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  1. Looks like you need a gradient in Reflectance and Transparency. See my file: Tube Reflection Gradient v1.c4d
  2. Thanks, @Fastbee! I did not know you could rename a .exe file- that doesn't mess anything up? The "always open with" trick worked! I swear I already tried that several times, but maybe I missed something before. Thank you thank you!
  3. Not sure if you've solved the modeling problem yet, but this might be useful:
  4. Generally if you right click a file and go into Properties, you can choose the program it opens with. For some reason, even when I specifically navigate to R20, it just jumps to R18. Kinda frustrating. I'm not sure why MAXON doesn't use different names for their .exe files, like "Cinema 4D R20.exe" instead of them all being "Cinema 4D.exe" I'm guessing this is why Windows doesn't know the difference.
  5. Thanks, Igor. I'm aware of this, but it's annoying. I'm not having a problem opening my files in R20 (when I don't accidentally double click them in Explorer), I just want R20 to be default rather than R18 or 19 (which are the only other versions I have installed). I'm pretty sure this is possible on a Mac, but wondered if it was on Windows.
  6. How do you change the default version when you double click a .c4d file in Windows 10? For me it always opens in R18, but I want it to use R20 by default. It can be infuriating especially with my current project which goes nuts in R18 because I'm using Fields. It even does this when I already have R20 open.
  7. Great work and funny concept! Would be funny to have some coffee beans be hyper little characters, and the coffee maker guy just nonchalantly dumps them in the grinder and obliterates them!
  8. Wow, congrats on persevering through that long haul! I've never had a project last that long. I can imagine you're very happy to move on from it! Great work, especially on the TFD fire!
  9. It's a good start, for sure! From what I can tell the modeling seems excellent and I like the details you've added like the curved part in the ceiling and little fire sprinklers. Unfortunately, the lighting and textures aren't doing your scene any favors. It's very flat right now. Try adding a large window on one of the 2 walls of the room that are not currently visible, close to the corner. This will throw some contrast into the scene. The reflections on almost every object are just not very convincing. I was surprised to see that you rendered with Octane because it looks like a Standard Render with default specular highlights on everything. The greenish glass on the wall should have much sharper reflections, for instance. Also those hanging sconce lights should be lighting up on the white parts if that is supposed to be frosted glass. Right now it looks like white painted metal, which isn't particularly appealing to me. Hopefully this is all constructive and not too negative. I really think that with a few tweaks this could be a solid scene!
  10. LOL! I'm glad you're not a substance user, @Cerbera! I'm not either- the legal or the illegal kind. Stay clean, kids! But seriously, glad to hear I'm not crazy and that this is really hard. I think you're right too about it being a Substance Designer material that's fully procedural.
  11. Try using a Hexahedron sphere type instead of the Standard. You may need to edit the UVs as well. This will be a very difficult task in my book, considering the orderly nature of your material. You're almost literally trying to put a square peg in a round hole here. My guess is, if you got the model they used to render the example image, and you turned it around, the back would be distorted. I could be wrong though and maybe there's a technique or tool out there that makes this dead simple.
  12. What about creating a flat disc that sits at the center of the sphere and has a Target tag that points it at the camera all the time. Put a black luminant texture on the disc and a white luminant on the sphere sweep- should give you the matte you need.
  13. The jar is hitting the original collider object, then I have the rigid body tag animating off- that's when it drops down. If you bake out the animation of the chair landing and remove or disable the rigid body, you shouldn't have this problem. Also, I'm not sure that that box is over the jar, but if it's the new collision object, I would do the inverse of it. Think of it as two walls that go up from the floor right where the chair's sides are.
  14. I checked out your file- also not sure why it's so large. I think you should bake out the dynamics on the chair first. Then make a low poly collider similar to the one I already made except with some sides to it so your jar won't intersect the sides of the chair. Place it exactly where the chair lands and add a Collider tag. Make sure your Shape is set to Static Mesh.



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