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  1. Given the entire channel with all its videos only has about 50K views, it's not like you'd of earned more than a few dollars anyway. If there are videos that are offensive to YouTube, remove the offenders or move them to a separate channel. Either way it would take a significant effort to bring the content up to standards that will get enough views to make it all worthwhile.
  2. That usually puts things in a completely new perspective.
  3. Many have already made their decision. With MAXON offering their weakest release in history, that made the choice easy. If you feel that strongly about it, giving them your money seems hypocritical.
  4. For those who may choose R21 as their final license, does that mean MAXON will provide license verification server access indefinitely (unlimited)?
  5. +1 A big part of what made the C4D community great was it's respect and trust for MAXON. I feel we are nothing more than a subscriber # to them now. A company that is user-focused would not implement such heavy handed policies.
  6. What Studio owner would surrender their $3,695 perpetual license to get a mere 20% discount off the first two years of subscription and have to pay it all up front. Give up your license to save about $150/yr, for two years. Could that be right?
  7. Sorry but this does not seem to be a fair price for perpetual Studio owners. On top of that, take away the Cineversity subscription. Not a way to treat your loyal customer base.
  8. Why not have a subscribe to own option? My biggest problem is not being able to open my own files if I decide to stop with the subscription. Many other companies provide this option or something similar. Why does MAXON have to go the Adobe route. There are much more user friendly ways to achieve subscriptions.
  9. That's how it feels. This is our new future. Interesting to look back at this thread.
  10. In the past this was always an exciting week. Hear about C4D's new features, lots of discussion on the forums (good and bad), and watching the presentations of the show. This time around, I have not watched a single presentation and have absolutely no interest in doing so. There are many companies that offer software subscriptions in a much more user-friendly way. The Adobe way just feels immoral.
  11. Existing Studio owners just lost about $2K today as your option to sell your license has now disappeared.
  12. This is the most disappointing release since I"ve been with MAXON (R13 Studio). A buyout from Adobe would of been better than this. At least the overall cost of subscription would of likely been less. Sounds great for new users looking to get into C4D, but a kick in the nads for MAXON's loyal customers. Have always looked forward to C4D new info release day. This one has me thinking about other options.
  13. Here are a few more VR options. Not all are available at this time, coming soon. New headsets with high res screens: HP Reverb Acer OJO ConceptD HTC Cosmos Super high res screens: Varjo VR-1 Some more wide FOV headsets: StarVR XTAL Some of these are very expensive, but many of these companies are supposed to produce consumer versions in the future.
  14. Couldn't agree more. If you don't mind waiting, it should be a great headset. @Icecaveman Are you getting an Index? The first batch should start shipping most likely the week of the 17th.
  15. Index will be much harder to get. Preordering now, you won't see your VR setup until early October. Rift S will be more readily available as well as half the price. In addition to the Oculus Medium sculpting app, there is: SculptVR MasterpieceVR Other popular artistic apps to check out in VR are: Tilt Brush Quill SculptVR, MasterpieceVR, and Tilt Brush are also available on Steam, while Medium and Quill only on the Oculus store.
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