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  1. Does running GPU renderers such as Redshift with cards in PCIEx8 configuration bottleneck performance? Many miners tend to run their GPUs in x1. Not all applications saturate the PCI bus.
  2. Jimh

    Introduction to R20 Nodes

    Surprised MAXON would release a new version and not provide any help for a new highlight feature such as Nodes. They must know that users will struggle without it.
  3. The collision collider needs a polygonal object to collide with. A floor has no polygons.
  4. Have you run any memory testing utilities, if not I would do that for a few rounds to rule any RAM issues out.
  5. Jimh

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Maybe there will be a few Bonus Lessons in the future.
  6. Jimh

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Can't wait to pick up this training, along with Tim's Fields In One Day, once R20 is released. Fields is an absolute gamechanger for MoGraph. The possibilities which already seemed infinite are now beyond comprehension. Can't wait to see what the talented C4D community will do with this over the next few months.
  7. Jimh

    Siggraph 2018 C4D Live

    Pacific Vancouver, BC, Canada (PDT)
  8. Jimh

    Cinebench Update?

    +1. We don't need new benchmarking software until chipmakers add new features/instruction sets that the software can take advantage of. It has nothing to do with the version of C4D we are on.
  9. That's for sure. Power efficiency has always been a weak spot for AMD. But its not as bad as you might think, here is a comparison against Intel's Core i9 7960X 16-Core ($1,399) Cost per Core 2990WX - $56.22 7960X - $87.44 Cinebench Points per Watt 2990WX - 20.4 7960X - 18.7 Cinebench Points per Dollar 2990WX - 2.83 7960X - 2.20
  10. Jimh

    Would Cinema 4d Owners convert this?

    While it was made in Zbrush. The file is in the C4D format. Converted it but too large to upload here. It's 680MB.
  11. I was considering this too. But have to agree, even with the discount, it feels a bit overpriced for me.
  12. Sad but true. I really, really, really... hope that R20 is the big "wow" release that many are expecting it to be as this may be the tipping point for some if it is not.
  13. Jimh

    Making 3d objects with 360º photos

    The process you are referring to is called 3D Photogrammetry. Some of the more popular options in this space are: Structure Sensor for iPad PhotoScan ReCap and there are many others.
  14. Jimh

    Creality3D CR - 10S

    I was intrigued by the whole concept of the Raspberry Pi. Had not heard about a fully functional microcomputer for so little money before this. I'm usually focused on computers on the other end of the spectrum, huge behemoths with multi-cpus, multi-gpus, etc. So using one sounds like a fun tech project with the benefit of being able to remotely send the printer files. The thought of saving to an SD card and taking that back and forth from the computer to the printer sounds a bit old school. Most likely I will have the printer in a remote room so being able to check on it with a remote camera or web interface will also be convenient. Very cool reindeer print. I'd be interested to see pics of the progression from 3D print to final painted ornament.
  15. Jimh

    Creality3D CR - 10S

    Printing a custom case would be a great idea. I'll be sure to order one without a case.