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  1. I'm also available to help if needed. I'll PM you.
  2. Ok, found an approximate solution! EJ Hassenfratz from Eyedesyn made a tutorial and he uses a Connector (Fixed mode) to connect the soft body to a null object with a Ghost dynamic tag on it.
  3. I would also be very interested in a solution to this! Did you make any progress on this @Catdama?
  4. This is truly mesmerizing and every detail is so precisely executed! Congrats! I love seeing the connections between nature, math, and art.
  5. @Hrvoje thanks! For 132 Block Gap Effector, if I wanted to connect the block and gap values in the Python code to User Data that I create on an Xpresso tag, how do I write that? I'm completely unfamiliar with Python- more used to Javascript expressions in AE.
  6. A simpler solution would be to move your background a little further away and the shadows should disappear!
  7. After you do the above, you will have to groom the hair using the Hair tools to get it to lay flat in the correct areas, flow in the right direction, be shorter in some areas and longer in others, etc.
  8. I ran across this super cute work on Behance by Renegades of Phong: https://www.behance.net/gallery/68651919/SOFT-BUDDIES-(Simulated-Friendship)
  9. If the above looks too hard, look into some basic "box modeling" tutorials. @Cerbera gave you a pretty great tutorial here, but obviously if none of the tools are familiar I can see how it would seem too difficult. Unfortunately, modeling the "easy" way usually just leads to more headaches and frustration later on.
  10. Hmm, I'm out of ideas... Maybe contact Adobe support or MAXON?
  11. I see in your Timeline that you have one layer Multiplied over another. Does this darkening happen to just a plain render (not a single pass or composite)? It might be that you are missing some pass(es) from C4D to complete the image.
  12. Did you switch on Linearize Working Space? Mess with these settings. You can also try right clicking your footage in the Project panel and clicking "Interpret Footage." Under Color Management try checking or unchecking "Preserve RGB"
  13. Ok, I finally got a chance to look at your files! Looks like it's not so much an alpha issue, but rather how you are compositing these layers together. You have your color layer WITH an alpha channel and your Specular and Luminance layers WITHOUT alpha channels (I don't think they can have alphas, actually). Try outputting your color layer without alpha and see if it solves it. Looks like you already have Object Buffers set up which you can use for a Track Matte in AE if you need to separate the lizard from the background for some reason.
  14. You need more subdivisions! Up the "Subdivision Editor" and "Subdivision Renderer" to a higher number. Just go one at a time, since you are quadrupling the number of polygons with each increment. Also, please just upload your project next time- it is by far the best way to get help here.
  15. Hmm, what are your anti-aliasing settings? And have you tried exporting the alpha as a separate file? One other random idea I had would be to bump it up to 32 bpc. Can you upload your file? You could even just replace your lizard with a sphere as long as it's give you the same problems.
  16. @jed but he saves precious nanoseconds hitting the same key three times instead of 2 different keys! XD
  17. Great work again on these! I couldn't figure out how to get the typewriter to type more than one letter. I typed a word into the "keystroke" Userdata, but it would just do one letter and stop. Not sure I understand... Also, what causes the Fracturing Inheritance one to transition the pieces from one state to the next almost like a Linear Field/falloff, but there are no fields?
  18. This is not a good way to model this shape- but that's ok! We all start somewhere and you came to the right place for help. Try using an Extrude with a rounded rectangle shape. See my file to get started. The quads for the caps ended up pretty decent, but if you wanted you could make it editable and fix a couple triangles in there. Earbud Case v1.c4d
  19. I don't think I saw that it would be end of year. That's good news!
  20. Haha, I've never been called "Cafe Regular" before! I guess it's like the Cafe equivalent of "Comrade?" (my name's Nate, btw)
  21. Ok, didn't check out @bentraje's option, but here's something I cooked up. The animation sucks, but the rig works. Arm_Rowing_Test_0001.c4d
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