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  1. Hi Guys, I need to be able to stop the timeline running, once a condition has been satisfied, within a python effector. I know that i need to use the following: c4d.documents.RunAnimation(doc, stop[, forward]) What I don't know, is how to implement this. That being so, I am hoping that someone has used it and can offer some advice. Thanks in advance, as always, for any help offered. EM. *** Update *** Managed to sort this part out, by simply creating a variable: stop_animation = c4d.documents.RunAnimation(doc, True) The thing I now need to do is reset the timeline to zero. I thought this may be achievable using the following: min_time = doc.GetMinTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) start = doc.SetMinTime(min_time) Unfortunately, this doesn't work. If anyone has any information, I'd be grateful for it. I'll carry on looking at this and update again, if I manage to find a solution. *** Update 2 *** Cracked it! The following two lines of code did the job: start = doc.GetMinTime().GetFrame(doc.GetFps()) - same as before, so this was correct. doc.SetTime(c4d.BaseTime(start)) - key piece of code, executed at the correct time.
  2. c4d.SplineData - Anyone know about it?

    LOL - I have already looked at this, but again, it is no real use because the RangMap doesn't use a spline, so there is no SplineData used within it. This is what I need a working example of, but there appear to be none out there.
  3. c4d.SplineData - Anyone know about it?

    Thanks for sharing. Interesting, but no real help with what I am trying to achieve, unfortunately. Just wish MAXON would put more working example code in the SDK.
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to get c4d.SplineData to work? Specifically: SplineDate.MakeUserSpline. The documentation states that you can feed it any valid formula and either -1 or a specific number of points. Well, I've tried this and it causes an error: spline = c4d.SplineData.MakeUserSpline(100*math.exp(-0.02*1)*math.sin(15*1), 20) So, I want a damped sin wave (formula works with Formula Spline Object and also with Formula Effector), with 20 points. The error I get is: TypeError: descriptor 'MakeUserSpline' requires a 'c4d.SplineData' object but received a 'int' Okay... So, do I need to do some more work, using other aspects of the SplineData class, in order to get this to generate the spline I require (I want to use the spline within RangeMap)? The documentation for this is worse than useless. No examples. Nothing. How on earth are we supposed to learn and make use of this stuff? As always, thanks in advance for any advice given. EM.
  5. Damped Sine Wave in Formula Spline

    Thanks guys - exactly what I was looking for. I did actually do a search in the manual, but didn't come across this. The only thing I did wrong - it appears - was omit the brackets around the word 'spline'. Had I have used them, I would have found the above!
  6. Damped Sine Wave in Formula Spline

    @ natevplas: LOL - this was one of the things I came across on my quest for the info. Brilliant, but not what I am looking for, unfortunately. A damped sine wave looks like the image which can be found here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sinusoid_decreasing_Q%3D10.svg
  7. Hi guys, Does anyone know how to express the formula for a damped sine wave in the Formula Spline? Been trying to find out with no success. Thanks in advance for any help offered! EM.
  8. Navie Effex Gone?

    This is very sad. I have never owned Navié FX, but always admired Samir's work - it's a fantastic achievement. Hopefully, all will be well with him and if he has had to shut down, MAXON will buy FX and continue developing it.