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  1. Aoktar, the developer of the Octane plugin, said the nodal interface is not part of the R20 SDK. I hope he is just mistaken. That would put a serious damper on my R20 enthusiasm. Fingers crossed!
  2. Of course, I'm just talking about the UI itself. If the devs have access to the nodal material UI the same way they have access to the xpresso UI? I would love to use the new interface in Redshift.
  3. Looks like a great release! Will third party render engines be able to use the new nodal interface?
  4. WIP 2 is working here also. Thanks!
  5. Hi! It isn't listed in the plugin menu. The console is empty, but I tried launching the commandline version av C4D and I get an error loading the seamilar.cdl64 because of a missing win_dll.cpp(298)
  6. This looks really, really promising! Btw: I can't get get WIP version to load in R18. It doesn't show up. Do I need a special c++ redistributable to make it work? Thanks!
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