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  1. Ever made a storyboard in Photoshop or on paper, then had to make changes? Yeah, you know what a headache it can be! Boords is a great tool for storyboarding that I've been using for a few years. It takes the pain out of the process and makes storyboarding fun. They have a free option, so no harm in checking it out! https://app.boords.com/login
  2. natevplas

    How to make extrusion wrap around bottle

    Can you clarify what you mean? Do you need this design to be part of the bottle model, or just a separate piece wrapped around the bottle geometry? I'll assume you need it to be part of the bottle mesh. Are you still on R16? If you don't have R20 yet, maybe now is the time. You could probably do this fairly easy with new volume mesher. Another method would be to model your bottle without the extrusion, then use a displacement map to bump it out in those areas. Might work quite nicely as well. Of course, the proper way to do it would be hand-modeling the shape and making sure you keep it all quads, etc. You could try modeling it on a flat plane, then using the Bend deformer to wrap it into a cylinder.
  3. natevplas

    What's a Cissoid ?

    Will the spline I drew work for you then?
  4. natevplas

    What's a Cissoid ?

    I couldn't get the angular jumps out of the Cissoid either. I tried different Intermediate Points settings, and they seemed to do nothing. For some reason the points hidden in the parametric object are linear. So, I made it editable and changed the spline Type to B-Spline, which helped a lot. But I noticed some weirdness especially when it got to the center. I think the Cissoid is a little too mathematical and not as beautiful as what I think of as a nice figure 8. So, I drew one by hand! I'm pretty happy with how elegant and smooth it is now :D cissoid figure 8 v1.c4d
  5. Yes, definitely a case of over-complicating it... unless there's something we're missing. I quickly made this file, which is not perfect, but much closer to your goal. The tires intersect the road a bit, but you could probably fiddle with the rail spline or possibly make the car a rigid body and give the road a collider tag. Increase the "Follow Position" for the car until it starts trying to follow the spline while still avoiding intersections and floating. Car on Spline v1.c4d
  6. natevplas

    free spline rig script

    Yes! This looks awesome!
  7. Sorry, I tried messing with a couple ideas, but I haven't found anything simpler than what you seem to already be doing. I'm not sure how you're placing the dots on the map right now, but I found an easy way. Make a plane with fairly high poly count, then make a poly selection where you want the dots to appear and create a Selection Tag. In your Cloner put it in Object mode, drag the plane in there and drop your Selection Tag in. Add a Random Effector to only effect position on the XZ plane, then add a Push Apart effector to kill off the overlaps (unless you want overlapping ones).
  8. I can sort of picture what you're saying, but not sure exactly what you're going for. The setup you're describing sounds fairly simple to me... Can you provide some images or a project file?
  9. natevplas

    Weird grading applied to exported files

    Looks like you figured it out on your own! Yeah, not sure what the issue was, but you definitely don't want to be rendering to a video file unless it's a super quick render and you really need the convenience of a single file. If you're doing a normal render (10+ sec/frame), you should choose image sequence because if anything goes wrong you at least have all the frames up to the point of the crash. With a video file, you end up with nothing if it doesn't complete.
  10. natevplas

    Weird grading applied to exported files

    "Yes" to my first question I assume? Actually, I just did a test and you don't need to Linearize Working Space in AE just because you're using Linear in C4D. The best practice is to render out of C4D as an image sequence in a format that allows for high bit-depth color, such as TIFF or EXR. EXRs can be a little more annoying to work with if you're just doing something simple. Try TIFF at 16 or 32bit color. Then in AE do FIle>Import and choose one of your stills. It should automatically detect that it's an image sequence and you will see a checkbox for it. If you're still having problems, I can try to take a look at your file.
  11. natevplas

    Weird grading applied to exported files

    You're using sRGB for both C4D and AE? Are you rendering JPGs or TIFFs? 8, 16, or 32bit color? Where are you viewing it where it looks correct?
  12. natevplas

    Weird grading applied to exported files

    You tried these settings in AE (see attached)? In C4D it's under Project settings (see 2nd image).
  13. You could possibly use the Concavity map for faking ambient occlusion? Not sure. What does the Transmission map look like? To me that would be light transmission through the material, like a leaf. With the texture you have here, which looks like a plaster wall or something, it should be all black. I'm not sure how a program could determine that from a single image anyhow. Maybe it's something else?
  14. natevplas

    Weird grading applied to exported files

    This stuff always confounds me, but is there a chance you exported with a Linear color space and Premiere isn't seeing that? Or vice versa? I don't use Premiere much, but I'm not sure there is even a way to change color space. Try After Effects and mess with the project color settings.