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  1. Sorry not trying to bash, just putting my 2cents in. I am zen! Animating water, it's great. As we were.
  2. I agree with this. I still love C4D but since investing in other render engines and 3rd party plugins I could conceivably be still using R15 and not much would be different. Speeding up object handling and in C4D dynamics would be huge for me.
  3. Nice one, enjoy and post some renders when you're up and running!
  4. There's not much point getting octane if you only have that single GPU. If you are looking at 3-4 GPUs then octane gets a lot more interesting. As does redshift - as Sigor says it's really great. Vray can give great results but is quite heavy to learn. There are a lot of optimisation settings you need to know to get the most speed out of it (I hear they're simplifying this in the future) but it can give a nice result. For the build you've mentioned (2xXeon CPU) it would be the better choice.
  5. Was the file rendering out through picture viewer? It's a long shot, but if the frames are still visible in picture viewer then they're still in your C4D Cache folder. From picture viewer itself you can save out an image sequence. This works only if you haven't closed C4D since that render finished, which is unlikely. I've done this before when I've accidentally rendered a sequence out over another one with the same filename, and been able to resurrect the previous frames through picture viewer cache. As the other guys have said, image sequences are the way to go.
  6. Alongside C4D I'm using after effects, 3d coat, houdini (a bit, still learning) and rendering with octane and redshift. Also learning davinci resolve as well, it's quite a powerful program and has a really nice interface. It's funny, I think I could basically still be using R15 Cinema + plugins + the apps I just mentioned. I think it depends what your focus is, if you want to be a generalist it's good to always be looking around and learning new programs but if you want to deep dive into a speciality, say modelling & texturing then you don't need to use as many apps. If you want to get into FX I would just learn houdini all the way and not worry about cinema.
  7. To me that looks more like mograph rather than xparticles. You could do that with a simple cloner and octane instances. Drive the clones with a shader effector, then in the shader put Noise etc.
  8. Stay strong bob! It's super common. It happens on commercial projects as well, but not that often, as it's quite an expensive proposition. Pre-production, storyboards, animatics, tests, are all standard ways you try to solve all the problems (technical and creative) that might crop up during production. Even with all that, sometimes you'll get to a point where you just know that it's not working. On most big budget features they always allow for reshoots after the main shoot is finished because it always changes shape when post begins, they pretty much know that it'll take some panel beating to get it into shape. And then you still end up with Batman Vs Superman and what can you do?
  9. New intel chips announced for later in the year are pretty rad, basically i7's with xeon levels of cores. I sort of can't wait to get a new PC with all this new kit that's being released..
  10. FAQ

    Sure, go for it! Sounds like a big job.
  11. I made a soccer net for an animation recently and found it a bit challenging to get looking good, during my mucking about I found there's a plugin called "easy net" which can help generate nice splines (more detailed than just rectangles etc). I think I used a cloner to set up the proper twined structure (similar to a lot of those flyknit animations which have been seen lately). Then I did the simulation on a soft body shape and used the surface deformer to project the spline net onto the poly surface to get the deformation happening. It was a bit time consuming but looked quite good when it was finished.
  12. That is awesome and hilarious, great job!
  13. Amen to that. And I agree with this thread, the super contributors keep C4D cafe going and high quality. Thanks guys!
  14. Yep metaball with line does a decent job if you play with the settings. My handwriting isn't very sexy in this one though.. getstuffed_metaballType.c4d
  15. Houdini recursive stuff most likely!