have to zoom out to get to do it right, so maybe keep zooming out. I also think it's a geometry bug. They said it would be a week or 2 for the next fix and they are well aware and are working hard to fix it.
  5. Knife tool not working properly

    So, I just called them and they said the solution is to zoom out or change your camera. Zooming out works but its not super efficient and or precise in some instances.
  6. Knife tool not working properly

    Well, It is clean topology and it was the corner there that I was trying to cut in the borrowed edge and I wasn't using a loop cut to do it. The cut put in the picture was to show what it was doing.
  7. Knife tool not working properly

    Sorry, I got so frustrated I just made points and connected them. Weirdly it seemed like it just in the area I was trying to cut. The picture shows the area and what I would get with a cut. It's a random cut to prove my point.
  8. I know this an ongoing problem but I just want the knife to work. R18.48 Currently, it just started cutting all the way through objects with visible only checked. Now it won't even cut a new line. I just get non-gons to add to the frustration. SO basically I can't work. I have checked every button, restarted and nothing. F!
  9. I know this is a little late but you can do this without a cloner as well. The Cloner may have a little more control. Doing it this way you have to make your spline uniform and crank the points for a smooth spline and make it current state. But Im just posting this to show other ways to think of deformers and changing them to effect points and polygons. Sine_Wave_nocloner.c4d