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  1. If that doesn't work for you for some reason, you could always create your camera moves in reverse, then render normally and reverse the sequence in AE.
  2. Great! That's a nice model to work with, and your materials are looking sweet.
  3. Please start a new thread next time. I just found this with a quick google search: http://www.3dtoall.com/products/maxtoc4d/
  4. Ok, great! Sounds like you'll figure it out, so do let us know what it was!
  5. Is this a file you can share? Or can you at least show us your Fracture settings and RS material nodes? I tried to set up a very basic test scene but couldn't get what you're getting. Are you actually on R17? I was testing in R20.
  6. That's a great technique (which I've used quite a bit) for making mattes, but I believe he wants 30 separate passes, each showing the matte for the entire object. The only time savings I could see besides just rendering 30 times, would be to solo groups of objects that don't overlap each other, then render out the Object IDs for each group in one render.
  7. There's got to be a better way, but here's what I got to work: Make a Cloner, set to Object mode, and drop in your Emitter (with no geometry, just particles) Put a cube or some geometry in your Cloner (ideally your particles need geometry? use that) Now got to File > Export > FBX. Here are the settings I used: Import the FBX file back into Cinema and you should see all your particles animating as separate meshes Now go to the timeline and select all the keyframes Zoom way out and grab the left handle and drag it to the right, past the end of the timeline by as many frames as it is long Drag them back to the start and you should have reversed all the particles!
  8. I don't think this is possible without a separate render for each object... Can I ask why you need them to be white where they are obscured by another object? Because even if you had those object IDs, your beauty pass would still have the other objects overlapping.
  9. This should work (see attached). I'm a little concerned about your idea of dropping it into an SDS and hoping it looks good. My results were not great: I suggest adding some intermediate points in your spline, then using a mask (gradient with Step interpolation) to select your 3 different areas for different materials: Arrow v2.c4d
  10. Such great work! My wife is a child therapist too! Btw, your "sketch" looks tooo good. I would have assumed you just used S&T on a different model ;)
  11. Here's a method using Align to Spline. With such sharp turns, you're bound to get some ugly popping when the arrowhead passes them. I set up an example which sort of helps with this problem using a Delay Effector in Blend mode to smooth out the rotation. tangent- with Align to Spline.c4d
  12. This isn't going to be the proper way to model this part if you're looking for what Cerbera did, but I'm guessing the problem here is you need to check "Close Spline" in your Spline settings. Follow Cerbera's instructions and poly model these problem areas. Chop up your original spline into chunks and use Sweeps where they work, poly model where they don't work. Then combine with a Connect object or make your Sweeps editable and connect them up with the Bridge tool or Stitch and Sew.
  13. Oh, ok. Thanks for explaining! I had to look up Modulo in the Help menu- never heard of that before!
  14. That's the part I don't understand. If I wanted to edit this, how would I change the timing of those freeze points? I don't see any keyframes or user data or anything.
  15. No, it won't work out of the box, but I thought it was a good starting point. @AlexisB I don't really know what you're trying to achieve- like a neon sign look where the spline bumps up/down on Z to avoid intersections? Or does the spline need to stay perfectly flat?



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