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  1. Jimh

    VR Sculpting...

    Here are a few more VR options. Not all are available at this time, coming soon. New headsets with high res screens: HP Reverb Acer OJO ConceptD HTC Cosmos Super high res screens: Varjo VR-1 Some more wide FOV headsets: StarVR XTAL Some of these are very expensive, but many of these companies are supposed to produce consumer versions in the future.
  2. Jimh

    VR Sculpting...

    Couldn't agree more. If you don't mind waiting, it should be a great headset. @Icecaveman Are you getting an Index? The first batch should start shipping most likely the week of the 17th.
  3. Jimh

    VR Sculpting...

    Index will be much harder to get. Preordering now, you won't see your VR setup until early October. Rift S will be more readily available as well as half the price. In addition to the Oculus Medium sculpting app, there is: SculptVR MasterpieceVR Other popular artistic apps to check out in VR are: Tilt Brush Quill SculptVR, MasterpieceVR, and Tilt Brush are also available on Steam, while Medium and Quill only on the Oculus store.
  4. Jimh

    VR Sculpting...

    Don't know if you've seen this VR stylus that was recently announced. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/promo/vr-ink.html Was going to try sculpting in Medium tonight. Have the Rift S and six other VR headsets. Rift S is a good choice for the price if you have an average IPD (Interpupillary Distance).
  5. Will this become reality today?
  6. I know you setup playlists and that's great to have, but that's not how everyone uses YouTube, especially those who will stumble onto videos through search. Each video should have a descriptive title, keywords, hashtags, description, timestamps, thumbnail image, if you want maximum viewership with YouTube's search algorithms. Understandably, all that takes time and effort, but something to work towards.
  7. Is your Cineware effect renderer set to Standard Final?
  8. Great. Subbed. Hard to tell what belongs to what when looking at the videos. Videos will need more descriptive titles.
  9. Just to put things into perspective. MAXON is a fairly small company, with IIRC about 150 employees. It's parent company Nementschek, worth about $4B. But Adobe is worth a whopping $120B. To stick with your horse analogy, a winning horse today is not guaranteed to be that in the future. A horse could slow down, get sick, even break a leg. How would you explain to the shareholders that you turned down an offer worth 20x its actual value, more money than it would ever make given the best circumstances. The primary goal of business is to make money. Of course, I hope none of this ever happens as I have come to despise Adobe and their forced subscription model. It's just that they have the ability to make an offer that would be hard to refuse.
  10. Just a matter of time before Adobe makes an offer for C4D that they can't turn down. They already have two feet in the door.
  11. You might be interested in a mentorship program such as Mo-Graph Mentor or School of Motion for more of a guided path. Otherwise there is just so much to learn. The more you explore 3D, the bigger it seems to get. Learning principles of design, color, typography, animation, lighting, and many others. Do lots of tutorials to learn the software, techniques, as well as project-based ones. Key is to take what you've learned and implement it in your own work. Try to do daily or weekly projects to reinforce what you've learned. It all just takes time.
  12. Just the fact that you would be surprised to not hear Nick's name mentioned is very shocking in itself and quite telling. I wouldn't even consider him anywhere near knowledgeable when it comes to C4D. In fact he's said it many times himself during video tutorials. Chris Schmidt from GSG on the other hand is impressive and knows 100x that of Nick. Have you taken Tim's fxPHD courses or even the MILG ones? You are comparing TD master course work to Tim's impressive resume of professional work. Are you serious. It's not even close. Also Tim is not a programmer. Not many C4D artists are, not even the best ones. Tim does do rigging and has a rigging course, although he is not a character animator. Maybe you should compare their reels. Or how many times each has presented for MAXON at NAB, SiGraph, IBC, etc. Really don't understand why you had to throw Tim under the bus by making the comparison in your first response. Could of just stated your positive opinion of Hrvoje and moved on. Would of agreed both are extremely talented and proficient in C4D, some more-so in certain areas than others.
  13. I'd have to respectfully disagree back at you. I've bought all of Vertex Pusher tutorials and most of the current stuff, including TD master course. HSrdelic is great, love his stuff, but Tim Clapham is on a different level. If you had taken all his courses at fxPHD I doubt you would be saying that, he knows C4D inside and out. I've watched tutorials from 95% of the C4D authors, spent thousands of dollars over the last decade on tutes. Both authors are excellent, we just have different opinions, it's all good.
  14. Motion graphics and photo realistic product design, along with Cinema 4D is not something you can realistically master in two months, not even in two years. The good news is there is an abundance of quality training available, both free and paid. Tim Clapham from helloLuxx has always been a favorite of mine for training. I don't know of anyone who knows the app better than him. But there are many others of similar caliber. Search these forums as this topic comes up every now and then.
  15. For cooling, I was planning on using one the Corsair CPU liquid coolers. Either the H150i Pro, H115i Pro, or H100i Pro will work with Threadripper.



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