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  1. Would Cinema 4d Owners convert this?

    While it was made in Zbrush. The file is in the C4D format. Converted it but too large to upload here. It's 680MB.
  2. I was considering this too. But have to agree, even with the discount, it feels a bit overpriced for me.
  3. Sad but true. I really, really, really... hope that R20 is the big "wow" release that many are expecting it to be as this may be the tipping point for some if it is not.
  4. Making 3d objects with 360º photos

    The process you are referring to is called 3D Photogrammetry. Some of the more popular options in this space are: Structure Sensor for iPad PhotoScan ReCap and there are many others.
  5. Creality3D CR - 10S

    I was intrigued by the whole concept of the Raspberry Pi. Had not heard about a fully functional microcomputer for so little money before this. I'm usually focused on computers on the other end of the spectrum, huge behemoths with multi-cpus, multi-gpus, etc. So using one sounds like a fun tech project with the benefit of being able to remotely send the printer files. The thought of saving to an SD card and taking that back and forth from the computer to the printer sounds a bit old school. Most likely I will have the printer in a remote room so being able to check on it with a remote camera or web interface will also be convenient. Very cool reindeer print. I'd be interested to see pics of the progression from 3D print to final painted ornament.
  6. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Printing a custom case would be a great idea. I'll be sure to order one without a case.
  7. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Was reading the post on the FB group about using a Raspberry Pi to load, control, monitor, etc the printer providing features that the more expensive printers have built in. Sounds like an affordable mod with a lot of benefits. What do you guys think?
  8. Creality3D CR - 10S

    CR-10S. Based on your shipping speed, I could see it by the end of next week. :) In the meantime, picked up Simplify3D and trying to get familiar with the software.
  9. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Congrats on receiving it so quickly. From order to doorstep, in less than two weeks from China, can't complain about that. I've heard many people say expect to wait up to six weeks or longer when ordering from LightInTheBox. I placed my order a few days ago. Finally got a printer price and shipping fee that was acceptable. Here's hoping for a similar shipping time. A few days after that, ordered a bunch of Creality filament at the lowest price I've seen it yet with free shipping. The prices on LightInTheBox for filament fluctuate all over the place, so best to keep an eye on it over time.
  10. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Unfortunately, my order never got placed. I had the printer and a bunch of filament in my cart. After researching LITB for about an hour I decided to go ahead with the purchase using Paypal, but in that short amount of time, the printer jumped up in price, as well as the filament, an increase of about $250 from just an hour earlier, so I didn't place the order. The next day, the price went back down to $333, so I thought I'll place the order now, but this time the shipping jumped from about $20 to almost $200, so again I didn't place the order.
  11. Creality3D CR - 10S

    LightInTheBox, GearBest, and probably a few others that are offering such great prices on these printers are based in China. There's no shortage of horror stories from users buying from these sites. LightInTheBox is a publicly traded company on the NYSE. I guess buying through PayPal would offer some buyer protection in case there is an issue.
  12. Creality3D CR - 10S

    It seems lightinthebox has dropped their prices overnight. The CR-10S is now only $333, $313 with Thanksgiving promo reward. The bigger brother CR-10 500mm x 500mm x 500mm is only $592. Has anyone ordered through lightinthebox.com before? The reviews are less than favorable.
  13. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Have you guys tried printing in anything other than PLA? As for PLA (or any type of material) are there brands that are better than others, any to stay away from. The prices on PLA can vary quite a bit from brand to brand. Is the cheap stuff ok? From the lightinthebox.com site, there are PLA Kg for $12. Does it make sense to order a bunch of colors of filament? Do you sand and paint your models? Sorry for so many questions. Sale ends today and want to place order very soon.
  14. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Thanks @TheJimReaper The Creality CR-10S seems like a great printer. From my limited knowledge, it seems the downside to this printer over some of the more expensive ones, is the limited materials it can print. It cannot print ABS, Nylon, or any material that requires higher temperatures.
  15. Creality3D CR - 10S

    Wow. Great timing for this thread. Been researching 3D printers here and there for the last few weeks. Had it narrowed down to a few (Formlabs Form 2, Lulzbot Taz 6, Ultimaker 2+, Makergear M2, Zmorph VX Multitool, Makerbot Replicator+). All these are much pricier than the CR-10S. Going to take advantage of this sale and order later today. For someone just getting into 3D printing, like myself, what else should I order along with the printer itself? What about the software? Does it come with everything you need? Mac compatible?