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  1. Maybe you have the gradient in the wrong axis? Is it using UV mapping? It's really hard to diagnose without your file. My guess is it's a texture Projection issue.
  2. Cinema 4D/Redshift Grey/white texture

    First of all, it looks like you're just using standard C4D materials. You need to create Redshift materials. You might also have accidentally enabled "Material Override" which replaces all materials with a blank white. See my screenshot for where to find this setting. Liam Clisham has some great beginner Redshift tutorials on Youtube (Brograph). You should check it out. RS has a bit of a learning curve, but you'll get it eventually.
  3. issue with material

    What renderer are you using? If you provide a scene file, it would be easier for someone to help. Looks to me like you're using Physical Renderer and you're getting noise because your render settings are too low.
  4. Octane - mapping logo to one face

    Glad to help! Good luck on your quest to figure out UVs! I'm still figuring it out myself.
  5. Invisible triangle

    Oh, then you can simply select the non-planar polygons one-by-one and scale it to zero on the Z axis. Be sure you are in local mode and hold shift while scaling to snap by 10% increments. It's possible that this would cause other polys to become non-planar, so it may be a case of fixing all the surrounding polys as well. Maybe there is a way to do this to all polygons simultaneously? Can't think of a way... In the future, if you're modeling with quads for a low-poly look, then you will want to be in Polygon mode when you're editing your mesh. Or you could just use triangles, which sometimes look better for low-poly stuff (and can't be non-planar).
  6. Invisible triangle

    @bezo, I'm no expert at modeling- is this a "no no?" Or mostly fine if you're subdividing it anyway?
  7. I totally forgot about that guy! I loved that show. Good work.
  8. Invisible triangle

    It's probably because you have some quads that are so distorted that they aren't flat anymore. Without any phong, they will look like 2 triangles. If you throw this in a SubD they should go away.
  9. Plus don't forget the liquid nitrogen costs, lol!
  10. Fat Chance - short film

    Great work on the backgrounds/environments! I love the SSS on everything. This was an ambitious project!
  11. Octane - mapping logo to one face

    Looks like you didn't UV map your object, first of all. That will get you 80% of the way there, with minimal tweaking in the Transform of you Octane material. Second, did you try camera mapping? I was able to get it nicely lined up easily using that method. I also did a quick UV unwrap for you. adding-logo-issue-CamMap.zip
  12. Texturing like this

    You can create a texture like for the top blob thing. Make a plane, then clone a grid of spheres and place them halfway intersecting the plane. Put a camera facing straight onto the plane and spheres and render a depth image. Crop your image if necessary to make it tile-able. Then use that for your displacement on a Capsule object.
  13. Nice work on that Xpresso setup, @jed! That speed control could be applied to a lot of things.
  14. Cover a surface in clones?

    @westbam I just made a grid cloner- it's not attached to the cube in any way.
  15. Cover a surface in clones?

    Hmm, not quite. If you cut that polygon into a grid where each polygon was where a window should be, then you could use a Cloner in Object mode and Distribution set to Polygon Center. You could also just set the Mode to Grid Array and align your clone to the polygon's surface. Then you could use the Mograph Selection and a Plane effector (set scale to -1) to remove clones you don't want. See the attached file. Windows with Mograph v1.c4d