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  1. Corona Gloss finish material

    I don't use Corona, but typically for any kind of metal you want the color in the reflection channel, not the diffuse. Your diffuse should be black or very very dark. Your IOR could even be higher. The micro-scratches in the metal which cause the bright lines can be done with Anisotropy, Bump, and/or Glossiness. Try plugging your diffuse noises into the Glossiness channel and playing from there. You'll want VERY thin lines in your noise, so make sure the resolution of that texture is pretty high (not sure how Corona handles C4D noises).
  2. Did anybody ask this on Ask GSG Wednesday? I missed it and can't seem to find a recording of it.
  3. Ah, yes. The viewport can be quite deceiving when it comes to the Color and Multi Shaders. Glad you got it figured out!
  4. I think you're almost there. Try this file. Constrain Child Rotation.c4d
  5. Want to go to school

    Hi Jonhy (is that a typo?)! Fortunately, there are many options for you both online and on campus. Since you're in Florida, Full Sail University comes to mind. I know several people who've been through there (various programs like film, music recording) and they give rave reviews. For our industry, a "brick and mortar" school is not always the best choice, but depends on the person. If you're very self-motivated, online classes (and even free tutorials) can be great. If you're interested in motion design, https://www.schoolofmotion.com/ has open registration right now. But backing up for a second- many people get into 3D design and animation, but never learned fundamentals of design. It wouldn't be a bad idea at all to go to college just for a general art or graphic design degree. Hope that's helpful! Let me know if you have other questions.
  6. Ok, so you have the numbers on the plane with an alpha channel cutting them out? All you need to do is create a Layer shader and put your Color shader above your alpha image layer. Then set the Color Shader to "Multiply" so that, when it's black it will make the whole alpha channel black (invisible), and when it's white it will not affect your alpha image.
  7. @everfresh, if it's not Pose Morph (which I believe you, but I'm not sure I see the drifting), do you have any ideas for how it was actually done? I agree that using Pose Morph for this would be very difficult, but I'm stumped as to how else you'd do it. Maybe it was a pretty rough pose morph that got it close enough and then they did something in compositing to bring them together?
  8. Thanks, @jed! I did know most of that stuff, except for the shift priority tag, but wasn't having success fixing it. I decided to go back to my old way with the Jiggle deformers. A little more complicated hierarchy, but much less of a headache.
  9. Thanks, but now we lost the springiness :( I could eliminate having two cylinders altogether by just using the Size Increment on the Rigid Body tag. But I want that gap between circles to have some spring to it. Any ideas for Priority settings or something to get my file working better?
  10. I think you're right that they used Pose Morph and Twist. Looks like they used Displacement for the finer details of the shoe, which they could just animate on with everything else. It's definitely more elaborate than two renders and a mask in AE. Look at it full screen- the shoe model is a thin shell that grows itself across the barbell. Looks maybe like X-Particles OpenVDB mesher, but I've never used it so I can't say if that's possible or not.
  11. Hmm, they're definitely working for me. Yes, there is a lag (know how to get rid of that by chance?), but the Jiggle definitely does something. Select all the Jiggles and crank the Strength up to 100 and you should see something. But I did not remember that you can do a very similar effect with the Spring constraint! That simplifies things a bit in the Object Manager. However, I'm running into refresh and lag issues when playing through the animation. If I play through to a certain point, then pause and return to the first frame with the "Go to Start" arrow, the small cylinders don't update to their original positions right in the center of the big cylinders. Then when I hit play, the try to jump back over to their "parent." Can someone look at my file and see if there's a fix? 2d dynamics v3.c4d
  12. Thanks @jed and @Fastbee for continuing to think on this. Let me clarify. The Size Increment settings are working fine for keeping some space between circles, and the bounciness isn't a problem either. What I'm trying to go for is more of a "force field" effect around them with some falloff. So, if two circles hit each other with some force, they could touch before bouncing away, but they want to be a little spaced out. Fortunately, I think I found a good solution! Similar to Fastbee's idea, I made a visible cylinder and a slightly larger, invisible cylinder. I used a Constrain Tag to connect the smaller one to the larger one, and added my dynamics tag to the bigger one. Then I added a Jiggle to the smaller and voila! Bouncy margins! Check out the project if you're curious. It's a lot of fun to play with :) 2d dynamics v2.c4d
  13. 3 Newbie Questions

    A simple search on YouTube for "beginner tutorial c4D" brings up a bunch of stuff. Try this:
  14. 3 Newbie Questions

    1. Make your emitter larger and/or slow down the rate that it's emitting particles. 2. To make them a color, simple make a new material and apply it to the Extrude. 3. That's a big question. I'd suggest watching some beginner lighting tutorials to get started.
  15. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    Wow! Especially impressed with their Xpresso setup!