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  1. Barry BBQ

    Hahaha! His apron should say something stupid, like "Beer Me!"
  2. A scene file would help, but the first thing you should try is switching your shadow casting light from Area to any of the other three options. Area lights by design do not produce sharp shadows because that's how large lights work in real life. You could also try reducing the size of your Area light, but that probably wouldn't be as efficient to render as the above method.
  3. Hey, @Beefdoctor! I'm not sure it's possible, but I'd love to hear if someone knows how! My guess is Xpresso. Could you maybe explain what you're trying to achieve? Maybe there's another way outside of using "Follow Position" etc. XParticles comes to mind.
  4. Sliced Cube

    Here's a simpler, cleaner way to do it. Just set a checkerboard texture to Flat projection, then add a Stick Texture Tag (before you do any morphing with FFD). Click "Record" and then animate your FFD however you like. To get the offset, click on your checkerboard texture tag and animate Offset V. FFD_Offset3.c4d
  5. Interrupted Lines

    Yeah, no problem! No worries on the topic wording. I remember being in your shoes and not even knowing what words to use to describe my problem. Makes it hard to find a solution when you don't know the keywords!
  6. Interrupted Lines

    Try upping your minimum anti-aliasing to 4x4. If that works, but you don't want to render your whole image at that level, you can add a Compositing Tag to your floor object and check "Force Anti-Aliasing" and set that to minimum 4x4.
  7. Donut Derick

    Can't wait to see him animated! I think a version with a bite out of him is inevitable XD
  8. Quick 4 question survey about 3d/Motion

    I just filled it out- was pretty painless :) Would be interested to see your results!
  9. Box modeling is just the typical type of modeling where you start with a cube or other simple object and then model a more complex object with extruding, etc. I've attached an example of how you might do it with this type of model. I started with a cube, put it in a SubDivision Surface set to 1, then made that editable. I then selected all the points and beveled them. You want to avoid triangles especially with Soft Body dynamics, so you will need to play around with this modeling technique to get rid of all those triangles in there. blob thing- box model.c4d
  10. It shouldn't be too complex, but I guess it depends on what geometry you plan to drill holes into, and how many holes. The problem with just using the Boole is that I don't think you'll ever get a clean solution. Ideally you could fire your particles and have them get attracted to the polygon center of wherever they hit. Then, wherever a particle is hitting your geometry, you could make a polygon selection and manually model the holes. An easy way is just to do a slight inner extrude, then a slight regular extrude (into the object), then a larger extrude into the object (the length of the tunnel you want), and, if you want, one more slight extrude to sharpen that up. Put your geometry in a SubDivision surface and you'll have nice round holes. Holes Model.c4d
  11. No problem! I was actually going to recommend Redshift for the translucency of the leaves, but for some reason assumed you didn't have it (when I could have just looked at your profile info). I pretty much abandoned the built-in render engines in C4D after switching to Octane and then RS.
  12. Nice work so far! I think the biggest problem right now is the lighting. It's very frontal and high in the sky, giving the whole scene a flat, washed-out look. Bring the sun around to act as more of a back light or side light. Second, your leaf shaders need some work. Right now, every leaf on each tree is the exact same color, and many of your trees in the background are the exact same (and overly saturated, I think). They will need some translucency too, especially when you adjust the lighting. Third, the scale is still wrong. Your road looks like a 5 foot wide path because of the scale of the grass and dandelions.
  13. You'll want to create a very simple, low-poly mesh to calculate the Soft Body dynamics. Box model it around your final high-res mesh, then add the Soft Body tag to your high res mesh. Under Collision, set Shape to "Another Object" and drag your low res model into the Object field. My gut tells me Soft Body won't be the best approach to this problem, however. Try using the Sculpting tools to deform your mesh into the squished version, but first add a Pose Morph tag and register the original shape as a base pose. Then you can animate the Pose Morph to shift between unsquished and squished. Add a Jiggle deformer and you have a nice jiggly animation, if that's what you're going for. For the tendril-y things coming off of it, that gets more complex and really looks like a job for something like X-Particles using Branches. Maybe you could model it by hand using splines?
  14. Have you tried combining your fresnel or other gradient with an inverted Ambient Occlusion shader? Seems like that would account for the film thinning out close to sharp edges.
  15. @muratz I think you're on to something with the Boole, if you don't want to use XP. I really like @teknow's solution since it doesn't involve a Boole, but understandable if it's not the result you're looking for. I modified what you did slightly to lower the complexity of the geometry. I lowered the resolution of the Sweep and increased the subdivisions on the cube, which speeds things up quite a bit. Booles are still really hard to use though, and generally look janky. I tried putting a Bevel deformer on it, but the geometry is so messy it really causes problems. I've attached what I did if it helps. I had another idea that might be useful. What if you did it in compositing? You first render a pass with no particles and no holes being formed. Then shut off that geometry and turn on your geo with all the holes. Turn on particles (make a matte for them) and render. Then use the Proximal shader like what teknow did to make a black and white mask. In After Effects, just use the mask as a Track Matte to reveal the geometry with holes. The advantage would be that you could create your final boole object, make it editable, then clean up the geometry manually. The trick will be making sure your textures are mapped in such a way that they will be consistent from one model to the other (in other words, probably not UV mapped). drill 3.c4d