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  1. Didn't watch the youtube link, but typically I would do option 1. I think you defeat the purpose of the Linear workflow by doing option 2. Search Greyscalegorilla.com for a tutorial on Linear workflow.
  2. natevplas

    Octane Wizz

    I'm surprised no one has responded yet! I'm a little rusty with Octane, but I'm sure I could figure something out. Do you need me to render for you or will you be incorporating it into your scene?
  3. I was toying with this and think I found a good solution for you! Use Cloth instead of splines with Spline Dynamics tags. See my file where I set up one of the straps: Spline_Dynamics_R&D v2.c4d Just make sure you cache the Dynamics! Otherwise the Cloth will always be delayed a frame. I was trying to solve this with priorities, but couldn't. Anyone know how to prevent that delay without caching?
  4. Thanks for the link to Infinite Ocean. I hadn't seen that before. I've never tackled a boat on the ocean sim before, but it sounds like your needs are outside of what Cinema is good at (unless the Realflow plugin can do it). Houdini is probably your best bet.
  5. Not exactly what you're looking for, I know, but here's a tutorial for a free plugin for making ocean waves: I don't think you can simulate a boat splashing around in it, but you probably could fake it with some displacement, particles, etc.
  6. I've actually seen that before! I was modeling a ring with a braided pattern. It's pretty amazing, but certainly not user-friendly. Maybe a plugin developer should create a braiding plugin for C4D. Any of you out there?
  7. Ok, need to get back to work now!!!
  8. This is awesome @deck! How did I not know about PolyFX until now? EDIT: Look what I just made on accident with Plain effector and simple falloff! This could be really cool if you used a Shader and a grayscale image to create a comic book look!
  9. Interesting approach! I see what you mean by "minor erratic movement." It looks like the cause of this is your spline is actually changing length when you morph it into the "short" position. So, as the spline changes length, your modeled string is getting pulled along to fit. You said you don't need to see the underside of the fabric, correct? If so, try focusing on animating just one stitch, then clone that along the line you want. You could use a Plain effector to morph your stitch from loose to tight using this technique:
  10. By the way, I think this is relevant to the conversation:
  11. @Bolos oh man, he's a genius! And from the looks of a photo I saw, he's at most in his early 20s! Basically a prodigy. I was a Patreon supporter of him for a while. So many amazing quick tips and genius techniques! He has some plugins as well.
  12. I agree with @Cerbera. Booles are the devil! I also think you could probably fake it pretty well with displacement. Maybe you could use a wetmap that's affected by your cutting torch. I don't think there's an easy/straight-forward way to create wetmaps in R16, but XP has a shader and Merk Vilson apparently figured it out without plugins:
  13. Hope it helps! By the way, @teknow - I always read your username as "Tee - Know," since you know so much. But looking at it today I see what you probably intended was "Tek Now!" Am I right?
  14. Yeah, that is a doozy! I tried my hand at it for a bit, but not quite there. I started with a helix, made it editable, and flattened it to get the sine wave of the individual strand. That may have been a mistake because I probably needed to do some more math down the line to get the right number of waves. Anyway, here's what I've got so far. Woven Cord v1.c4d EDIT: @Bolos looks like a great start! Much closer than mine. Funny how we took completely different approaches!