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  1. Hey man really cool stuff. Model looks great! I'm sure some folks here will wanna see your quads in a wireframe but let me just say I like it!
  2. Nice. I totally agree - travel broadens the mind and keeps your mind fresh! I'm about to head to japan for the first time.. very excited!
  3. Have a look at the TP matterwaves emitter to start with.
  4. There are a couple of plugins that specialise in a decent upres, this is the one I was thinking of: Nothing is perfect (and we're not yet at CSI "Enhaaance!" type tech yet, although google are working on it.. ) tl;dr - Yes possible but not with perfect results.
  5. I'm not an expert in either Unity or Unreal but have started to muck about with both packages whilst working on some VR projects. IMO Unity is easier to get into, it's a bit simpler code wise and plays nicely with C4D assets. There are fantastic step by step tutorials on youtube and there's a big asset store which enables you to buy packs for all sorts of projects. I've got a pack that handles 3d pointclouds and it looks really cool when you 3d scan something in and then hook it up to a VR camera. Unreal is slightly more complex at a first glance but graphically it's way more powerful. They've got slightly different licensing requirements so if you're doing it professionally have a look at their terms and conditions to see what suits you better. Also, you can download free versions to play with before you spend any money so definitely have a go at both to see what you prefer.
  6. Making proxy geo is the standard way, and it's quite a lot of work which is why you rarely see it in motion graphics (unless it's something pretty basic like a floor or wall.. big simple shapes). I found this old ad that I worked on (doing motion graphics and comp in this, I didn't do the 3d) which shows a bit of a process breakdown. Something tim (the 3d dude) didn't put in the making of is the roto-animated hands he made for each shot. It was kind of bonkers, he literally animated a rigged hand over the top of the live action just so he could cast shadows and reflections onto the phone screen. He's a ninja.
  7. I have used cycles a bit on a couple of jobs, in my experience it's been very stable but not super fast. Using all my GPUs it is pretty quick but not as fast as redshift or octane. Not sure why it's crashing a lot for you - might be worth asking on the insydium forums.
  8. Doing it in 3D with glass effects would be a nice way of doing it, similar to the refraction stuff done in Interstellar with the supergiant blackhole. I've found myself procrastinating a lot this afternoon so thought I'd muck about in after effects and have a go at a simple version. Can PM you the setup.
  9. It doesn't have to be, but in my opinion it will look good. It's the easiest way to get a lot of detail into a render. After effects is easier to animate in than photoshop, but you can use them together. Set up the image in photoshop using laters, then mask them on in after effects, then render.
  10. I would do most of that with animated textures + displacement / normal maps probably. Do most of the work in AE and then layer materials in C4D.
  11. Volume effector maybe? Volume_Effector.c4d
  12. AE Raytracer eh? Nice use of the AE workflow. Not sure if Lite supports GI (I think it does?) but rendering metallic specular materials like this doesn't require GI really. I think you've done a good job. There's a couple of things about it which you could think about - these are all just suggestions to help make it more like a TV sequence you could see on air (full disclosure I've worked on quite a few title sequences including some films and tv shows so I'm not just randomly firing internet words at you. Well I sort of am.) First is the BG texture not moving while the camera rockets around is kind of distracting. I'd pick whether you're creating a 3d environment or a 2d texture layer but at the moment it's jarring the difference between FG and BG. Second thing you could try is slowing down the pace of it, building some tension into the edit. Do you need to follow the one tip? Maybe try starting it slower, have multiple shots. Play with compositions, nice framing, scale. Third thing - ALTRUISTIC. Interesting title, how does your animation relate to the name of the show? I could possibly see there's a link between the path moving and turning (making choices) before ending up at a destination.. but that's me post-rationalising it. Possibly think about how your animations reflects a message relating to the word / show. Final thing - the font combined with the brushed metal look looks a bit like terminator or some bad-ass action movie. This might be the right choice, I don't know what the show is about, but at the moment it jars with the word Altruistic to me. BUT it looks nice, so good job there. Please take all this with a grain of salt, just trying to help you improve and not be a negative internet person.
  13. Both the above methods are much better ways of doing this. If you find yourself saying "why is my computer so fast" or "boy I wish I could pump the brakes on my own productivity" then have I got a solution for you. Proximal shaders run wild. It's more of an academic exercise than anything, but this works but using proximal to displace the mesh, adapt the luminosity and alpha channel. It's super slow to render, kind of dodgy, but hey sometimes you need that right? Proximal_Madness.c4d
  14. I use PC in the office but have always been a fan of (and user of) macbook pros. The latest ones are a half step back though IMO, losing the SD port is a bit silly and USB3 is still a bit future-tastic. That said, I bet they're still bullet proof and reliable. On the PC laptop side, I lust after a Surface Book Pro but they're a bit expensive and I'd be worried about wear and tear given you're going to be travelling all over the place and it might get squished along the way. I've read really good reviews of the Dell XPS 13 and 15 inch lappies.. they seem to be very close to apple quality and performance, and they look great. I agree with the earlier comment about getting an external input device - optical wired mouse at least. I've got a logitech one from about 8 years ago and it's still great as a backup.
  15. Hah thanks for the tip, I'll keep that in mind.