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  1. Cycles 4d?

    As stated on Insydium's website, Cycles 4D is a bridge plugin which allows C4D users access to the Cycles engine. So you are paying for the integration, not the render engine itself.
  2. My initial reaction to being forced to pay for a license type upgrade was the same as many others have already expressed. This was a poor marketing move by Insydium. There could of been other ways to handle the cost that don't leave users feeling like they are being charged for something they don't need or nickel-and-diming their oldest, most loyal customers. Generating an upgrade cost from the user serial # could have avoided drawing so much attention to paying for changing license policies. I totally understand the need to do it, to be fair to those who've paid for the more expensive license type, but only after reading multiple posts from daveo. Do you really want to have to explain to every customer why this shouldn't leave a bad taste in their mouth. It still does not change the fact that if we want to upgrade to XP4, we have to pay for something we don't need. Offering a 50% discount certainly helps ease any ill feelings, and already upgraded upon receiving the early bird offer. Excited for XP4, looking awesome so far.
  3. UI With a 4k Monitor

    Also depends on the display size. 4K monitors range from 24" to 43". If you go with one of the bigger models from Dell or LG, scaling will be less of an issue.
  4. Phenom is an AMD CPU. What video card do you have in those PCs?
  5. Then why didn't you share your secret with the rest of us. :) CUDA has been Nvidia only, so not likely you've been using it on AMD GPUs.
  6. In the Viewport > Options menu, turn on backface culling. (Shortcut N~P)
  7. Thoughts on short term licensing?

    This option is directly targeted to studios to give them some flexibility. Clearly not a viable option for students or new licensees.
  8. Mac Mini Render farm

    That makes much more sense going for the 2012. You didn't mention that in your original post. Resale value of 90+% helps offset the Apple tax for sure. Can't do that with a pc.
  9. Mac Mini Render farm

    I really wanted to pick up 2 or 3 minis on the last update in 2014, but since Apple decided to go dual-core i5 instead of quad-core i7, that option didn't make sense. The new minis have half the processing power of the previous generation, which makes the cost per cinebench point very high compared to the pc. There are some pc alternatives to the mini announced this year at CES as an option, below are some links. Wonder if the next mini will go back to i7 quad or stay dual core. I would much rather have a mac mini and pay a slight premium, but dual core is a deal breaker for me. http://www.maximumpc.com/ces-2016-ecs-reveals-tiny-mini-stx-not-itx-form-factor-mobo-video/ http://www.asrock.com/news/index.asp?id=3160 http://www.techpowerup.com/220293/msi-announces-cubi-2-plus-and-cubi-2-plus-vpro-mini-pcs.html
  10. Add the effector to the lower level cloner instead of the top level.
  11. The pink dots are the fixed points on your cloth object. Go to the cloth tag, Dresser tab to edit them.
  12. C4D Cafe lost and new files,free to use!

    What's the best way to download these? Anyone try downloading it as one massive zip file. That would have to be the largest file I've ever downloaded. :)
  13. Don't mean to beat a dead horse over the "Subscription Model" controversy. Some love it, others hate it, but less developers lead to less innovation and buggier code. A few quotes from the recent article... "Autodesk’s announcement explicitly links the layoffs to its move to a rental-only policy." "...from users claiming to be Autodesk employees suggest that cuts may, if anything, be even more severe in the product development teams." Full article here... Autodesk lays off 925 staff
  14. Check out this tutorial from GSG. Rock Goo
  15. Render a Kitchen Concept in VR now on Cineversity

    Not creating yet, but am very interested in this subject. I have a few friends who are high end residential architects and would like to approach them using one of these techniques on one of their designs.