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  1. natevplas

    Are these good UVs?

    Looks good. If you're going to Substance then you're probably good to go.
  2. natevplas

    scrubbing performance

    Glad to help! It can be annoying to set up the layers and turn them on and off, but it's worth it when you get smooth playback!
  3. natevplas

    Are these good UVs?

    I haven't used Unfold 3D, but maybe there is a button to click that will maximize the space for you? I'm not sure if it's 'proper' to make some polys bigger than others on a UV map, but I don't think it hurts. Will you be painting the textures right on the model, or mainly trying to use images? The reason I ask is because you have so many seams with those little UV islands. If you'll be painting it and don't care about seams, then I think you're fine. But, if you want to go with a quicker route using image-based textures, you'll have a lot of visible seams to contend with.
  4. natevplas

    Are these good UVs?

    Hmmm... I guess "good" is a relative term. Are they good enough for what you need to do? One thing I would say is they could be more tightly packed to make better use of the pixels in your texture. Also, you have a lot of little UV islands where you probably want more connected pieces.
  5. natevplas

    creating geometry from Texture

  6. Hmmm, that's interesting. You could probably do something like that with "Fields" in R20. Then generate a vertex map based on your field for where to grow hair or particles?
  7. natevplas

    scrubbing performance

    It always depends on what you have going on in your scene, but I would agree that C4D can get bogged down pretty easily. Have you tried using layers? If you assign all your splines, for instance, to one layer, then you can tell C4D not to calculate any of them. Just turning off their visibility does not mean C4D isn't still thinking about them, so you have to do it more manually.
  8. I'm out of my league with rigging here, but would it work for your character designs to have the limbs be a separate mesh from the body? I'm guessing that would be the only way to keep all the weighting, etc. @everfresh could probably tell you :D
  9. natevplas

    Modeling a Pokeball

    Looks like @Bolos pretty much solved your issue, but for the future, yes, you probably will have to unwrap your sphere. If you're not familiar with the process, I suggest checking out YouTube for some tutorials because it's a complex process.
  10. Maybe it's not a bug, but a limitation. You should report it to MAXON though.
  11. natevplas

    Chain animation

    Just thought about it again and since your chain is so fine, a full dynamics sim might be overkill (or just kill your computer). You could use the Spline Wrap in combination with a dynamic spline to get a nice effect. Check this out:
  12. natevplas

    Modeling a Pokeball

    Your English is perfect! I think you could easily get away with not modeling those panels and just creating that effect with a bump/normal or a displacement map in your material. In fact, that is probably what the original artist did to create your reference image.
  13. natevplas

    Chain animation

    Someone was just posting some questions about a chain animation here on the forum. Do a little search. Also, this tutorial should be pretty helpful: Lastly, if you wanted to animate it completely by hand, you could try using the Spline Wrap deformer.
  14. natevplas

    Dynamic X-particles merging into volume

    Ah, gotcha! You should update your profile to show your C4D version then. To get some particles to bounce off and some to pass through, you'd have to have at least 2 particle groups: one that's affected by a collision object and one that's not. You could probably get away with a very simple squashed sphere for you collision object. Then, when your Attractor turns on to draw the particles in, just scale your sphere collider down to zero so it doesn't do anything anymore. Maybe instead of a Attractor, have the particles transform into a shape like in this tutorial: