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  1. Looking to sale my copy of X-Particles and Cycles4D, due to circumstances I need to try and recoup some of the investment as a hobbyist. Please send me a PM if you are interested. Asking $400 USD for X-Particles and Cycles4D as a bundle I have already reached out to Insydium and verified the licenses can be transferred. I will pay the transfer fees, require Paypal for any payments. Thank you * The copy of R18 Studio has already been sold.
  2. That is technically a VDI solution, which differs from a desktop virtualization solution. Usually with VDI there are more options to provide GPU functionality and enhancements but that is only if they have GPU installed within their farm.
  3. Is there an easy way to identify when a NM would need to be flipped or altered? I know I can toggle the settings in the material, but for example if I bake something in Substance Painter versus Marmoset 3 they look completely different (one looks extruded up while other looks extruded down) is this opengl vs directx? or just the Y/Z flipped?
  4. Which characteristics does C4D follow for Normal Maps? for example Red = +X Green = +Y Blue = +Z?
  5. It is the starter kit that is included
  6. I will give it a look, thank you very kindly
  7. Been going over this video and one aspect I am interested to know more of "how did they do this" is from 22s-34s, specifically how did they get those shards to rotate like that? Curious to see what others think, tried to zoom in on the few moments you get to see the scene, not much insight.
  8. I will have to dig into XP more then, current owner so was not aware it had that capability. Thanks all
  9. Richard Yot has some good videos on how to approach UV mapping as a whole, he uses Modo but the concepts apply to any tool
  10. Here are some nice resources
  11. Is Turbulence FD still the way to go? Worth the investment? I know Houdini can do all of that but not sure I can tackle that monstrosity.
  12. Cannot seem to order this from the store, I get to the payment portion and there are no options.
  13. Marvelous Designer is giving 30% off for personal perpetual licenses until 12/4
  14. This is a subjective reply, Octane feels faster to me, Cycles IRP causes C4D to run slow at times (I am using a 980TI/1070 setup). I really enjoy working with Cycles in terms of Mat setup, or scene setup. I like the look of Cycles and feel it compliments my Octane purchase
  15. After I disabled the "Progressive Refine" under performance>Tiles the speed was greatly improved