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  1. Yeah, I've been a bit quiet lately, but I'll try to get on more often. Thanks for the kind words, Dan!
  2. @Igor thanks so much, man! I really appreciate it!
  3. Hi, you might know me from around the Cafe already (been here for several years), but I wanted to put an official introduction out there. My name is Nate VanderPlas and I've been using C4D since 2011. I also do lots of other animation stuff besides 3D- like VFX, compositing, motion graphics, and 2D character animation. I have a brand new website and reel. Check it out: natevanderplas.com Thanks for reading and have a great day! Nate
  4. Thanks, Nose Man! I went through the whole thing twice, following all your steps exactly, but I can't get the Rangemap to do its job to reverse the data. My spheres look just like yours before the Rangemap (kinda lumpy and squished in the wrong places), but when I add it and adjust the Max Output to negative, it's like the Smoothing is just turned off. Any ideas? I'm on R20- not sure if it only works in R21, but I don't know why that would be. Has anyone else tried it in R20? I've attached my project file if that's helpful. Thanks! Sphere Packing Problem- Nate v1.c4d
  5. Thanks, @Shibby! To ease everyone's minds, I did just receive an email reply from him, so I can confirm he's not trying to scam us
  6. I emailed yesterday but did not get a response, not that I would expect that yet. @teknow you saw a similar post, but was it from the same company/person? @Shibby seems to be legit if he indeed does possess the @duggal.com email address. They seem to be a reputable company in New York, NY, although I hadn't heard of them before.
  7. I'm also available to help if needed. I'll PM you.
  8. Ok, found an approximate solution! EJ Hassenfratz from Eyedesyn made a tutorial and he uses a Connector (Fixed mode) to connect the soft body to a null object with a Ghost dynamic tag on it.
  9. I would also be very interested in a solution to this! Did you make any progress on this @Catdama?
  10. This is truly mesmerizing and every detail is so precisely executed! Congrats! I love seeing the connections between nature, math, and art.
  11. @Hrvoje thanks! For 132 Block Gap Effector, if I wanted to connect the block and gap values in the Python code to User Data that I create on an Xpresso tag, how do I write that? I'm completely unfamiliar with Python- more used to Javascript expressions in AE.
  12. A simpler solution would be to move your background a little further away and the shadows should disappear!
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