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  1. I think I get what your problem is, but a screenshot or better yet, a project file would be really helpful here. Are you using XP 3.5 or 4? I only have 3.5. I just quickly set up a scene based on your description and the particles are following the displaced surface just fine, even if I animate the rotation of the sphere. What doesn't stay on the surface is the trails, but that's what you'd expect because they are just tracing where the particles have been. Here's what my setup looks like: And I attached my project file. XP Trails on Displaced Sphere v01.c4d
  2. How worth it would you guys consider one of those 3D mice? I work in Cinema about 30% of the time- the rest of my work is in AE. I also don't game, so it wouldn't be any benefit outside of C4D.
  3. Thanks @DasFrodo! I hadn't seen HDRI Haven either! Great resources!
  4. Yeah, sorry if I wasn't clear. I realize Light Kit Pro isn't free. I just meant I don't know IF there is a free option of something like this. You could probably find some pretty cheap HDRIs to light your scenes. You're not going to find much of good quality out there just free for the taking though...
  5. Not sure what's available free, but this is a popular lighting plugin by Greyscale Gorilla: https://greyscalegorilla.com/downloads/light-kit-pro-suite/
  6. Sorry, sarcasm is lost on the internet. Nevermind! I'm not accusing anyone of being racist- just making a little joke.
  7. @Tesa Demiur I was just laughing at your typo which completely changed the meaning of the word (it's "backface" not "blackface!") Blackface is a really racist thing white people did mostly last century. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackface
  8. I'm pretty sure "blackface" culling is illegal in most states these days...
  9. Attach a project file as well if you want us to help. Displacement will probably be a good start. You could also increase the number of hairs and control their length with a noise (something like Dents) which will give you mostly short hairs and a random long one every once in a while.
  10. Also, it shouldn't be necessary to make your cloner editable before applying the Spline Wrap.
  11. Wow, now that I do NOT understand! How are our bodies doing this 24-7 without us even thinking?
  12. That's great! Always fun to see the end result.
  13. What might not be obvious right away is that I had to manually go in and disconnect each face of the Platonic. I did this by first making it editable, then selecting a face and hitting U ~ P. Repeat for each face. If anyone knows of a way to do this quicker, I'd love to know!
  14. Bend Deformers have a sort of invisible "start" and "end" point. You basically had them reversed. I flipped your Bend around, then made a Linear falloff.



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