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  1. Navie Effex Gone?

    This is very sad. I have never owned Navié FX, but always admired Samir's work - it's a fantastic achievement. Hopefully, all will be well with him and if he has had to shut down, MAXON will buy FX and continue developing it.
  2. Upgrading Team Render

    Hi all, Does anyone know how I go about upgrading Team Render from R16 to 17, on my client machines? When I bought my last service agreement, I went for the download option, as opposed to the boxed product, so no disc with TR on it. Must be a way to access a download from the MAXON site, but having checked, I can't find it anywhere. Thanks, in advance, for any help offered. EM.
  3. Random constant

    Hi RigidBoby, check out my free video (Tutorial 1, in the series), which partly covers this topic. The section on generating random numbers begins around 7.5 minutes in. Hope this helps: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/32876
  4. Thanks again for the input, Guys. Problem solved. Managed to get it to work by attaching a Null to each Clone and then testing their Y positions, using the Python effector I have developed.
  5. Hi Guys, Jed, I have seen this video before and I am wondering if I need to address the global matrix of a cloner within Python to solve the problem. aturtur, I am in the process of building a machine to sort spheres, according to their colours and will need to know when they are in the correct location within the machine to then have there colours checked, in order for them to be moved into corresponding storage bins. I am using both Python and Xpresso to achieve this and am edging closer. The only part of the puzzle missing is those pesky positions!
  6. Hi all, Does anyone know how to return the position values of MoGraph clones which are being animated using Dynamics? I am currently working on a Python Effector which will need to provide the current positions of said clones, at various points in time and have drawn a complete blank on how to get the data. I'm sure there must be a way, but the SDK is of no help with this one! Thanks in advance for any help offered. EM.