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    How can i fix this problem

    Just in case the problem is not solved (by adding a pole-vector)..here comes a basic rig setup "todo"list: 1. draw your joints (give it a slight bend at the elbow position) 2. to be save..aligne the joints for proper ik-setups 3. freeze all rotations and positions 4. add a goal and a pole vector 5. set the pole axis (don´t use automatic) 5. position the pole were you want it to be 6. group/arrange your targets in the object manager (if you need) 7. freeze all rotations and positions on the target objects (for a easy resetPSR) 8. now you should have a proper setup
  2. nightlight

    Crazy with IK

    Hard to tell without a file or a setup view...but maybe you got into the same problem (missing a pole vector setup in the ik tag)!!!
  3. nightlight

    Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Come on...not this again ;) Read the blog post carefully they said:" we won’t be delivering this as part of Release 18" = no Viewport updates in R18 " but you can look forward to getting it in your hands within the R18 product cycle " = Bodypaint Open Beta (Released within the R18 product cycle) Sorry..but everything else is wishfull thinking ;)
  4. nightlight

    Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    MAXON is not bound to show R19 before or on Siggraph at all..they have time till September, but i think they will show something in the next few days!
  5. nightlight

    Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Wow..Maya got expensive these days!!! (or i´m getting old, maybe both ;) So let me get this straight..renting Maya for 3 years would cost me 4.932 after that i have nothing. If i buy C4D + 1 year MSA now.. i get R18 + R19 for 3.780 then i buy another 1 year MSA (540) and another 1 year MSA (540) then i have R21 (4 Versions of C4D) and i´m at 4.860... plus if i´m no longer interrested in 3D i can sell my C4D Version to get some money back!!! So in my eyes C4D is cheaper than Maya.. and way cheaper if you sell it afterwards or keep on MSA (45 per Month). The stepping stone for C4D is the first buy.
  6. nightlight

    Symmetry not working for Weight Tool

    As Rectro said!! Plus in your case..when you paint in local mode your object axis must be centered. Your mesh and rig are offset when you turn off the skin object, here you can see that the axis is way off center. Also keep in mind that a clean hierarchy (Master > Controllers > Joints > Mesh) will work better with C4Ds Priority! Hope that helps.
  7. nightlight

    Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Hmmm..i´m not so sure! They said: "While the progress has been great, we aren’t quite satisfied yet. In an effort to make sure this major change to BodyPaint 3D meets our standard of quality we won’t be delivering this as part of Release 18, but you can look forward to getting it in your hands within the R18 product cycle" We are in the R18 cycle and you can get your hands on the Bodypaint Beta Version...so to me that promise is fullfilled!!
  8. just a thought..based on the images, your joints are not aligned correctly (z direction is off). before you do anything with ik/poles check your joint orientations..z axis should point down directly to the next joint!!
  9. Hey lineeenil, the twitching is also in the viewport the ik setups needs a pole vector to be stable! (preferable the x or -x Axis in your case) The rest is fixing/tweaking the animation to get the pops out of the walk. If you need more help..give me a shout ;) ps. You will get way better animation feedback when you disable the dynamics tags as long as you dont need them. ernie_beanwalkingcirclecd_comped.mp4
  10. The Filter menu will not work on selected joints this effect will also happen on joints in a layer. If you want to "hide" them select all your joints in the OM and in the AM under Object > "Bone" change the Display from Standard to None...that way only the joint axis is displayed! If you want to hide the joint axis go to the next settingsgroup "Joint" and change the Display setting to None! Hope that helps.
  11. nightlight

    How can I align joint rotation?

    Hi mentalimonca, looks like your rotation axis is in world mode and not in local mode like the move tool!
  12. Hi in the image it´s clear to see that the weights are not normalized (Suit = 96,9%). Make sure when you use the weight tool that auto normalize is on. Maybe there is a bug in R16 but in your case i would shift dopple click the weight-tag and in the Weights Manager under joints > functions hit the Normalize Button! About Workflow...i prefer Rectros Method with a little bit of Auto Weights for more Joints.
  13. Out of the blue...what happens when you put the wings mesh with its skin deformer out of the body mesh hierarchy? if that´s not working then is your skin/weighting setup correct? Wings skindeformer only has the wings joints in it and body skin only the body joints?
  14. nightlight

    Mirroring Weight in Character Object

    Is Deformed Editing on? If not do a shift+v and under the Displaytab in AM turn it on!
  15. nightlight


    Hi SIgor sorry I think i used the wrong word here. What i mean is...is the new Voronoi Fracture Object abel to do multi-breaks so that you can fracture the fractured pieces to create more debris and so a more realistic destruction in a sim. There is no video that shows something like this..so for me it is right now just a "simple" fracturing tool. Don´t get me wrong i know that a lot of heart and hard work went into this new Voronoi Fracture Object, so that you can use nearly everything to create the fracturing and be procedural all the time. I´m not so sure that "its so much more than Nitroblast" holds true here...at least you can do multiple breaks with Nitroblast and decide on which objects the pieces breaks...that´s the heart of Nitroblast.
  16. nightlight


    Remember..Remember the 5th of September^^ Is the new Voronoi Fracture just a "simple" fracturing tool or can you do multi-fracturing like Nitroblast 2 ?